Anyone who does not believe the global community is governed by symbol and metaphor is a complete dork. Case in point: Wiki-leaks, Julian Assange and Western Narrative. The western narrative makers have been in a flurry of late, painting Julian Assange and by extension, Wiki-leaks as the evil overlords of all that is abhorrent. From the metaphorical “blood on his hands” to allegations of rape and molestation, our hesiodic tale weavers have created a web 2.0 version of a Goldstein, a Red, a Dirty Devil. Symbol by symbol, metaphor by metaphor, the obfuscating encasement of Julian Assange is almost complete.

We no longer see a man, we see a boogieman. No longer is Julian Assange a human with natural agency, but a lecherous Luciferian threatening the global order; a minotaur, who must be exiled into the labyrinth.

But, Julian Assange is a man. A man accused “för våldtäkt, sexuellt ofredande och olaga tvång.” A man who must suffer Valkyrie kisses upon his soul, for the simple fact of being human. Yes, Julian Assange is human. A human, who is being torn asunder by the jackals who feed upon what they fear: Carrion whores who mistake obedience for liberty, darkness for light.

Julian Assange is guilty of crime, yes. Guilty for dawning the robes of Prometheus, bringing illumination to the darkened recesses of the world. Guilty of vexing the venerated; maligning the malicious, paralyzing the pompous.

Perhaps the world will watch voyeuristic, vain; as some Icarus styled death porn plays out. Assange's wings of wax to be melted, by acidic rhetoric and venomous lies. Soaring to heavenly heights, then the inevitable fatal plummet to earth.

Perhaps, this will pass and the world will be deprived.

However, the fire which was brought, will remain, the truth wills to flicker freely. And to those who belie and bedevil; who would try and return the gifts and damnation of Pandora: It is often said, it is better to die defending the light, than suffer life in savage darkness.

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