2013-11-03 Edward Snowden meets with Hans-Christian Ströbele

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden met with German Green Party MP Hans-Christian Ströbele on 31 October regarding his being a witness for a possible investigation into NSA spying in Germany.

Ströbele, who has been publicly calling for the German government to launch an investigation, travelled to Moscow to see if Snowden would be willing to participate.

Also in attendance were WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison, former Spiegel editor Georg Mascolo, and - now representing Süddeutsche-Zeitung - John Goetz.

Snowden signed a letter stating that he would be willing to be an expert witness if circumstances allowed.

There is large public support in Germany for an official investigation into the lengths of US spying, now known to include tapping German chancellor Angela Merkel's phone. These revelations are based on documents provided by Snowden, meaning he is well-placed to be an expert witness for such an investigation.

Click here for the full report and four video clips from the meeting.

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