2011-05-29 In #Yemen: #Zanjibar falls to al Qaeda, brigade of Republican Guards join the revolution

The situation continues to get worse in Yemen. The US, which has been playing what The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill calls a “ dangerous game,” just days ago urged US citizens to depart Yemen “while commercial transportation is still available.” State Department diplomats have fled the country in the past few days as well.

The acknowledgment of US reaction to the increased violence is not to diminish the struggle of the peaceful revolution in Yemen but to note that the US has used this country as a laboratory for its military experiments in the war on terror and now this is what their "ally" or puppet Ali Abdullah Saleh is doing to the people of Yemen. The lack of US pressure on Saleh to resign has allowed the conflict to escalate.

WL Central is featuring the amazing work of the Yemen Rights Monitor blog that has been tracking the revolution and violence in Yemen since February. We hope you will support their effort to bring the world the truth of what is happening in Yemen and share this widely, especially if you are interested in what is unfolding in Yemen.

Republished with permission from @al_masani and @Ronaldo_Yemen, here’s the latest update.

May 29th - Taiz under attack (graphic photos)

French News Agency: Zanjibar in Abyan falls in the hands of Al-Qaeda.

Witness: Armed thugs are gathering in Baghdad St near Dr. Abdulqader Al-Mutawakil Hospital.The humanitairan situation is very bad in Hasaba region, the bombings that took place have made many families suffer. There will be some fundraising events to help them in Yemen, donations are accepted as well.

Armed men in civilian clothes are extensively gathering in Omar Al-Mokhtar School in Sheraton near the U.S Embassy

Renewed bombing now on Al-Ahmar's house after mediation failed; thugs concentration in Sa'awan getting ready for a new round of bombing.

Youth are bearing Saleh the responsibility for kidnapping the French NGOs and demanding discolosure of their destiny and quick release.

Mass march in Dhamar now supporting the Brigade of Republican Guards who joined the revolution.

Heavy clashes between army and gunmen in Zanjibar south of Yemen and exodus of the families there.

After the denial of joining, sources confirm that Brigade 9th Mika from Republican Gaurds joined the revolution in Dhamar.

Brigade Commander 9th Mika Ibrahim Al-Jayafi announces officially joining the revolution in Dhamar.

JMP and opposition accuse Saleh's regime of masterminding giving Abyan city, South of Yemen to armed groups in order to intimidate the International Community by "Al-Qaeda"

Ali Saleh's regime is bombing Zanjibar and sieging it, cutting water and electricty. The humanitarian living condition in Zanjibar is exteremely difficult and critical.

Mareb Press: Saudi TV: Zayani will return to Yemen either today or tomorrow.

Mass march through the streets of Taiz confirming the peaceful revolution and condemning Ali Saleh's massacres.

Marib Press | Abyan: deaths and injuries due to the indiscriminate shelling with heavy weapons and artillery bombardment on the city of Zanjibar

Abyan : leading member of Marib militants dominant in Zanjibar killed today by striking the building of taxes where he positioned with number of militants

Former Minister of Defense | Elewah : We call branches, units and brigades to maintain the unity and cohesion of the military and security as one national institution

Military Advisor of Saleh and former Minister of Defense Eliwah confirms that Saleh is after the AQAP taking over the city of Zunjbar.

Statement number "1 " of the armed forces supporting peaceful revolution of youth today Sunday, 29/05/2011 was issued by :

- Maj. Gen. Abdullah Ali Elewa former Defense Minister, Counsellor of the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces
- Major-General Ali Mohsen Saleh, commander of the North-West
- Major General Aldaheri Al-Shaddadi head of oclass="text_exposed_show">perations north-western region
- Major General Hussein Arab, former interior minister
- Maj. Gen. Mohamed Mohsen Ali, commander of the Eastern Military
- Major General Abdul Malik Al-Sayani, former Defense Minister
- Maj. Gen. Saleh Ali Aldanin, adviser of Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
- Major General Mohammad Ali Almakdashi, Commander of Middle Military Region
- Major General Saleh Aldhalie , commander of the Central Military region

Yemen Armed Forces issued statement No. 1: The statement supported the revolution and accused Saleh's extradition of Abyan province to terrorist groups.

