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Current time and date in Tehran:

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MONDAY, February 28

  • Reports of shouts of 'Allah Akbar' and or 'Mir Hussain Sheikh Mahdi' or 'Mahdi' in the night. (Source: kaleme.com)
  • Mousavi and Karroubi held at Heshmatieh Prison Kaleme.com
  • Source says Mousavi & Karroubi moved repeatedly from one safe house to another to prevent their whereabouts being known. (Source: rahesabz.net)
  • Fars Reps Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani's office confirms he'll run for head of Council of Experts. (Source: Fars News)

SUNDAY, February 27

  • Karroubi's son confirms that according to a reliable eyewitness his father and mother have been moved from their residence. He also says this occurred on the same day of that there was a heavy security presence on Tehran streets and that the Minister of Intelligence appeared on state TV, Thursday, February 24. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web Site)
  • Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saanei openly attacks the regime and condemns Mousavi & Karroubi's house arrest. He also says the arrests are against the law and the Sahria. He points out that under the Shah's dictatorship, at the very least, public courts were held. (Source: Saanei.org)
  • Grand Ayatollah Asadollah Bayat-Zanjani condemns the attack on Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani. (Source: bayatzanjani.net)
  • Unconfirmed reports by eye witnesses that Karroubi is no longer in his house and the security presence no longer exists around his residence. (Source: Rahesabz.net)

SATURDAY, February 26

  • More than 200 shiraz uni students have been suspended due attending protests last Wednesday. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Opposition website calls for march in Tehran on Tuesday to protest Karroubi & Mousavi house arrests. (Source: Iran Green Voice, Other Green Web sites, and AFP)
  • Mousavi And Karroubi Moved To IRGC House-Prison Around Tehran, Says Informed Source (Source: International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran)
  • Sahamnews Video of Karroubi's message.

    The video, which was spirited from the house by Karroubi’s wife, was recorded before security forces placed the couple under house arrest, according to Sahamnews.org. (Source: News Time Africa)

    I hope that we will overcome the current problems,” said the former parliamentary speaker in a video address recorded before three separate security raids on his house and the arrest of one of his sons. ”We must remain determined on the road of our convictions, and I am certain we will succeed,” said the cleric. ”We are committed to the pact we made with the people, to establish the power of the people and Islam based on elections. And on this road, no trouble, no difficulty is too hard to bear,” he said. (Source: News Time Africa)

  • Hashemi's family under attack by Basij, shouting and cursing at Faezeh Hashemi (VIDEO) (Source: Iran Green Voice)

  • Conservative MP says Mousavi and Karroubi must speak on state TV. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Former president Khatami: Instead of keeping Mousavi & Karroubi under house arrest, they should have released political prisoners. (Source: kaleme.com)
  • Iran to take pre-emptive action against 'cyber terrorism'. (Source: Tehran Times)

    “A research center has been established in Imam Hussein University to conduct research on this subject,” Brigadier General Mohammad Hejazi told the Mehr News Agency on Saturday.

    “This research center will plan pre-emptive operations against the known centers that launch cyber attack on our facilities so that they can not take such actions against us,” he explained.

    He went on to say that Iran will take action within the framework of the relevant international regulations, but those who mount cyber attacks on Iran should not expect that Iran will not take reciprocal action against them. (Source: Tehran Times)

THURSDAY, February 24
  • Hojjatol-Islam Heydar Moslehi is the head of the Ministry of Intelligence in Iran since 2009. He gave a speech on Iranian TV today, discussing the protests, Green Movement, Information War, and Wikileaks.
  • Daughters of Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard stated in an open letter, the hardships and pain they have been been suffering in the last two weeks since their parents have been put under house arrest. There has been no information regarding their parent's well-being.

    In their letter, the daughters of Mousavi and Rahnavard stated that the last contact they had with their parents goes back to Feb. 14, 2011. Since then, they have attempted to visit their parents by going to their home and ask security forces stationed there about their situation and for information about their parent's health. Security forces not only gave them no information but the women were insulted and ignored. (Source: kaleme.com)

