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2010-11-18 Letter from Swedish Counsel Björn Hurtig to English co-Counsel for Julian Assange
2010-11-18 The Persecution of Julian Assange, Continued
2010-11-18 The Persecution of Julian Assange: Reactions
2010-11-18 Press release by counsel for Julian Assange
2010-11-18 Statement by Julian Assange's counsel Mark Stephens
2010-11-18 WikiLeaks staff editorial: Why our editor-in-chief is busy and needs to be defended
2010-11-19 Julian Assange to appeal Swedish arrest ruling
2010-11-20 The Persecution of Julian Assange: Reactions, Part 2
2010-11-20 Updates in Swedish case
2010-11-21 RSN Petition in Support of Julian Assange
2010-11-22 Further updates in Swedish case
2010-11-24 Updates in Sweden Appeal Case
2010-11-30 Updates in Sweden case
2010-11-30 Updates in Sweden case: Supreme Court appeal, Interpol notice
2010-12-01 Steven Aftergood: Assange prosecution would be "extremely dangerous"
2010-12-02 Sweden case: The lawyers speak up
2010-12-02 Sweden case: The lawyers speak up II
2010-12-02 Sweden case update: Supreme Court will not consider appeal
2010-12-02 WikiLeaks and the US Espionage Act: legal opinions
2010-12-05 Sweden case update
2010-12-06 Sweden case update II
2010-12-07 Julian Assange arrested on Swedish warrant
2010-12-09 Journalists in defence of WikiLeaks, part 10
2010-12-09 Sweden case updates
2010-12-10 WikiLeaks and the Espionage Act, part 2
2010-12-12 Sweden case updates: Key new evidence
2010-12-14 Julian Assange in Court
2010-12-15 Human Rights Watch letter to President Barack Obama
2010-12-16 Sweden case updates: Bail appeal hearing
2010-12-24 Huffington Post: Bianca Jagger - Trial by Newspaper
2010-12-24 WikiLeaks in today's media: Extradition coverage
2010-12-27 Notes on the persecution of Julian Assange
2010-12-30 Clearing the Air of Nick Davies' Misinformation
2010-12-30 Selections from Twitter Archive concerning Swedish Investigation
2011-01-06 Bianca Jagger: The Julian Assange 'Trial by Newspaper' - A Response to Nick Davies
2011-01-11 Key Points from Provisional Skeleton Argument on Behalf of Mr Assange
2011-01-11 Misleading press coverage of Julian Assange Trial
2011-01-14 Eyewitness Account from Belmarsh Court
2011-01-15 Julian Assange & Mens Rea, Sweden & Doli Incapax: Extradition Part 4
2011-01-23 Swedish PM denies political role in Assange extradition case
2011-01-31 WikiLeaks and Human Rights: Open Letter for Support
2011-02-06 Julian Assange extradition matrix
2011-02-06 The Skeleton Argument of Julian Assange’s lawyers: Extradition part 5
2011-02-07 Extradition hearing: Day one
2011-02-08 Eyewitness account from Belmarsh trial - February 7
2011-02-08 UPDATE Australian attorney general responds to open letter to PM Gillard re Assange
2011-02-08 Witness statement of Bjorn Hurtig - Summary
2011-02-09 Notas sobre la persecución a Julian Assange
2011-02-11 Extradition hearing: Day three
2011-02-15 Four allegations against Julian Assange & ‘dual criminality’: Extradition Part 6
2011-02-18 Australia appeals to Sweden over Assange
2011-02-24 Extradition hearing: Day four (Final round)
2011-02-24 Julian Assange railroaded by the EAW system, remains NOT GUILTY for the present.
2011-02-24 Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet Hosts Chat with Julian Assange
2011-03-03 Meeting on 2nd March in Parliament House Canberra with MPs re Julian Assange.
2011-03-04 Jennifer Robinson: Brief to Canberra meeting of MP's re Julian Assange
2011-03-06 Darkness at Noon: Bradley Manning
2011-03-17 WikiLeaks Forum at Sydney Town Hall, 16 March 2011
2011-03-26 WikiLeaks Notes
2011-04-02 WikiLeaks Notes: Parliamentarians question treatment of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
2011-04-06 Hearing date set for Assange extradition appeal
2011-04-26 Open Letter to Kevin Rudd: On Julian Assange and Guantanamo Bay revelations.
2011-06-04 Peter Kemp's conversation with WACA: Australian perspectives on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.
2011-06-11 The extradition appeal of Julian Assange: EU melting pots, ambiguities and human rights on trial.
2011-07-05 Sex, lies & no videotape: Göran Rudling dismantles the case against Julian Assange
2011-07-05 Sex, lies, no videotape and more lies. False accusations in the Assange case
2011-07-11 Assange to appeal extradition to Sweden
2011-07-12 Tweet Stream - Julian #Assange's hearing on July 12 & 13 #wjul
2011-07-12 Tweet Stream - WL Central Correspondent LIVE from Hearing

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