2011-08-01 Alleged Lulzsec hacker Jake Davis charged [Updated]

18 year old Jake Davis was charged with five offenses under the Computer Misuse Act, the Serious Crime Act and the Criminal Law Act. He was released on bail.

Davis' lawyer admitted that his client was linked to Anonymous, but said that there was no evidence he took part in hacks.

After the court hearing, @AnonymousIRC tweeted: "http://bit.ly/obmiaW | Stay strong, @atopiary. We will continue this, as your last tweet is truth. We, the people, silent no more. #AntiSec", identifying Davis as Topiary. Shortly after his arrest, @atopiary associate @AnonymouSabu had already confirmed Topiary's arrest by tweeting: "RIP Topiary Fuck the police And as for the "doxers" you proved how clueless you ALL were when you posted he was from Sweden over 9000 times."

According to the Guardian, Davis had been arrested at a residential address in Mid Yell, a tiny settlement on Yell, a part of the Shetland Islands, on Wednesday afternoon.

There are two different types of broadband on the Shetland Islands, a BT operated connection available to the residents, which appears to be inadequate, and a system called Pathfinder North that provides some key infrastructure with fast broadband access. In Mid Yell, the junior high school has such a connection. Its website does not mention any public access to these facilities.


According to a Scottish news outlet, Davis was arrested in Lerwick, where he had moved in recent months. He was staying in a council house at a mobile home park called Hoofields in the northern part of the town. Lerwick is the capital of the Shetland Islands, and has a population of around 7,000 inhabitants. He appears to have moved there from his former home in Mid Yell, a tiny settlement consisting of a few scattered houses, on the island of Yell.

Several public buildings in Lerwick are connected to the Pathfinder North network providing fast internet access, but the Hoofields estate does not have an access point.

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