  • Iranian medical news agency reveals the use of new tear gas used on protesters can lead to cancer. (Source: irma.com)
  • Mousavi's advisor Amir Arjomand warns people to stay alert specially with current martial law like situation in Tehran (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Heightened security atmosphere in Tehran, Intelligence Minister set to appear on TV to speak about recent events (Source: on the ground)
  • Youth of reformist groups call for protests if Mousavi & Karroubi not released from house arrest by Monday (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Any protest to be held, will be announced through the Youth Group of Reformists through the Green Way of Hope Council. People close to Mousavi have not endorsed any other protest. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Facebook: 25Bahman page calling for protests next three Tuesdays (In order: Mousavi's Birthday, International Womens Day and Charshanbeh Soori (The Persian celebration of the last Wendesday of the Persian calendar) (Source: Facebook: 25Bahman)
  • Heavy presence of anti riot and security forces on Tehran streets (Source: Kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Video via @globalvoices

  • Shiraz University protest yesterday (Source: rahesabz.net)

WEDNESDAY, February 23

  • Senior advisors Amirarjmand & Vahedi to set date for protests against Mousavi & Karroubi's house arrests. (Source: Iran Green Voice
  • Amirhossein Tehranchi's family threatened if they talk to media about their son's death, their other son should expect the same to happen to him. (Source: rahesabz.net)
  • Parliament has found Mousavi & Karroubi to be "corruption agents on earth" and have asked Judiciary to put them on trial (Source: khabaronline.ir)
  • The youth shot dead during the Feb 20 protests is confirmed to be Amirhossien Tehranchi. His family is under severe pressure not to give out information. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • The son of Ali Younesi, who was the director of the Ministry of Intelligence and a member of the Supreme National Security Council during the presidency Mohammad Khatami, is said to be among among detained protesters. (Source: ayandenews.com)
  • Rafsanjani's head of office says, Rafsanjani will be a candidate in the upcoming election for Board of Administrators of the Council of Experts, as pro-gov contingent increasingly pressures him not to do so. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Security forces completely occupy and surveil Karroubi's residence. His children have made a public statement warning the authorities about their father's life. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Where Are Iranian Opposition Leaders Musavi, Karroubi? (Source: RFE)
  • Iran TV and radio to boost disinformation with a cyber division tasked with planting false news and fake videos on popular online platforms (Source: Spero News)
  • Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's family attacked by pro-gov plainclothes at a memorial service at the family's shrine. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Political prisoner's families thank Hossein Vahid Khorasani for his support. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • New Videos of Feb 14 in Tehran on Azadi and Enghelab Street via Video Green Blog Movement. (More videos.)

TUESDAY, February 22

  • Iran's Cyber Army Hacks VOA, US-Backed Web sites (Source: Fars News Agency)
  • Iranian authorities cancel 10 publisher's permits, including a text book publisher. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site.)

MONDAY, February 21

  • Reports children of some high ranking Revolutionary Guards arrested on 20th Feb protests.. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Several students reported to be arrested by Revolutionary Guards (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani condemns Iran's judiciary for political prisoner's jail sentences and calls them against Islam sharia. (Source: Rahesabz.net)
  • Pro regime sites are reporting Karroubi's son, Ali Karoubi has been arrested. sahamnews.net, Karroubi's Web site, has not reported the arrest. (Source: rajanews.com)
  • Iran's Supreme Leader has not said anything about the events and protests of the last few days events for the third time while speaking in public. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site, reports that 1 student was killed in Shiraz, at least 500 protesters arrested in Tehran, 150 arrested in Rasht, several students and Mousavi campaign members arrested in the last 24 hours and an attack on Karroubi's house.

SUNDAY, February 20

  • Reports new gathering start up with darkness. (Source: Iran Green Voice )
  • God is great chants from rooftops heard in Tehran. (Source: BBC)
  • Video from earlier today, Basij bikers trying to frighten people to prevent protests.

  • Video of heavy Basij presence earlier today on Valiasr St.

  • Rafsanjani's daughter arrested among protesters and released after an hour. (Source: BBC)
  • Kaleme.com reports video showing the new barrier to Mousavi's house.

