2014-04-03 Barrett Brown Plea: Now Max 5 Years

Barrett Brown has reportedly reached a plea agreement. Full details are not yet available.

The plea agreement marks a big step forward towards resolution of a case with significant first amendment implications. The case began back in 2012 when the FBI searched the homes of Barrett and his mother.

Brown has maintained his innocence since his arrest and has plead not guilty on all counts.

Director of the Barrett Brown defence fund Kevin Gallagher:

The Barrett Brown I know and call my friend has never been one to compromise with the government. But in this instance, I think he recognises that taking this case before a jury in Texas is a massive roll of the dice.

I think this whole thing would have been settled long ago, if not for the fact that the government had filed excessive and meritless charges which they later dropped.

I'm pleased that the parties were able to reach this agreement. Although in principle he shouldn't have to plea to anything, this spares everyone the spectacle of a costly trial, and the bottom line is that Barrett will be coming home, as he's already served 19 months unnecessarily.

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