2012-06-13 WikiLeaks News Update: Assange appeal to Supreme Court; 'Thank You' message from Bradley Manning

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded without process for 557 days.
Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 554 days.
Bradley Manning has been imprisoned without trial for 751days.
A secret Grand Jury has been active in the U.S. without transparency for 637 days.

WikiLeaks News:

  • Whistleblower Annie Machon wrote an article entitled "What whistleblowers want", comparing the WikiLeaks model to that of OpenLeaks.
  • State Department cables released by WikiLeaks reveal U.S. concerns over Mexican presidential election frontrunner Enrique Peña Nieto paying for favorable TV coverage as far back as 2009.


  • An article in Al Jazeera looks at U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks and what they say about Brazil's rise on the world stage and its plans in Africa.
  • WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson was on ABC Late Night Live Radio discussing Bradley Manning's legal proceedings and how they affect the case against Julian Assange.
  • Australian journalist Antony Loewenstein was on ABC The Drum where he commented on Obama's hypocrisy on leaks and the U.S.'s treatment of both Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.
  • Forbes published an article which comments on the growing absurdity of secrecy in the U.S. Government and the double-standard that the Obama Administration holds for leaks.
  • A blog has been started called "Global Friends of WikiLeaks" where people submit photos of themselves holding a Friends of WikiLeaks statement: "I am not afraid to make up my own mind".

Julian Assange News:

  • Julian Assange's legal team made a submission to the Supreme Court asking that his case be re-opened due to the verdict being based on a point not discussed in the February hearings. The application also asks for the correction of the false statement that Mr Assange has been charged made during delivery of the verdict. The full submission is available to view. The decision on whether to reopen the case is expected today. (See also: Bernard Keane's explanation of the appeal.)
  • Thinking Legally posted an analysis of how Pepper v Hart, which allows the court to refer to statements made in the House of Commons or House of Lords, could potentially prevent Julian Assange's extradition.
  • WL Central did an interview with Oscar Swartz, author of "A Brief History of Swedish Sex: How the Nation that Gave Us Free Love Redefined Rape and Declared War on Julian Assange". He was asked about his reason for writing the book and his views on the current state of sexual politics in Sweden. The e-book is available for purchase from the official website.

World Tomorrow banner

  • "The World Tomorrow: Cypherpunks Part 2" aired featuring Jacob Appelbaum, Jérémie Zimmermann, and Andy Müller-Maguhn. The episode is available to watch online in English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian. Full, unedited transcript is also available.

Image via RT

  • The Australian Socialist Equality Party (SEP) held public meetings which passed resolutions to defend Julian Assange. WSWS interviewed workers and youth at the meetings about the escalating U.S.-led vendetta against Mr Assange.
  • An article in Crikey looks at the "consular support" Julian Assange has received from the Australian Government, showing how he'd probably be better off having smuggled weapons in Baghdad.
  • An op-ed in On Line Opinion argues why the Australian Government needs to condemn Sweden's actions to extradite Julian Assange.
  • Professor Ferrada de Noli published the fourth part of his analysis on the Swedish media campaign misrepresenting the positions of WikiLeaks and its supporters.

Bradley Manning News:

  • Bradley Manning's lawyer David Coombs posted a message thanking all of Bradley's supporters, which included a special note directly from Bradley himself.

Image via CBS

  • NYT eXaminer analysed the amount of news coverage of Bradley Manning and his legal proceedings. The New York Times published four paragraphs about Bradley since February 20, while The Guardian published 21 full articles during the same period.
  • UK Friends of Bradley Manning published an analysis of what we are learning from Bradley's pre-trial hearings.
  • Nathan Fuller of the Bradley Manning Support Network posted his detailed notes of all three days of Bradley's pre-trial hearings, June 6-8. (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)
  • WISE UP for Bradley Manning posted a report of vigils around the world organized during Bradley's latest motion hearings.
  • An article by Professor John A. Tures discusses how leakers in powerful positions avoid retribution, comparing this to Bradley Manning who has been held under very trying conditions and faced numerous delays in his trial.


Upcoming Dates & Events:

June 13: UK Friends of WikiLeaks vigil, UK Supreme Court, 8:30AM.

June 15: Melbourne rally for Julian Assange, UK Consulate, 3PM.

June 25: Bradley Manning 39A hearing.

June 25: London vigil for Bradley Manning at the US Embassy, 3PM.

June 27: "Don't Shoot the Messenger" panel with Christine Assange, Scott Ludlam, David Hicks, Bernard Keane, Humphrey McQueen & more. Coombs Theatre, A.N.U., Australia at 7PM.

July 16-20: Bradley Manning motion hearings.

August 27-31: Bradley Manning motion hearings.

September 19-20: Bradley Manning motion hearings.

November 2012 ~ January 2013: Bradley Manning's court martial.

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