2011-07-05 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases & #WikiLeaks


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11:20 PM The U.S. sent Drug Enforcerment Administration agents expelled from Bolivia for espionage to Brazil, in 2009, without obtaining permission from the Itamaraty (Brazilian Ministry of External Relations).
There were also attempts to place DEA agents in Chile and Argentina, according to cables obtained by A Pública, Wikileaks’ partner in Brazil.

09:55 PM Wikileaks pays tribute to the late Len Sassaman:

"WikiLeaks friend, Len Sassman has been permanently encrypted and anonymized. Stay cool, Len, we continue with the fight."

04:30 PM According to this article, Wikileaks has given us a good reason not to wear any underwear. The recent revelation that the U.S. put pressure on Haiti not to raise minimum wage for textile workers so that Hanes (Hanesbrands inc.) could stay cheap is part of SF Weekly's five good reasons to go commando.

01:25 PM "A Royal Navy medic who refused to attend rifle training because of his "moral objection" to bearing arms and the war in Afghanistan was found guilty today of disobeying a lawful order" and sentenced to 7 months. via The Independent

Michael Lyons is the third sailor in history to use conscientious objection as a defence. His decision to be put on non-combative duties was motivated by Wikileaks' documents on Afghanistan and Iraq war.

01:15 PM As announced here yesterday, the Australian government has passed a bill allowing ASIO to spy on Australians overseas.

Bernard Keane (Crikey) writes :

the amendment is designed to enable ASIO to spy on people involved with WikiLeaks, which currently falls outside the definitions of foreign states, people connected with a foreign state or foreign political organisations. The amendment is informally known within Attorney-General’s as “the WikiLeaks amendment”.

ASIO gets its new powers — and no one will tell us why

02:35 AM Another award for Wikileaks and, more specifically, Julian Assange : the 2011 Voltaire Award

'Free speech is a fundamental civil liberty. In standing for openness and accountability in government, Wikileaks has made a signal contribution to its advancement nationally and internationally.

No one can doubt the sincerity and courage of the Wikileak's organisation and Julian Assange in the face of powerful legal intimidation by many Western governments including our own.'

02:30 AM Wikileaks tweets :

Recently established "inspired by Wikileaks" sites, Localleaks.com and Hackerleaks.com shutdown by registrar for undisclosed reasons.

And leaves a warning :

Other "inspired by WikiLeaks" sites should note... it's not as easy as it looks to keep such an operation live.

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