2011-10-08 48h global virtual assembly during October 8th and 9th #globalchange

This is a call for everybody to join a 48h virtual assembly on the Net. We are creating a global movement to change the world, so people takes back the capacity for decision October 15th is here, but first we would like to meet, to know what are you preparing for that day. What are your expectations, what is the situation in your country, well its an excuse to meet and begin our new way together to fight for a better world where all of us has its place and where human dignity is at its basis.

How can you join this 48h assembly?

We have opened several channels, you can use any of them, all of them, as you wish, as you like.

WebChat at freenode
Web chat is a written chat, its great for asymmetric communication, you can have it open and follow it from time to time. This chat is the same as using any IRC client and connecting to freenode.net


To change the default name to yourname_yourcity please put the following in the chat line
/nick yourname_yourcity

Example: /nick Groucho_Toledo

To open a new room put the following in the chat line

/join #15october-NameOfTheRoom

For example if you want to set up a channel to speak in japanese
Example: /join #15october-jp

Writing down the globalrevolution
To put in common all our ideas an actions you can write them down in

Mumble as voice conference chat

Mumble enables you to hear people and chat with them(with laptop and android), this time you have to install a software and configure the sound and you can join the conversation whenever you like.

For setting up mumble please follow the instructions in

Data needed to connect:

Label: Takethesquare (for example, it must be a name that gives you a clue to which server are you connecting to)
Server: tomalaplaza.net
Port: 64738
Username: name_country (we recommend that you put your name followed by country)
Once you have connected to the server please join channel #15oct, since that is the international channel

Video conference
Since we even like to see our faces, we invite you to also join the videoconference room set up at


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