2011-03-26 Letter to the Editor regarding #Bahrain | 'Am Sorry but Pictures Speak Better than Words' [WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC]

Dear Editor:


People of Bahrain are asking individuals to spread the news of the massacre that happened in Bahrain last Tuesday and Wednesday 15 and 16 of March, 2011 by the Saudi army. (Everybody is suspicious of the US blessing on this!) Nobody understands this move !!! and the double standard by the Western governments!!! We house the US 5th fleet and forever it's been a British base too.

The people of Bahrain started a peaceful demonstration on 14th Feb as it was the anniversary of the Constitution of the Monarchy in Bahrain. The King promised people greater democracy on that day, and the nation had voted for him. So to symbolise this event, the demands were simple, greater democracy, stop corruption and unemployment, stop nationalising the mercenary army.

On Sunday, 13 of March 2011 - student at the University of Barharin were attacked by some minority thugs holding swords, followed by the Riot police, many were hurt including the medics who tried to help the students, hence few severely wounded by swords cut!!!! pictures speak better than words.

On Tuesday, 15th of March - They stormed over the village of Sitra, below is some evidence of this butchery, the young man in this photo is Ahmad Farhan from Al Mahizaa area in Sitra and the second photo shows him from the back for those (including the Bahrain TV ) who claimed this is an old Palestinian picture....

No words can describe this butchery........

In the picture below, it shows the opposite building "Sitra Health Center" in English and Arabic. The 5th photo is the remains of his brain left on the street.....

(I am sorry but pictures speak better) how could this be allowed? tell me Hillary, Obama and all the rulers of the world, don't you have sons and daughters, didn't this man deserved a better life or better death.

What wrong had he done to say I want the democracy that the West talk about and are teaching us at schools!!!!




And, Wednesday was a total blood bath in Pearl Roundabout. People were woken up to bombing noise and helicopters and black smoke In Manama and the surrounding villages ......

This is the remain of the monument of the Pearl Roundabout, look at the size of the army man....what ever happened here , no one came out to report....number of dead unknown ..! number of wounded again
unknown...! number of mass arrest and missing also unknown ...! as no one could go out on 15/3, 16/3, 17/3, 18/3 to theses areas, as marshal law was in place and it's still on, only for those specific areas ( Shi'ite

Pictures before and after speaks for itself.. The government demolished this huge monument to delete the evidence if the media comes in!!!



Bahrain is a tiny county in the Gulf. Not many Western countries are interested in our oil, so no one will help us except for our voice to reach the world through the Internet to force the Saudis to stop the blood bath among the Shi'ite's.

The riots in Bahrain had nothing to do with Shi'ites or Sunnis, it was basically to stop corruption and unemployment in Bahrain. We have always been the most liberated in the Gulf Shiites and Sunnies and expatriates.

Bahrain has announced Marshall law. Marshal; law by foreign forces, Saudis(They must have brought in Wahhabi's (Al Qaeda people)who want all Shi'ites Killed), Emirate's Army (which consists of mercenaries), plus it's own national forces that consists of mercenaries too, that is why they can kill with no mercy.

Kuwaitis refused to join in the killing of Bahraini's as they know from their history what's it's like to be attacked by a neighbouring country.

On Tuesday, 15 of March 2011, massacres has been happening in the Shi'ites villages or areas, they killed Bahraini's Shi'ites from air as well as on ground. Bahraini's believe that this is a plot, every time the head US Ministry of Defence comes into Bahrain, immediately after a disaster happens. Within two hours of his meeting with the government, the Saudi army enters Bahrain. British and US embassy told it's citizens to leave Bahrain ASAP.

They brutally attacked Sitra village first, and hence the photos of young Ahmad Farhan. For the last five days no one has been able to leave their houses. The main hospital is being surrounded by Saudi tanks and no wounded people can be brought in, nor the ambulances were allowed out. Only a hand full of doctors are now working in that hospital and no cameras were allowed since the invasion (sorry YouTube and Facebook people)you cannot see any live evidence anymore!!

People in the Pearl Roundabout were massacred, we can only hear things as no one could not go out of their homes and the only communication is via mobiles and Facebook. Sitra village has been attacked for two days. The number of the dead is unknown, number of injured is unknown, the number of missing is also unknown as no one has come back to report!!! as no one could go out or take photos to put in YouTube. Internet, phones and electricity are out for the Shi'ites areas. At nights when the curfew is on, people inside their homes, could hear cry for help and shooting and if one tries to get out, is faced by military men! They think a mass arrest and or killing is happening at nights!

The Bahraini's believe the Saudi army is trying to wipe all Bahraini Shi'ites from the surface of earth. Shi'ites make 70 per cent of the population, how much can they kill in one week before the news is out to tWestern people in the hope that they can put pressure on their governments to stop this bloodshed that is happening in Bahrain. (Western governments are keeping a blind eye). As they all say Bahrain has got not much in terms of the world oil. It only houses the Americans 5th fleet and it's the LA of the Gulf! People have been pleading for help from the West. Nothing happens!!

Please spread the world, we might be a tiny country, if you believe in human rights, in democracy , in my blood and your blood are the same

This is the time of the Internet...where a teen in Bahrain can talk to a teen in America, Colombia. India, Europe, Africa, Australia and all feel
the same, can talk the Facebook language.. the Teen that is not afraid of anything and can stand up and do things quickly on the Internet and has not got the old generations fear of kings and people in power!

The universe is fed up with what has been happening on earth... The fire that torched Bouazizi in Tunisia is going through the whole world not just the Middle East. People are just fed up with all the corruption that is happening openly every where in the world...Western governments (not the Western people) said a lot of things in the media when the Egyptians kicked corruption out.. now that is Bahrains time they are making it look like a religious thing. Just because the BIG OIL country - Saudi is worried about the fall of it's own monarchy.

Attached are some graphic photos, or maybe it would be best to see them on YouTube address below, this man was hit by something called shozone(I'm direct translating from Arabic as it sounds, it's internationally forbidden to use the Shozone, but in Bahrain they consider us animals and we deserve to die. ????????)

On Friday, 4 of March(some corrupt Sunnis - Al Qaeda gangster (raising the flag of Al Queda)in Hamad town with swords in their hands on the way to attack any Shi'ites houses, while people are protesting in Pearl roundabout. [LINK TO FACEBOOK PHOTO]


He just wanted a job. Peace to all.


..I cry for you Bahrain, I cry for this young man who lost his life to his country and his eyes tells the story of betrayal...

Is this fair that the democracy in Tunisia, Egypt, and Lybia, in your country is OK and you support it, but Bahrain it should be killed. They
just wanted a simple change and a peaceful one.

How many mothers are screaming on this Mother's Day, Bahrain.

Journalist Alex Delmar-Morgan of the Wall Street Journal was captured on his way to Pearl Roundabout [PICTURE BELOW]. Where is he now, does anyone know? Suddenly all the journalist have disappeared from the massacres scene, isn't that strange??????

Bahrain is full of expatriates, why aren't the journalist talking?

He was just doing his job!!


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