2012-01-09 #WikiLeaks News: Judge silenced due to US pressure; Australia’s lack of Consular Support for Julian #Assange

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  • Cables published by WikiLeaks reveal that the US State Department placed pressure on Spanish authorities to silence Baltasar Garzon, the judge who, in 1998, ordered the arrest and extradition of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
    Due to pressure from the Obama administration, Garzon was removed from the Bush 6 case and forced to drop investigation into:

    - the death of a Spanish reporter who was killed by US shelling in Baghdad;

    - allegations by Spanish Guantanamo detainees of being tortured;

    - use of Spanish bases for CIA “rendition” flights.

    Judge Baltasar Garzon himself faces trial, beginning January 17, on “corruption charges”. The most serious charge he is facing (exceeding authority) relates to an order issued, at the request of families, to exhume the remains of victims assassinated during the Franco regime. More than 200 international organizations condemn prosecution against him.
    [Source: Dissident Voice]

  • In an exclusive interview for The Power Index, Julian Assange speaks of the Australian Government’s lack of consular support over his extradition case, the signing into law of the National Defense Authorization Act and the Occupy movement, which he strikingly describes:

    “If you saw someone's leg off they will scream and that's what's happening to a number of populations. They are acting against the pressure that is being applied to them. (…) It is also a back reaction to the degree of wealth inequality and oppression that is occurring.”

    Julian also states that it is likely the European Commission will reach a decision this month on whether to launch a full-scale investigation on credit card companies involved in the financial blockade against WikiLeaks.

  • Blogger AnonNep notes that there is a profound contrast between the Australian government’s lack of consular assistance and public statements in support of Julian Assange and the aid publicly offered to three Australian whaling protestors who boarded a Japanese vessel.

  • NYTimes eXaminer released the 9th segment of an interview with Julian Assange on his experience working with newspaper the New York Times on WikiLeaks releases. In this video, Julian addresses personal attacks by Bill Keller and others, as well as fundamental differences between the ethos of WikiLeaks and that of the New York Times.
    (Visit NYT eXaminer to watch the 8 previous segments.)


Upcoming WikiLeaks Dates

January 11: Day of Action Against Guantanamo: A rally will take place in Washington DC, with the presence of Guantanamo historian and WikiLeaks media partner Andy Worthington who will also be attending other rallies across the country.
Similar protests are planned in Canada (Ottawa and Toronto).

January 11: Julian Assange will have been under house arrest without charge for 400 days. Please visit Justice4Assange.com for more information on the extradition case.

January 14: Bradley Manning will have been in prison for 600 days.

January 16: A recommendation on whether Bradley Manning faces court-martial is expected. Final decision has no date set.

January 21: “War on the Internet” panel in Melbourne with Jacob Appelbaum, Bernard Keane, Senator Scott Ludlam and Suelette Dreyfus. More information here.

February 1 & 2: (updated) Julian Assange’s extradition appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court. Hearing will likely last 2 days. A support demonstration is planned outside of the Supreme Court, starting at 8:30AM. How to attend.

April 25-29: WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson and L’Espresso journalist Stefania Maurizi, who has worked on several WikiLeaks releases, will speak at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (Italy).

May 23: Julian Assange will speak at the Enterprise Information Management Congress 2012 (Netherlands).


Action Campaigns (updated)

402 days of unlawful financial blockade.

Julian Assange
399 days under house arrest without charge.

  • new Australia: Contact your Senator demanding Justice for Julian Assange! Threaten your vote if action to defend the rights of Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, is not taken.
  • Show your support for Julian Assange at the Supreme Court of London, February 1 and 2, at 9 AM. More information at Free Julian Assange Now campaign by Liberté Info.
  • Nominate Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for the Nobel Peace Prize 2012: campaign website.
  • Send at least one of the several call to action draft letters addressed to European organizations and Members of the European Parliament requesting action over the unjust treatment of Julian Assange.

Bradley Manning
596 days detained in military jail.

  • I am Bradley Manning campaign website with photos of supporters from around the world. Submit your own!
  • A challenge proposed by the Bradley Manning Support Network: Stand with Bradley until his trial is over - pledge a monthly donation for the length of the trial. For more details see bradleymanning.org

Rudolf Elmer

  • Liberté Info started a campaign to make whistleblower Rudolf Elmer’s trial an international issue. The campaign page is constantly updated with new developments on his case. Readers are encouraged to share.

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