Stop the Massacre - Save the Libyans

Stop the Massacre - Save the Libyans

ImageTo: His Excellency Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations

The international news organizations are broadcasting atrocities that are being committed against unarmed civilians in Libya that could be considered crimes against humanity.

This country has been ruled with an iron fist for the past 42 years by the notorious regime of Muammar Gaddafi. While claiming to have a unique form of direct democracy, the regime has never tolerated any dissent, and has carried out many atrocities over the decades it has been in power oppressing its people, including public hangings, long-term imprisonments without trial, and the infamous massacre of 1270 prisoners in the Abusleem prison in Tripoli in 1996. Libya has no constitution, parliament, elections or free press. All political activities and parties are banned.

The Libyan people have risen in a wide wave of protests since February 15th that are turning into a bloodbath due to the vicious repression of these protests that the rulers of Libya have unleashed on its citizens. Hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries are being reported, with graphic evidence posted all over the Internet. This has got to stop. Nobody believes the denials and feeble excuses of the Libyan government's representatives.

We demand that all free world governments and international organizations take immediate action to:

• Condemn all military actions against civilians all over Libya, and demand that the Libyan regime immediately stop all such actions and stop repression of any free peaceful protests
• Demand that the Libyan rulers allow international media and international humanitarian organizations free, unhindered and safe access to all parts of the country
• Demand that the Libyan government resume provision of food, medicines and medical supplies and permit the delivery of such supplies as humanitarian aid to the eastern region of Libya through all border points and airports
• Immediately put in place an embargo on export of any materiel or equipment of any military or security nature to Libya to limit loss of life and casualties
• Conduct an International inquiry into recent events and hold all responsible to international Justice.

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