The leadership of the armed forces in support of peaceful popular revolution in Yemen Statement No. 1, was read by Major General Abdullah Ali Elewa, former Secretary of Defense.

The statement called on all armed forces to join the peaceful people's revolution, the statement accused Saleh's actions in Abyan province and his handing over the province to armed terrorist groups, and the statement called on people to resist the terrorists in Abyan.

He also charged Saleh for trying to disrupt the Military Establishment and his plans to evacuate camps and deliver them to his thugs.

The leadership of the Armed Forces in support of the youth peaceful revolution thanked and appreciated the efforts of the Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff and other individuals who have refused orders to put the army to fight each other.

Statement of the Yemeni armed forces supporting the revolution convey thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Defence and Chief of Staff and other individuals who have refused orders to put the army to fight each other.

Surrender of members of the Police Department of Zanjibar to armed men

Anees Mansour to AJA : Armed groups in Abyan went to jail for two weeks and then released. What is happening now is a farce, a political struggle for survival
Yemen's defecting army units consolidate and announce their Statement # 1: "Saleh must go," they said

Former Interior Minister Hussein Arab: Al-Qaeda has not launched any attack on Zanjibar and what happened was that the security authorities handed over the city to the armed groups.

Eyewitness, Civilians in Zanjibar, Abyan resort to mosques to avoid random shellingAJA : Armed groups take control of Zanjibar

AFP: Handing over government buildings dominated by supporters of Sheikh Sadeq Ahmar in Sana'a to the Mediation Committee.

Now |Taiz : Heavy fire on protesters of taiz near Alqahera directorate

Heavy explosion shakes the city of Taiz and sounds of gunfire- unknown location.

Abdulkareem Al-Awadi one of the photographers of the media center in Taiz was shot by security forces when they fired indiscriminately on the youth protesters in front of Administration Building.

Taiz : Dozens of casualties taken now to Alsafwa hospital while shooting is still continued on protesters near Alqaherah directoratein an attempts to break into the square

Eight injured by live bullets of security of Cario when they fired live ammunition on the protesters, in addition to seven detainees in custody in Cairo Administration since last night.

Appeal from Taiz: Everyone has to go the Freedom Square to support the protesters who are getting attacked

Video during the attack on Zanjibar by armed men

Arrival of reinforcements from Republican Guards and Central Security close to Freedom Square while continuous heavy firing on the protesters using heavey equipment.The youth protested in front of Cairo Directorate to demand the release of the detained and kidnapped or they will go towards Security Directorate to sit-in there, but they were suprised by shooting randomly at them as well as grenade bombs were thrown at them.

Ali Saleh is planning massacres in Taiz, Ibb and Hodeidah against the protesters after he failed to ignite war in Sana'a

Injured are up to 10 cases, 2 of them in critical condition when live bullets were fired at them by Republican Guards near Freedom Square in Taiz.

Martyr and dozens injured in Field hospital of Taiz now, most of the injures are by live bullets by Saleh's thugs and security on a peaceful march.

Sheikh Tareq al-Fadhli said that he refused an offer from President Ali Abdullah Saleh to appoint him as governor of Abyan province after the collapse of the security situation, he said in a statement to the BBC "President Saleh then ordered his forces to bomb my house in Zanjibar"

Suhail: Call of distress: The field hospital in Freedom Square in Taiz appeals to doctors, surgeons and orthopedics to go to the hospital and save lives.

Witnesses: Security forces tying to break into Freedom Square from Agriculture Bank side and heavy gunfire is used as well as tear gas bombs.Ahmad Abdu Said, Cario Dir. Secuirty Manager is the one that leads the thugs, there were gunmen located above the directorate building and reports of smokes.

Two martyrs and 12 wounded by live bullets so far due to attacks by security forces and gunmen in cilivian clothes on protesters near Freedom Square.

Two martyrs and over 50 injured by live bullets due to attacks by Republican Guards with live ammunition on the protesters in Freedom Square in TaizAl-Safwa hospital is drowning in blood- SOS!

