2011-06-15 Protesters block the Parliament in National Strike day in #Greece #greekrevolution #europeanrevolution


Beside the general aggression and violence which marked this Wednesday in Greece, the call for a national strike and the symbolic blocking of Parliament was relatively successful. According to a local correspondent, at least 100,000 people gathered in today Syntagma, the major square of Athens, to protest against the plans of austerity accorded between the Greek government, the IMF and the European Bank. Apart from some private sector businesses which did not follow the strike that was programmed a week ago, all public institutions were closed today. Rallies took place in different parts of Athens, although with more intensity in Sintagma main square, and all other important cities of Greece.

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Contrary to what some media outlets said, Prime-minister Yorgos Papandreu, who called Greek politicians today for a 'national understanding' did not think about leaving his charge, but announced a re-structuration of government staff. He was supposed to make an official speech this night. A cooperative government, a task-force composed by governing party PASOK and the opposition Nea Dimokratia leaded by Antonis Samarás, chief of conservative party, which could be able to hold and manage current unrest in Greece,is the original aim of this new structure, but specialists refuse the possibility of such kind of change. Neo Dimokratia demands the re-negotiation of the agreement with the IMF and the EU and a review to the Constitution so as to form a cooperative government. According to state TV NET, Papandreou wants the new governemnt to be in power until 2013, when elections will take place.
The new package proposed will be applied in the end of June. It allows Greece to receive an extra amount of 12 billions euros, part of the 110 billions of euros accorded in 2010, if they agree to further increase the already drastic social and economic policies. Some of these are so radical that many are pressing the Government to terminate the negotiations, declare the debt to be illegitimate and default.
After camping in front of the parliament for 3 weeks, protesters decided today to form a human chain to block the access to the building, provoking a mass confrontation. It is difficult to say how many people are wounded since there is no official data. It is expected that at least 30 civilians got hurt during the clashes with the Police, the actual number of injured policemen is unknown. Is is reported that Metro workers in Athens established 1st aid center for injured people during protests.
Protests and camping continue in Sintagma Square in Athens despite of police efforts to put an end on demonstrations. Greece protesters and outraged population now wait the global demonstrations planed for next Sunday, 19th June.

* (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

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