2011-04-09 Syrian security fires on mourners at mass funeral, UN Secretary-General is greatly disturbed #Syria [Updated]

Update: Six Syrian human rights groups, including the Syrian National Organisation for Human Rights, the Kurdish Committee for Human Rights and the Defence Committee for Democratic Freedom and Human Rights., released a joint statement saying twenty-six people were killed in Dara'a yesterday at the funerals of protesters killed the day before, and two more were shot dead in Homs yesterday. There are also many reports of people detained and missing.

Probably the best collection of youtube videos of the protests, organized by city, here.

Mass funerals were held in Syria today for the protesters killed yesterday, now reported as 37 by the National Organisation for Human Rights. In Dara'a, security forces fired on the mourners as thousands assembled near the old Omari mosque where six people were killed on March 22 and where the most violence has resulted since.

The UN Secretary-General's office has posted notes from a conversation he had today with President Bashar al Assad of Syria.

  • The Secretary-General said he was greatly disturbed by the latest reports of violence against protesters and concerned about the reports of the number of people killed and injured on Friday.
  • He said the killing of peaceful demonstrators was unacceptable and should be investigated. He took note of the President''s intention to investigate and encouraged early action in this regard.
  • He also noted there were reports that demonstrators had used violence and killed security personnel.
  • The Secretary-General underlined that violence from any side was deplorable.
  • The Secretary-General reiterated the duty of governments to protect civilians and respect the rights and freedoms of the population including the right of free speech and peaceful assembly. He said he also expected demonstrators to be peaceful.
  • The Secretary-General urged the release of detained demonstrators as soon as possible. He took note of President Assad''s announced reforms and said he was convinced that there was no alternative to an immediate and inclusive dialogue on comprehensive reforms.

There is far more and clearer documentation of attacks by security forces coming out of Syria. This video, uploaded today, reportedly shows Syrian security forces killing an ambulance crew member in Daraa on Friday April 4. A good collection of yesterday's Youtube videos.

Syrian security forces attack today.

#Banyas being stormed by army, this was scene in morning http://goo.gl/nz3KP 2night a massacre 2moror larger protest via @Tharwacolamus.

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