2013-10-14 Warning: WikiLeaks-Forum.com cannot be trusted

Dear user,

You are contacted because you are still registered with wikileaks-forum.com. This is to warn you that this website can not be trusted. People joined this forum in the belief that they were becoming members of WikiLeaks' official forum, a place to express and nurture their support. Regrettably, this is not true anymore.

The forum site owner lost the trust of WikiLeaks as he pursues his own agenda. Over the past few months, he openly turned against WikiLeaks. Several forum administrators and moderators have been replaced by new staffers who can not be considered as supporters of WikiLeaks. One of the forum's co-founders turned out to be a paid FBI informant.


Some months ago, the forum staff decided to remove the "Syria Files" board from the forum claiming that the release of the Syria Files would "only support the destruction of an elected government resulting in the deaths of over 60,000 innocent Syrians". The forum staff blamed WikiLeaks for being "part of a propaganda war against a sovereign state" and repeatingly insinuated a connection between the Syria Files release and the deaths of civilians.


The forum staff aggressively attack WikiLeaks on Twitter, frequently claiming to speak on behalf of the 15,000 registered forum users. The latest incident: In response to WikiLeaks' extensive criticism of the upcoming anti-WikiLeaks movie "The Fifth Estate", the forum staff tweeted: "People aren't stupid, they don't need to be brainwashed by WikiLeaks."


WikiLeaks has publicly distanced itself from the forum and stated: "The 'WikiLeaks Forum' is not run or endorsed by WikiLeaks and has no connection to WikiLeaks whatsoever."


If you want to support WikiLeaks then stop supporting this forum.

It is strongly recommended not to trust the forum staff. Note that most staffers use several identities (e.g. Jerbar and Riney actually is one person). Be aware that ANY conversation with staffers is logged and kept for future use.

If you wish to keep informed on WikiLeaks related matters, there are several credible websites you can turn to, like This Day in WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks Press.


*UPDATE*: In response to an earlier release of this mailing, the forum staff falsely accused wlfriends.org to have provided user data for it. In order to substantiate this allegation, the forum staff posted an "Open Apology from FoWL Facebook Group to WikiLeaks Forum Members".


This Facebook group is actually owned by the site owner of the forum and administrated by a forum staffer. WikiLeaks replied: "This letter and Facebook group are fabrications. The group is controlled by 'Mark' and has nothing to do with FoWL. It is a fraud on the public, as is wikileaks-forum."


Friends of WikiLeaks

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