2011-08-17 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases & #WikiLeaks


This is a "WikiLeaks News Update", a daily news update of stories that are obviously related to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information, transparency, cybersecurity, and freedom of expression. All the times are GMT.
- New Cable(s) were released today.

10:05 PM In a diplomatic cable dated October 10 2006, the large concentration of native Filipinos in the Malaysian state of Sabah - described as ‘especially troublesome’ - is attributed to a scheme implemented in the 1990s by Malaysia’s dominant party UMNO under which Malaysian citizenship and voting rights were given to over 600,000 foreigners, predominantly Muslims from Mindanao and Indonesia, in return for their votes in Sabah's state assembly elections.

08:40 PM The first report on Guatemala cables obtained by newspaper Plaza Pública exposes revelations made during a meeting in 2007 between presidential candidate of the Patriotic Party Otto Pérez Molina and U.S. representatives.
His funding sources were then revealed to be Guatemala’s four wealthiest families, among them the Mendoza family, accused of being involved in drug-trafficking and allegedly hired in 1999 by U.S. banana marketer Del Monte to intimidate and murder members of SITRABI banana union.

08:30 PM A campaign to qualify James Spione’s documentary film on Collateral Murder, ‘Incident in New Baghdad’, for an Academy Award has been launched:
Spione has put together a Kickstarter project for those who believe in the broader goal of the film, which is to show the “real meaning of war.”, writes Kevin Gosztola for FireDogLake.

The film needs to see a theatrical release in order to qualify for an Academy Award. You can contribute towards this goal either by pledging a donation* or spreading information about this campaign widely !
Keep in mind even the smallest contribution is important.

*"Whether you can give $500 (and get a signed DVD, LA premiere tickets, and an “Associate Producer” credit plus a private dinner with Spione and McCord) or $5 (which will get you a heartfelt thank you and your name listed on a page on the film’s website), every little bit helps." via FireDogLake

07:20 PM Renata Ávila analyses the implications of Internet Service Provider blocking of Argentinian websites LeakyMails.com and Leakymails.blogspot.com following a judge’s orders.

04:40 PM Autralian Channel Ten has announced it will air a dramatization of the book Underground, co-written by Julian Assange, next year:

Underground - The Julian Assange Story will be based on the Wikileaks founder when he was an 18-year-old computer hacker, an "edgy, provocative drama".

No other details are known at the moment.

03:55 PM The Bradley Manning Support Network has put together a list of significant WikiLeaks’ revelations.

07:50 AM WikiLeaks Guatemala launches today. Plaza Pública has so far published a piece by journalist Martín Rodríguez Pellecer on the acquisition of Guatemala’s diplomatic cables.

07:20 AM Human rights lawyer Renata Ávila writes a letter to WikiLeaks supporters where she addresses some of the rumors regarding Julian Assange, OpenLeaks’ theft of WikiLeaks’ documents and, more importantly, suggests a shift in focus towards the material released by WikiLeaks.

The purpose of this letter goes beyond clarifying Mr. Assange’s behavior., she writes.It is a reflection and an invitation to move the conversation to what is relevant, what is urgent and how to behave accordingly.

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