  • Security forces opened fire on protesters in Hafte Tir Sqr, killing 1 protester, injuring many.(Source: rahesabz.net)
  • Witnesses claim intense clashes on the intersection of Valiasr Avenue and Mirdamad Avenue. (Source: BBC)
  • Satellite TV down in parts of Tehran. (Source: Multiple sources in Tehran.)
  • Supreme Leader Khamenei's personal website has been brought down by cyber attacks. radiokoocheh.com
  • Phone calls for Tehran from outside Iran are restricted. (Source: EA Worldview)
  • UNCONFIRMED:Tabriz University students have joined protestors. Abresan intersection is crowded. (Source: on the ground)
  • UNCONFIRMED:Heavy clashes are reported from the city of Rasht. People being savagely beaten with sticks and other weapons by thugs (Source: on the ground)
  • UNCONFIRMED: A large number of ppl moving twoards IRIB; clashing heavily with the security forces. (Source: on the ground)
  • UNCONFIRMED: Video of Iran Tehran 20 Feb 2011 Riot Police on Street Video posted here earlier was from Feb14
  • UNCONFIRMED:Protests in Mashhad, north east Iran. (Source: on the ground)
  • Gunshots heard in Abbasabad. (Source: radiokoocheh.com)
  • UNCONFIRMED: Many basijis and plain-cloth bikers are roaming in Tabriz's (Source: on the ground)
  • Marivan, another Kurdish city holds protests and clashes. (Source: BBC)
  • Pro-government motorbike riders and Basij militia moving in Tehran streets in groups trying to scare off protesters (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Iran's Fars news warns of armed anti-govt militant group in Iran planning to kill people today. (Source: Fars)
  • Phone and cell conections to Some parts of Tehran are cut off (Source: radiozamaneh.com)
  • Mahabad a Kurdish city in Western Iran holds protests and clashes. (Source: BBC)
  • Numbers injured and arrested at Enghelab St. (Source: radiokoochen.com)
  • Reports of protests in Shiraz and Isfahan. (Source: radiokoochen.com
  • Clashes reported at Enghelab St and Amirabad, Central Tehran. (Source: radiokoochen.com)
  • People gathering and chanting slogans at parkway junction, North Tehran. (Source: BBC
  • Reports of air shots at Valiasr Sq to prevent people from gathering. (Source: radiokoocheh.com)
  • Iranian officials calling on previously arrested and jailed activists for interviews to link the demonstrations occurring today to the CIA and Israel. (Source: radiozamaneh.com)
  • BBC persian reports Gmail and Gtalk being unreachable in Tehran (Source: BBC)
  • UNCONFIRMED: Tear gas used to disperse crowds outside State TV. Police fired tear gas in Tehran, Valiasr Sq. Heavy presence of anti riot police and use of tear gas at number of places. Police and protesters have clashed in Valiasr Square in Tehran. (Source: on the ground)
  • Some reports of people chanting, 'God is great.' in Valiasr street. (Source: rahesabz.net)
  • A top diplomat at the Iranian Consulate in Milan, Ahmad Maleki, has resigned in solidarity with the opposition (Source:sahamnews.net, Karroubi's Web site)
  • Unconfirmed reports on small numbers of people gathering and chanting slogans around Tehran at Haft-e-tir and Valasr Sq. also Sohravardi St. (Source: sahamnews.net, Karroubi's Web site)
  • Iranian MP, Ali Motahari says house arrest of Mousavi and Karroubi is against the law and calls for Ahmadinejad to be prosecuted. (Source: sahamnews.net,
    Karroubi's Web site)
  • Iranian Hardliner MP says Mousavi and Karroubi will be arrested, and their supporters can do nothing about it. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Reports that authorities are building fences and walls around Mousavi's residence. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Mousavi's Sr. advisor says that the demonstration will take place on Sunday. They are not cancelled. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • The Iranian government is sending out random SMS to cellphones claiming the demonstration has been canceled in the name of the Green Movement (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Unconfirmed report that 25 former and current iranian officials and their children of current and former iranian officials arrested among protesters at Feb 14th (Source: Jahannews.com)
  • Two German journalists held by Iran for more than four months were released on Saturday. (Source: The Local

SATURDAY, February 19

  • Protesters chanting, "I'll fight, I'll die, I'll take back Iran!" in Tehran on February 14

  • A source in Tehran attributes this Clash between police and multitudes to N.Eskandari Street, Tehran on Feb 14

FRIDAY, February 18

  • Mousavi completely under house arrest. Security team dismissed and all his connections are out. Anyone in attempt to visit Mousavi is detained and interrogated. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site
  • Iran's Revolutionary Guard pledges to hold fire. "Senior officers in Iran's Revolutionary Guards have written a letter to their commanding officer demanding assurances that they will not be required to open fire on anti-government demonstrators." (Source: Telegraph)

    "In a suggestion of a major split within the Islamic Republic's ruling hierarchy over its handling of anti-government protests, the letter has been circulated widely throughout the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards, the body responsible for defending religious system." (Source: Telegraph)

    "The letter, a copy of which has been seen by the Daily Telegraph, is addressed to Major Gen Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Guards' commanding officer. It calls on Major Gen Jafari to issue guidance to both the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij paramilitary militia to use restraint when handling anti-government protests." (Source: Telegraph)