Marib Press |AbdulKawi Al-Qaisi, director of the office of Sheikh Sadeq Alahmar to Marib Press: The evacuation of the Ministry of Local Administration only as a goodwill gesture, for the evacuation of the buildings where the other party positioned snipers and militia of Saleh

Heavy clashes taking place now in Martyrs Square in Zanjibar using all kinds of weapons

Snipers are spreading widely on the roofs of building near Freedome Square of Taiz

Sayun : For the first time, an airplane landed Saturday evening at the airport of Sayun at 2 AM, knowing that its not an international airport and closes at 5 PM

Power cut in Taiz now to coincide with the attack of security forces and thugs on peaceful protesters in Freedom Square of Taiz.Marytrs name is: Foad AbduGhanim, 33 years old, shot in the neck.

Abyan: Crimes against humanity are committed in Abyan and the situation is very bad that it cannot be described, bodies are in the streets and shelling is very random

News for crowds preparing to take control of the Western camp which is shelling the area of Radfan continuously. Its is worth mentioning here that this camp belongs to the Republican Guards and citizens of Radfan want to control it like what happened in Yafe'e and Nihm

Tareq Al-Fadli to AJA: 5 martyrs outcome of indiscriminate shelling of Zinjabar this afternoon.

Renewed and sporadic gunfire near Freedom Square in Taiz.

Taiz: People are praying in Freedom Square while security forces attemp to break into the Square from Agriculture Bank side with heavy gunfire and tear gas bombs

Taiz: Military experts confirm to media center that the ammunition used against the peaceful march of youth in Taiz now is the "explosive bullet" type of ammunition which is internationally banned. These types of ammunition make a fission explosion in the body which causes blowing the body into pieces

Taiz: Gunmen in civilian clothing assist the security forces during the thrust operation, and presence of sniper in the rooftops near the square

Arabia: Saleh is holding a meeting with the Defence Council, the rest of them of course at the Presidential Palace.

Field Hospital of Freedom Square: Three martyrs and 90 injured due to attacks by security forces by live ammunition on the peaceful protesters.

Snipers on rooftops

Masdar : Tribes of Abyan gather now in the stadium of Zanjibar to fight and expel the militants who seized control of the city and to protect people and properties of Zanjibar

Youth in Ibb are calling for a mass march tomorrow in solidarity and support of martyrs and wounded in Taiz

Attacks in Taiz today in Freedom Square- it has been said that thugs burnt the car in order to start shooting and blame protesters for doing so.

Two marytrs and over 100 wounded by live ammunition many of them are in critical condition; security reinforcements from the eastern entrance to Freedom Square and gas bombs are thrown inside the Square. Latest statistics from Al-Safwa Hospital:
- Martyr Foad AbduGahnim, 33 years old from Sho'oba Al-Nashma
- Unknown
- Clinical death Mohammed Abdulrakeb AbdulRazaq from Al-Debab

Yemen International Hospital:
- Seventy very critical condition cases

Increase number of martyrs to four, one of them is in clinical death and injures increase to 150 by live ammunition and gas bombs.

The gunmen who contorlled Zanjibar today include Khalid Abdul Nabi and Sami Zayan. These two are known al-Qaeda activists and they take orders from Saleh, orders of looting and destruction of the govt institutions

Dead body arrives to Field Hospital in Sana'a - rotted, four days from hasaba victims

Individuals of Somalian and Arab nationalities seen participating in Zanjibar clashes and supporting gunmen. Indiscriminate shelling has exposed the city affecting residential buildings of civilians

Abyan | Zanjibar : The number of the forces who seized control of the city are over 3000 gunman!

Political Analyst Sadeq Abdulrazaq: Saleh committed a new massacre in Taiz today for coverage of failing in Abyan.

Number of marytrs rises to 5, 2 of them in clinical death and more than 150 injured by live ammunition and gas when security forces attacked a march demanding the release of detainees.Fire, smoke and snipers on rooftops in Taiz today.

Heavy gunfire and gas bombs on the peaceful protesters of Taiz today

Injured in Taiz today

Mass march in Hodeidah right now to support their brothers in Taiz and condemn the attack on them.Sources confirm that Saleh is using Jordanian pilots to bomb the tribes and cities that are out of his control after Yemeni pilots refused to carry out this task.

Renewed violent clashes in Freedom Square, many tear gas bombs are thrown to the center of the Square; reports of many injured.

