2012-11-26 WikiLeaks donations now tax deductible EU wide

Wau-Holland-Stiftung (WHS), named in memory of the German philosopher and net activist Wau Holland, has been collecting donations for WikiLeaks since 2009. In the immediate aftermath of WikiLeaks publication of the US diplomatic cables in 2010, not only did PayPal arbitarily shut down the WHS donations account, but the tax-exempt status of the Foundation was challenged as well.

This situation has now been rectified.

It took almost two years of negotiations with German tax authorities to strike a deal: Tax exemption (charitable status) will be granted again going forwards and going back to 2011, but not for 2010. (See: "Taxing Transparency", Der Spiegel, 13 Nov 2012).

Therefore, citizens of EU member states will be able to donate to WikiLeaks operations through WHS and in addition, write the donation off from their income tax. This is because of a ruling of the European Court in 2009 (Decision C-318_07), which mandates that every member state must honor the tax exemption decision of any other member state.

And this is how you make a money transfer to support WikiLeaks:

Recipient: Wau Holland Stiftung
Bank: Commerzbank Kassel, Königsplatz 32-34, 34117 Kassel, Germany
IBAN: DE46 5204 0021 0277 2812 04
Reference: WikiLeaks or Project 04 if you prefer
add your e-mail or postal address to receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.

Hamburg, 26. Nov 2012 Wau-Holland-Stiftung www.wauland.de

Other methods of donation:

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