Act Now to Stop Mubarak's Thugs From Killing More!

Act Now to Stop Mubarak's Thugs From Killing More!

WL Central's clayclai outlines on the following terms a campaign to bring a halt to anti-protest state violence in Egypt:

‘The chant is يسقط يسقط حسني مبارك – Tell the world he is killing us’

As the Sun rises in Cairo on the tenth day of the Egyptian uprising, the protesters opposed to the government of Hosni Mubarak still hold Tahrir Liberation Square. They still hold it in spite of a night of horrific violence by pro-Mubarak thugs that attacked the peaceful protesters with machine guns, other guns and fire bombs. Overwhelming evidence is already mounting that this murderous gang was composed of police in plain clothes, NDP functionaries and loyalist and hired thugs. The army, which in previous days made sure all the protesters that entered the square were unarmed, stood by and did nothing while the assault took place.

The goal of the thugs was to drive the protesters from the square. In this they were not successful.

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