2011-07-11 Solidarity, the word of #Syntagma - #europeanrevolution

Image ATHENS, July 11th - According to an official press release published yesterday by the City Hall of Athens and divulged by local TV channels, sanitary corps will perform a cleaning operation in Syntagma Square. This is the major square of the Greek capital and the location of the indignant camp since the 25th of May. This camp is the symbol of the Greek population's disagreement with current economical and social politics of Governments and banks and in a way to experience a new model of social living and organization .

But -once again - #solidarity is the word of current pro-democratic uprisings around the world. The cleaning agents of the local government of Athens refused to take part in the 'cleaning action' planned by the Mayor. Without the consensus of the local Popular Assembly, the agents who were supposed to clean the square - at 4 am last night - decided to disobey their orders in support of the people of Syntagma.

Famous local artists played at #Syntagma to avoid eviction attempts during the 10th July night in Athens from Wikileaks World on Vimeo.

Meanwhile the people continue their struggle, working collectively to create a new possibility for local and global social interaction, based on the solidarity of normal people over private interests, as well as the forces of repression and coercion of civil liberties and rights.

Messages of #solidarity have come from different parts of the world, as many feel the Greek struggle is equal to their own, totally above all national identity traits and personal differences.

* Photo by chrisjohnbeckett , taken on June 30, 2011 in Whitehall, London, England, GB, using a Fujifilm.


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