2012-04-14 Julian Assange's 'The World Tomorrow' 17 April

The long awaited television series 'The World Tomorrow' hosted by Julian Assange will begin airing worldwide this coming Tuesday 17 April at 15:30 Moscow time on both cable TV and online. The news has been meet with considerable speculation as to who Assange's mystery guests will be and has also been met with the now familiar 'Kremlin mouthpiece' dismissal from the mainstream media.

Transcripts of the interviews will also be made available online.

The series has been co-produced by Julian's own production company Quick Roll Productions together with Dartmouth Films, the company behind The War You Don't See.

Julian Assange The World Tomorrow 17 April 2012

15:30 MCK (Moscow time) equates to 4:30 in Los Angeles, 7:30 in New York, 12:30 in London, 13:30 in Zurich, 17:00 in New Delhi, 20:30 in Tokyo, and 21:30 in Sydney. For all other times see the following link.

After the initial broadcast, it will subsequently be broadcast every 2 hours for 24 hours.


For more information on how to access RT in North America with Time Warner, Comcast Cable, Cablevision, Verizon, Cox, RCN, Dish, and others, see the link below.


'Frank and irreverent'

Julian's promised the show will have a 'frank and irreverent' tone.

My conviction is that power can only be transformed if it is taken seriously - but ordinary people must resist the temptation to defer to the powerful.

The music for the series has been composed by British-Sri Lankan artist M.I.A. aka Maya Arulpragasam, ranked by both Esquire and Time as one of the world's most influential people. Arulpragasam has previously released the mixtape Vicki Leekx in support of WikiLeaks and is currently enjoying success with her hit single 'Bad Girls'.

Frequently asked questions

The WikiLeaks website hosts a series of 'frequently asked questions' about the coming show.

Who produced the show? How can one license it?
The show was being produced by Quick Roll Productions, a company established by Julian Assange. The main production partner is Dartmouth Films, a UK producer of independent films. Indispensable help and advice has been received from friends and supporters of WikiLeaks. Those interested in licensing the show can contact the distributor, Journeyman Pictures.

What is RT's relationship with the show?
RT became the first television corporation to licence broadcasting rights for the first release of 26-minute edits of each of the episodes in English, Spanish, and Arabic. No one from RT was involved in the production of the show, all editorial decisions being made by Julian Assange himself.

Will the full material recorded during the interviews be made available?
WikiLeaks will make available as much material as possible within the constraints of Julian's circumstances. Longer edits of the episodes will be released in due course, and transcripts of the interviews will be published on the show's independent website worldtomorrow.wikileaks.org.


The week including 17 April is also a week of several notable anniversaries and important dates for WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and others.

  • 17 April is also the 17 month anniversary of WL Central.
  • 18 April is the 17 month anniversary of Marianne Ny's second arrest warrant for Julian Assange.
  • It's likely Julian Assange's Supreme Court verdict will be handed down the same week.
  • 17 April is the 500th day of the financial blockade against WikiLeaks.
  • 20 April is Julian Assange's 500th day of detainment without charge.
  • 23 April is Bradley Manning's 700th day of imprisonment without trial.
  • 24-26 April: the next set of Bradley Manning pretrial hearings.
  • 27-28 April: Kristinn Hrafnsson will be speaking at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia Italy.

'Kremlin mouthpiece'

Dismissals of RT as 'Kremlin mouthpiece' have been heard once again. TVNZ wrote that RT 'is considered a key Kremlin exercise in image enhancement by critics' without stating who those critics are, something that wouldn't be allowed on sites like Wikipedia. Those who frequent RT and its many regular shows of course would beg to differ. And the Alyona Show dealt with this matter already in January when the Assange show was announced.

Mystery guests

Several news outlets have claimed the first guest will be none other than MIA, although this can very well be a mistake on the part of one outlet that got quickly copied to others, All Things Digital being an example of this proliferation.

Cablegate journalist Phillip Dorling wrote the following for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Other interviewees understood to be included in what Assange described as an 'eclectic array' include American conservative writer and policy advocate David Horowitz, a prominent exiled Iranian opposition leader, an Egyptian revolutionary also under house arrest, and, in what appears to be a journalistic coup, a prominent figure in a major political group listed as a terrorist organisation in the US, Britain and Australia. The identities of all participants are yet to be publicly disclosed.

The list of interviewees remains a closely guarded secret.

Promotional videos

Five promotional and related videos have been released so far.


RT would seem to have also set up a promotional account at Facebook.


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