Witnesses: gunfire shooting in Hasaba near Mareb round in Sana'aField hospital in Taiz is drawing a call of distress to the doctors of all specialties to go the hospital to help the injured and save a life.

Renewed attacks on Freedom Square of Taiz, 5 martyrs 2 in clinical death,150 injured by live bullets and 400 injured by gas bombs.Taiz youth are arriving from neighborhoods to Freedom Square

Video of two martyrs in Taiz today

Sana'a chanting, "with our souls and blood we sacrifice ourselves for taiz" and "oh Ali you coward, Taiz does not get hurt"


GRAPHIC: injured in Taiz on the floor of the hospital

Yemen International Hospital in Taiz:
- Farouq Al-Sabri, shot in the neck- clinical death
- Six other critical cases.Injured and martyrs in Taiz today

Renewed heavy gunfire on Freedom Square of Taiz now

The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution: A delay in discussing Saleh's crimes in Security Council gives Saleh more time to commit more massacres against the Yemeni people.

Dr. Hamoud Aqlan coordinator of Feild Hospital in Taiz to AJA: 4 martyrs and more than 100 injured by live bullets, 25 of them are critical cases. Most of the injures are in the head, chest and neck. 400 cases of gas suffocation and the attack is still continuous on the Square by heavy weapons and gas in a hysterical way by security forces and thugs

.An appeal to all youth in the city of Taiz and its suburbs, You must hurry to help protesters who are now being killed and exposed to heavy fire from the Republican Guards, security forces, military police and thugs of the regime who are trying for the second time to break into the square of freedom now.

Taiz : Riot police and armed civilians are still attacking the eastern side of freedom square using toxic gas, live bullets and water cannons

Names of martyrs today in Taiz:
1. Foad AbduGhanim
2. Amran Qassim Al-Idressi
3. Mohammed AbdulRaqeeb AbdulRazaq
4. UnknownA side from that attack today in Taiz

Almasdar Online : Brigadier General Qairan met with gangs at the headquarters of General People's Congress and distributed arms to be used to attack the protesters in Freedom Square in Taiz

Taiz: Thousands flocked to the field of freedom after the attacks on peaceful protestors by the militia of Ali Saleh

United Nations: The situation in Yemen could deteriorate and become a major humanitarian disaster. Taiz at night-during attack

Thug leaders in Salah area that are distributing weapons to thugs to attack the demonstrations that are pro-democracy in Taiz are:
- Abdullah Al-Barwe, Leader in the GCP
- Sheikh Ahmad Ali Basheer
- Ahmad Hazza Al-Odaini
- Ali Abdu Saif, neighborhood leader
- Abdullah Ali Basheer
- Mohammed Ali Basheer  Saleh in his meeting today with the rest of his military forces said "Those who withdrew from the military and turned against us are terrorists, corrupts, bandits. They are land looters, oil looters and even looters of state funds"Ali Saleh admits that supporters of Alahmar took contorl of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Local Administration, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism, Rescue Police Camp, Saba News Agency and some other state institutions. He described it as "Brutal assault and parasitic"

Looting is being performed by thugs in different districts of Sana'a.

Abdu Al-Jendi to Arabia: President is busy protecting the sit-ins and Al-Qaeda exploited the situation.

Renewed firing with heavy and light weapons on Freedom Square in Taiz now

Almasdar Online : clashes between units of Brigade 39 positioned in Aden and gunmen on the outskirts of Abyan and reports of dead including a colonel

Saleh's militias are now firing heavily on Freedom Square protesters from the eastern sideVery violent attacks on protesters in Freedom Square of Taiz and attemps to break into the square- the youth are bravely dealing with it.

Large flee to a mass number of families in Abyan as a result of the indiscriminate shelling of the houses. They appeal to people of Yemen and the international community to intervene to stop this situation.

Taiz is being shelled indiscriminately with gas bombs all over the Square- people in media center are suffocating from how bad it is. The square is semi-taken over from the eastern side near CAC bank.

Explosions shake Hasaba area right nowRenewed random shelling in villages in Arhab, Sana'a by Republican Guards by artillery and tanks

Attacks on freedom square of Taiz- gas bombs at Square


Live Stream from Freedom Square

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