2011-07-31 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases & #WikiLeaks


This is a "WikiLeaks News Update", a daily news update of stories that are obviously related to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information, transparency, cybersecurity, and freedom of expression. All the times are GMT.

05:20 PM Full Canadian WikiLeaks Task Force file now available for download.

Joe B writes in his analysis of the document:

"…The Canadian Task Force was in direct contact with the US WTF, however it appears that all the contact info for the US WTF is completely redacted. This would indicate that the Canadian Government would more knowledge about the Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks, Wikileaks volunteers, and Julian Assange in particular. The first mention of the WTF in the files is back in November 27, 2010."

04:35 PM In a newly released cable it is reported that the Bulgarian subsidiary of Lukoil is a sponsor of the Socialist Party.

The one area where Russia's influence is likely to grow if the BSP takes power is in the economy. Most Bulgarian companies with Russian business ties are aligned with the BSP, especially in the energy sector. The Bulgarian subsidiary of LukOil -- which pays some 20 percent of all the taxes collected in Bulgaria -- is reportedly a BSP sponsor. Similarly, Risk Engineering, the leading Bulgarian firm in the nuclear power sector, is closely tied in with Russian business interests. Beyond this, there are a whole series of "Red businesses" whose owners became wealthy by stripping the assets of state-owned industries during the previous Socialist government, and who still owe a debt of gratitude to the BSP. the cable reads.

For more on Bulgaria's energy ties with Russia: "A passionately eager Bulgaria in bed with the muscle bound duo of Gazprom and Lukoil"

04:15 PM Dozens of Brazilians gather to protest against the cost of the 2014 World Cup, some demand 'WikiLeaks for the Brazilian Football Confederation'.

03:45 PM WikiLeaks denies rumors of an official WikiLeaks Google+ account, via facebook.

"We have been informed about multiple accounts on the Google+ services witch state that they are a official WikiLeaks Google+ accounts - WikiLeaks does not own or operate any accounts on the Google+ services and has no plans on doing so as of this moment."

01:30 AM Cables detail US military designs on Haiti..
An analysis of diplomatic cable from Port Au Prince, Haiti and Nassau, Bahamas on the United States use of United Nations forces to impose commercial interests and obtain access to information on political developments in the country after the removal of President Aristide in 2004.

01:00 AM Dawn Paley compiles a list of relevant topics from diplomatic cables on Latin America, released between July 11 and July 23.
For previous similar lists: upsidedownworld.org.

00:00 AM A judge has decided against the U.S. Justice Department subpoena of James Risen on Friday.
The New York Times reporter will not have to testify about his sources at the upcoming trial of ex-CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling.

As Glenn Greenwald writes, this happens after the DOJ dropped virtually all charges against NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake. His prosecution faced a federal judge’s harsh criticism during a hearing earlier this month:

“I don’t think that deterrence should include an American citizen waiting two and a half years after their home is searched to find out if they’re going to be indicted or not. I find that unconscionable. Unconscionable. It is at the very root of what this country was founded on — against general warrants of the British.”, Judge Richard D. Bennett said, according to a transcript of the hearing.

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