2013-06-24 Seat 17A: Where is Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden was expected to fly to Havana today at 14:05 Moscow time, together with WikiLeaks legal advisors. But Snowden's seat 17A was empty at takeoff, and no one seems to know where he is. Julian Assange has however stated that Snowden is safe and in good spirits. Assange says he knows where Snowden is but will not say.

Foreign Minister for Ecuador Ricardo Patiño was in Hanoi today and asked by reporters on hand about Snowden's whereabouts, and replied that he could not say because he did not know.

John Kerry stated that the lack of cooperation by Hong Kong in apprehending Snowden was "disappointing", but he failed to address recent revelations that the NSA hacked into several Chinese networks, a matter taken up in the official statement by Hong Kong government yesterday.

Barack Obama's Twitter account continued to post tweets on climate change.

It was later revealed that Ecuador issued a refugee document of passage for Edward Snowden, and there are claims that airport security cameras were turned off twenty minutes prior to the plane's takeoff. Currently the Aeroflot flight is en route to Havana with a number of reporters still wondering about the whereabouts of Edward Snowden of seat 17A.

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