  • According to the state-run Mehr news agency on Tuesday, a committee entitled “Assessing the scope of the 25 Bahman [February 14] riots” has been formed by the regime, and has met twice so far.
  • 17 ppl were arrested in Kerman on 14th Feb (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Former president Khatami supporters protest in his hometown Ardakan.(Source: Kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Karroubi's latest message from under house arrest: "Be brave and hold a public trial for us" (Source: Payvand Iran News)

    "In a message sent to Deutsche Welle via his adviser Mojtaba Vahedi, Mehdi Karroubi referred to the recent declarations by the ruling government in the aftermath of the February 14th, 2011 [25 Bahman 1389] demonstrations as "bogus" and demanded that he be put on trial "in a court similar to the infamous trials in which Khosro Golesorkhi and Mahmoud Taleghani were put on trial during the reign of the Shah of Iran." (Source: Payvand Iran News)

  • Iran has apologized for the detention of a Spanish diplomat during recent street protests in Tehran. (Source: Coffee Today & The Washington Post)

THURSDAY, February 17

  • Karroubi dares the regime to put him on public trial. (Source: sahamnews.net)
  • Cleric students at Qom, mostly Vahid Khorasani students protest against the violence on the streets.(Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Iran accuses opposition chiefs of treason. (Source: AFP)
  • Mousavi's Web site calls for protests and a 7th day mourning ceremony for those killed on Monday (Source: Kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)

    "We invite the noble Iranian nation to attend gatherings in Tehran and other cities on Sunday ... at 3:00 pm (1130 GMT) to commemorate the seventh day of martyrdom of the beloved," the Council for Coordination of the Green Movement Hope said in a statement on Kaleme.com, website of main opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi. (Source: ahram.org)

    The same statement was also posted on another website Rahesabz.net. (Source: ahram.org)

    In its Thursday statement, it said the Sunday rallies were intended to show "decisive support" to the stance taken by Mousavi and fellow opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi in "continuing on the difficult path of freedom and human dignity." (Source: ahram.org)

    It will "also show solidarity with our Kurdish countrymen in honoring the blood of these two dear Sunni and Shiite Iranians which was spilled while fighting religious tyranny." (Source: ahram.org)

  • Head of Iran's judiciary: 'Arresting Mousav i& Karroubi is not in national interest. We don't want them to become heroes.' Tells ppl to be patient. Arrests will happen eventually. (Source:Kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Student arrest reports: 16 at Sharif , 13 at Babol, 3 at Qazvin , 3 at Shahrekord, 4 at Mashahd ,1 at Beheshti , 1 at Azad Markaz, and 16 at Tehran Art (Source: Kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)

WEDNESDAY, February 16

  • Jale's brother arrested after interview with Voice of America. (Source: Iran Green Voice)

    Ghaneh Jaleh was arrested after he gave an interview to the Voice of America. Jaleh disputed the government’s assertions that his brother,Saleh Jaleh, was a member of the feared paramilitary militia, the Basij.
    Ghaneh Jaleh told the voice of America that his brother was never a member of the Basij and the ID card produced by the Iranian government was a faked document. (Source: Ground Report)

    The Iranian government insists that the deceased,Saleh Jaleh, was a member of Basij and was killed by the protesters during the Monday’s opposition rally. (Source: Ground Report)

    The opposition and the former classmates of Saleh Jaleh have denied the government’s claim and have produced photographs showing Saleh Jaleh working for and appearing with the opposition leaders. (Source: Ground Report)

  • Iran protester's death 'hijacked by regime' (Source: Guardian)
  • Hashemi reported to have ask the supreme leader to solve problems with opposition. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Brother of Iranian killed on Monday, denies Jale was a member of Basij and says his family are under severe pressure. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • The Supreme Leader talks to his visitors but does not mention opposition and yesterdays protests. Iran Green Voice suggests that this is due to him being worried about the current political situation. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Kahrizak Prison said to be reopened again, and some of those arrested yesterday are said to be kept there. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Ahmad Hakimipour, Chairman of the Reformists Coordination Council was arrested.(Source: Rahesabz.net)
  • Still no news about Mousavi's whereabouts. Pro-gov 'thugs' reported to be gathering in front of Mousavi's house. (Source: Rahesabz.net)
  • Islamic Society of Medical Sciences in Tehran Student statement: "If you harm either of the Green movement leaders, the response would be revolutionary." (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • 200 pro-gov protesters in front of Iran's judicial and revolutionary court, asking for Mousavi and Karroubi to be put on trial. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • New problems with Iran's Internet services. Problems reported include opening Gmail and Google reader, and being unable to use https for some ISPs. (Source: kaleme.comMousavi's Web site)
  • Head of the cinema group and lecturer at Tehran University of Art has been arrested with 7 students. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Mousavi whereabouts still unknown. Those closest to Mousavi doubt the message on kaleme.com on Tuesday is original.

