From Nutcracker: About me and the reasons to be here

If you dare to be different, life can be tricky. People try to get hold on one another by power. Thinking on WikiLeaks I see a man or woman leaving home to drive far away. Sitting in front of a computer lightend up by just the computerscreen, doing their tricky thing. Passing through that what should have been kept secret. Their feeling of justice tells them the truth should be freed. Can you imagine the lonely struggle they face? I deeply respect every whistleblower.

During this day I thought about the lives we live. Someone is on the hunt because powers want to overrule freedom created by putting online documents. How powerful a silent computerscreen can become. The pressure has become intense. How has all this happened and what will be next? Crusified by the press, beaten up by people who can not live without at least a self created war in their heads. Hiding from their own frustrations as they say to stand up for justice. Those women in Sweden must have lived in a war ever since August. I feel no regret for them, although I wonder how they are able to find inner peace. How one can torture themmself and their surroundings by maintaining to keep hold on "their" truths and the war in their head. You end up hating everyone, including yourself I guess. In the end they will be their own victim, as others have been silenced by their abuse (and)(or) power(s). It is sad.

Think about the many people living their life being abused and haunted. The woman who can not leave her alcoholic husband, who abuses her. They are so many. Those silenced by governments. I always have had a weak for the underdog.

Power and the abuse of it is a great deal. It can break people and make them even more bitter then before. Abuse can have many faces. The freedom to write whatever I would like means a lot to me. Press taking over articles without further investigation if it all is true, it seems to occur more and more. Sometimes that feels like the reader should be blinded in a way. Sometimes I feel used to, I was meant to just read that text and being kept away from the alternative news, which gives me freedom of thinking.

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