2011-05-16 #Bahrain repression, intimidation and torture continue

While the arrest and future trial of doctors and nurses has been quite well covered by mainstream media, it is only one measure among many that were taken to repress the pro-democratic movement in Bahrain.

Following the violent and deadly crackdown in February and March that led to at least 31 casualties, 18 members of the main opposition party Al Wefaq, resigned from the parliament.

Monday, we learned that Jawad Ferooz and Mattar Mattar were detained.

The arrest of Mattar came a day after he spoke to Al Jazeera.

Despite the claim by Press TV, that he died in custody, there has been no such confirmation. There have, however, been several reports of him leaving to hospital due to brutal torture.

The General Federation for Bahrain Trade Unions announced Wednesday that at least 1115 people lost their jobs in the past two months for taking part in strikes or protests.

Among them is Abdulhadi Alkhawaja’s wife, who was fired from her work after 10 years at Kanoo School. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja is a prominent human right defender whose daughter went on hunger strike after his brutal abduction by the Bahraini regime on the 8th of April. Abdulhadi was held incommunicado for weeks, no lawyer or relative was allowed to see him.

Credible sources reported today he had been subject to severe torture and was seen at the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital with several fractures.

Fareeda al-Dallal testimony of beating under custody:

Zainab Alkhawaja's aunt testimony of her husband arrest and her sexual assault.

Raids on villages are still reported. Security forces are using teargas to put fire on homes.

This last video shows the burning house of Saeed Ayyad, an activist who has been taking international visitors in the past to document human rights violations.

Shia mosques still descrated:

This video uploaded today shows how secure Bahrain is since the arrival of GCC troops.

Live ammunitions fired upon students in the day light. No casualty was reported.

Josh Colangelo, from Human Rights Watch arrived in Bahrain on the 4th of May but was denied entry and asked to leave Read Alexa O’Brien’s interview here.

You can contact Josh Colangelo here

Despite blatant violation of human rights, US and Europe failed to firmly condemn Bahrain regime, thus pushing a group of Bahraini abroad to present a 500 pages report to the International Criminal Court prosecutor at the Hague.

The ICC acknowledged the receipt and agreed on looking into the case immediately.

Follow the issue here.

We learned today that the Bahraini regime is trying to use Interpol to arrest 21 Bahraini (Translation) abroad for terrorist activities.

It is not the first time. In October 2010 the Interior Ministry tried to make Interpol issue a red notice for Said al-Shihabi and Hussein Mashaimaa.

Ibrahim Sharif, General Secretary of the National Democratic Action Society(Wa’ad), arrested the 17th of March, will attend its trial tomorrow along with Hassan Mushaaima, Abdulwahab Hussain and 17 other political detainees.

They were not allowed to see their family or speak to their lawyer.

BAHRAIN: Medical staff face prosecution, alleged torture after aiding anti-government protesters

Medical Professionals to be Tried in Bahrain

Bahrain doctors, nurses to be tried

Bahrain charges 50 medical staff with anti-state conspiracy

Bahrain to Put Medical Staff on Trial

Bahrain doctors to be tried for helping protesters


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