    An open letter on Facebook by Mohammad Javaad Akbarein requests for more information about the whereabouts of Mousavi. Many suspect that the message of congratulations to protesters on their victory, posted Tuesday, was made under duress by security forces.

  • According to an report by Iran Green Voice the Supreme Leader of Iran met with members of the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij, as well as with Iran's intelligence ministry on Tuesday. Khamenei was displeased with Heydar Moslehi, head of the ministry of intelligence, and his report few months ago that concluded that the green movement was shut down.

    Khamenei is apparently aware of the slogans and chants against him by demonstrators on Monday. Khamenei denied a demand to have Mousavi and Karroubi arrested. Khamenei's son, Mojtaba was said to have given the green light to security forces to do so, but they would not have likely acted unless Khamenei agreed. (Source: Iran Green Voice)

  • 2 Senior members of Iran's Medical Doctors Association, a reformist group supporting Mousavi have been arrested. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Hundreds march through streets in a government-sanctioned funeral for Saane Zhalen, who died yesterday in violent clashes between demonstrators and police on Monday.

    According to the LA Times:

    Described by the government as the "martyr Basij," Zhaleh is said by the authorities to have been killed by government opponents when he joined Basiji militiamen to help put down the protests, which were officially prohibited by the government. The opposition says he was shot by police. State television showed marchers carrying Iranian flags and shouting slogans against opposition leaders, including "Death to Karroubi!" and "Death to Mosavi!" referring to Mehdi Karroubi and Hossein Mousavi, who were under house arrest during the demonstrations.

    25Bahman on Facebook reports Basiji miltia have attacked students at Tehran Art university and prevented them to from joining the funeral of Jale, who was shot yesterday.


    Students have announced that the martyr's funeral that the head of Sane Jaleh 9 am Wednesday in front of Art University in Tehran (Vali Asr Avenue, above the intersection of the Revolution) is held, to prevent the killers participate this martyr, and trample the blood of the Rmansh confiscate. (Source: a href="http://www.facebook.com/25bahman">25Bahman


  • Pro-Government 'thugs' attack Karubi's house. (Source: sahamnews.net Karroubi's Web site)
  • Shahrbanoo Amani, a female and former PM of Iran's Majlis has been arrested. (Source: kaleme.com Mousavi's Web site)
  • Iranian authorities have closed the courses of Atollah Vahid Khorasani and Ayatollah Zanjani Shbyry in the Grand Mosque in Qom, because the clerics held meetings with political prisoners' families. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site
  • 16 students form Sharif University have been arrested. (Source: Rahesabz.net

TUESDAY, February 15

  • The protester, who was shot, was a member of Mousavi's campaign, as well as a member of Anjoman Eslami. (Source: kaleme.com, Mousavi's Web site)
  • Ayatollah Bayat's daughter arrested and reported to be held at Evin prison. (Source: Iran Green Voice)
  • Students at Tehran and other Universities announce they will join funeral of the shot protester tomorrow. (Source: daneshjoonews.com)
  • Mousavi's whereabouts still unknown, but his Web site has statement congratulating protesters on their victory. See kaleme.com.
  • No news about Mousavi's whereabouts his daughters say (Source: Rahana.org & Rahesabz.Net)
  • Iranian MPs and head of national security commission accuses Mousavi being linked to CIA. MPs say Mousavi and Karoubi should be executed.

    "Opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi and Mirhossein Mousavi are corrupts on earth and should be tried," the state owned Irna news agency quoted MPs as saying in a statement. The statement was signed by 222 legislators out of 290. The term "corrupt on earth", according to Al Jazeera is a charge "which has been levelled at political dissidents in the past, carries the death penalty in the Islamic republic." (Source: Fars News and IRNA)

  • 1500 arrested in Tehran, officials claim, reported to be at Evin. Two university students, Sanah Jaleh and Mohamad Mokharto, were killed by gunfire. (Source: Radio Zameneh and Wall Street Journal
  • Tens of thousands of protesters were on the street on Monday, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

MONDAY, February 14

    Protesters chant death to Khameneivia TheIranReporter.

