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Collateral War Crimes
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Collateral War Crimes
15 November 2010

This is the story of how the greatest War Crimes in History became Public... And How we began the Battle of Civilisation for Free Speech.

For those who have not had a chance to keep up with the Wikileaks revelations of US War Crimes, this will bring You up to speed.

This is the 52 minute shorter version, broken into 4 parts. An unbroken version can be found at and the original Twextra post can be found at

Feel free to reproduce or embed this anywhere You'd like.

Americans are not hearing about the war crimes and torture except for single, minimal reports through US media when the "story" "breaks"... and then there is no followup. Daniel Ellsberg observed this in the discussion with Julian Assange and other journalists at the Frontline Club October 23. (That discussion is included in Collateral War Crimes).

Moreover, US media will not do any ongoing reporting of the contents of either the Afghan or the Iraq War Logs. Not without the pressure of reportage from other countries, and not without internal pressure from US Citizens who will have to turn to the internet to get ongoing reportage of the analysis of these revelations.

So I am encouraging everyone to take a copy of this film and put it on whatever device You would like. If You are unable to convert the file, let me know and I'll see what I can do. You can save a copy easily if You use Firefox with the Freecorder4 addon.

Let's spread the word far and wide, so Americans can realise how far the US has strayed from the path, and so we can bring the US back into the Community of Nations as a country that once again will respect the Rule of Law and the Rights of Individuals. This will require an internationally-led war crimes inquiry, and internationally-backed war crimes trials. So our work is cut out for us. First we must make People in the US aware.

Best Regards,
Dave Manchester
Publisher, dcmDaily Group

UPDATE: Collateral #WarCrimes Part 1 of 4 still blocked by Youtube for UMG in Germany.Here's Download Info: #wlcentral #acta @dredeyedick

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Here's the full version of the Collateral Wars Theme - Power Play from Steppenwolf-Live, on Youtube:




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