Legal Authorities

We believe in an organic system of law and order that is debated and agreed upon among the world's citizens, not corporations. We believe all citizens of the world ought to have the right to have their voices heard in the making of these laws. There are currently laws and treaties which have been accepted by many of the governing bodies of the world and we will use those laws to guide us in reporting corruption and crimes against humanity and against individual rights. We also encourage the use of these existing laws in seeking action against any activity the majority disagrees with. Most of all we encourage action to have these laws democratically debated and changed by citizens and to prevent corporations and states from making laws against citizens.

We accept and agree to be bound in our actions to the following international law. If we disagree with aspects of it, we agree to work towards a consensus for that law to be modified.

We support all protest movements and efforts to change corrupt systems which also agree to be bound in their actions by the democratically established and evolving laws and agreements below. We also support all efforts to contribute to the updating and enforcing of these laws and agreements.

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