2012-05-20 WikiLeaks Announces 'New Encrypted Facebook'

The WikiLeaks Twitter feed announced on 20 May 2012 that the WL Friends/Friends of WikiLeaks (FoWL) network is ready to launch an 'encrypted Facebook'. This comes amidst growing concern for user privacy and safety at the Facebook website.

Facebook recently came out in support of CISPA, a proposed US law that infringes on privacy and freedom of speech. Facebook's attitude towards user privacy has led some to leave the site. "...I think it's important to not use services that you have issues with, even if they are free," wrote Engadget and Gizmodo cofounder Peter Rojas, and artist Hazel Dooney recently cited the same issues on her blog as her reason for leaving.

The 'about' page at Friends of WikiLeaks states:

Friends of WikiLeaks (FoWL) is an independent network made up of people from across the globe who defend WikiLeaks and promote its mission and values. We are a global collection of people with shared beliefs and intentions linked together as a strong and resilient network.
FoWL clarified that it is independent from WikiLeaks:

FoWL is not a subsidiary of WikiLeaks, nor is it subordinate to WikiLeaks. FoWL is a separate network that has the express purpose of supporting, promoting, publicizing and encouraging any individual or collective which shares WikiLeaks' common values and goals.

12 reasons

One WikiLeaks tweet noted that "Facebook sells your information to governments, is lauded by MSM. WikiLeaks gives government information to you for free and we're terrorists". Following this statement, WikiLeaks tweeted a dozen reasons why this new site is better than Facebook.

  1. WL Friends introduces you to people you want to know, but don't know yet. Facebook connects you to people you already know - no point.
  2. Facebook is a mass surveillance tool. You put your friends into it, you betray your friends. Do friends betray friends? WL Friends doesn't know your friends. It introduces you to new friends.
  3. Facebook records everything you do, hands it over to the US government and corporations. WL Friends doesn't.
  4. WL Friends keeps your data so encrypted, not even the system admins can decrypt it. You and your friends decrypt on login automatically.
  5. WL Friends uses military grade cryptography and the best industry standards (OpenPGP + Elliptic Curves).
  6. WL Friends even uses homomorphic encryption for certain operations so WL Friends doesn't even know how many friends you have.
  7. The more you use WL Friends, the less you use WL Friends. WL Friends is designed to build, not control, a robust network of shared value.
  8. WL Friends is designed for more than just WikiLeaks. It is a general solution to build a robust support network under hostile conditions.
  9. Friends of Israel, Friends of Palestine, Friends of the Tea Party, Friends of Catholicism are all possible with WL Friends.
  10. WL Friends is designed to make infiltration costly. No person can be seen to be more important than any other or individually targeted.
  11. WL Friends builds a strong support network instantly for any shared belief by connecting supporters in a way that maximizes communication.
  12. As time goes by the WL Friends network for any shared belief is designed to mathematically grow stronger and stronger.

'Beta stage'

The Friends of WikiLeaks site is now signing up members.

FoWL is currently in its beta stage. This means that people from all over the world are registering to be part of this network to support WikiLeaks. For some time, nothing else will happen - we need the network to be of a certain size before we can start introducing you to candidate friends. Registering now will allow you to be a part of the network before the beta stage network gets full. As soon as we are ready to give you some candidate friends we will let you know.
It takes less than 5 min to register at https://wlfriends.org.

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