2011-03-28 WikiLeaks in today's media: Cablegate coverage

ImageRomanian Insider: New round of Wikileaks cables on Romania: energy sector, political corruption

"Several confidential documents concerning Romania have recently appeared on Wikileaks and have made headlines in the Romanian media. According to a Wikileaks cable quoted by news website Hotnews.ro, EU advisor Onno Simmons “warned that some sources have said that there is an <> between <> and the Romanian government: <>” The telegram is undated but seems to show information from 1996."

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La Jornada: Bajo la mesa, Washigton culpa a México del tráfico de armas (Under the table, Washington blames Mexico for the traffic of weapons)

"El escándalo por el plan Rápido y furioso revela el diálogo de sordos que existe entre ambos gobiernos. (The "Fast and Furious" scandal reveals the deaf dialogue between both governments.)"

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"Implementing a decision of the politburo standing committee, the Chinese government on july 22 officially announced a ban on the Falun Gong sect, declaring it an "illegal" organization. Thousands of sect members took to Beijing´s streets in demonstrations that were noteworthy for the general restraint among protesters and police alike. Few practitioners offered resistance as police corralled and loaded them onto buses. Many reportedly are being held in stadiums in western Beijing, although for now we believe these are temporary holding sites, from which protesters will soon be sent home. The regime´s strategy appears to be to seek to neutralize the falun gong by decapitating its core leadership, while refraining from repression of ordinary members. Although Beijing clearly hopes that the cult will disappear without resistance, it may have to reconsider this strategy if practitioners continue to take to the streets and gather in parks for daily exercises."

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(Image Credit: Dali Rău)

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