  • Iran police beat a young man via TheIranReporter.

  • Tearing Khamenei Pic via TheIranReporter

  • Many students injured at Sharif University in clashes with riot police

    Iran Green Voice reports that many students injured at Sharif University in clashes with riot police.

  • Burning Dumpsters, Night in Tehran

    Video Night in Tehran via 25Bahman Facebook Profile.

  • 12:30 pm ET Police fire tear gas at opposition rally in Tehran

    BBC reports that police "Iranian police have fired tear gas at opposition supporters participating in a rally in the centre of the capital, Tehran... A BBC producer, who was affected by the gas, said there had been severe clashes and described a scene of 'total chaos'. There were also reports of protests in the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz."

  • 12:00 pm ET Protests on Azadi Street

    via @sheydajahanbin

  • 11:30 am ET Map and video of protests in Tehran, Protesters call "Down with Dictator"

    Map of Tehran with youtube videos of today's protests and TV coverage via @AnonQC

    via @sheydajahanbin

  • 11:00 am ET Khomeini Khamenei poster being burned, Clashes out side Tehran

    Tehran Bureau reports that "Imam Hossein Square in Tehran is currently the scene of clashes between protesters and security forces. And we can confirm that a protest took place today in the city of Rasht, on the Caspian Sea coast. To this point, that makes five cities where we can confirm protests have happened: Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kermanshah, and Rasht."

  • 9:00 am ET Reports that Mousavi has broken house arrest and joined protesters

    Iran Green Voice reports of people being attacked by plain clothes police. And, reports of police wielding batons and shooting tear gas into the air have been reported by mardomak.org

    Iran Green Voice has unconfirmed reports that Mousavi has broken house arrest and joined protesters.

    @madyar reports of clashes between protesters and riot police forces near 16 Azar Ave, under College Bridge in Tehran.

    "Protestors are chanting "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein" around Enqelab sq" via @madyar


    *Photo Source: Al Arabiya attributed to today in Tehran via Tehran Bureau

    Aljazeera report at 14:15 PM EU time from Tehran:

  • 7:30 am ET Major news sites have been taken down, Streets filled with ppl, Helicopters overhead, Non-violent, UNCONFIRMED: Mousavi tries to break House Arrest

    Rah-e-Sabz and Kalemeh are reporting people in Imam Hossein Square and along Enghelab Avenue, with "several thousand" gathered around Enqhelab Square in a silent march. (Source: EAWorldView)

    We received reports from @Green_alpha and @sheydajahanbin of helicopters in the skies of Tehran. @Green_alpha shared a link to Sahamnnews.org report but additional reports have come in, and our own experience confirms that the Web site is down.

    So is kalame.com, which we have UNCONFIRMED reports via @Green_alpha had posted that Mousavi had tried to break house arrest and join the people.

    Iran Green Voice reports that there are large crowds near Azadi Square and that the situation is non-violent.

    Mardomak.org attributes this video to today in Tehran. A group of citizens near the crane near Chahar Rahe Ghasr (Ghasr Corner), where a young man has apparently climb a top, waving a green flag, and chanting, "Long live Karroubi, Long endure Mousavi." Purportedly he is the relative of someone murdered by the Iranian regime. (Source: Tehran Bureau and Mardomak)


    *Image Sourced to Mardomak

  • 6:45 am ET Ali Bagheri a member of Central Council of Islamic Revolution, Mojahedin Organization has been arrested

    Rahana.org reports that Ali Bagheri, a member of Central Council of Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization has been arrested.( via @madyar)

  • 6:30 ET Reports that Turkish president has asked for arrangements to be made to attend demonstration


    Turkish President Abdullah Gul who is visiting Tehran has apparently asked Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to make arrangements for his presence at the rally today. (Source: sahamnews.org via @JShahryar and @Green_alfa

  • 6:00 am ET Metro Stations reported to be shut down, entrances to Azadi and Enghelab Sqs are blocked

    Mardomak.org reports that Subway stations are closed in central Tehran, and witnesses say that entrances to Azadi and Enghelab Sqs are blocked.

  • 5:15 am ET More riot police presence reported

    Riot police forces present at Imam Hossein and Ferdowsi Sq, Valiasr Square and Shamran Square according to a report in rahesabz.netvia @Green_alfa (also via @JShahryar)

  • 4:30 am ET No protests yet, reports of riot police

    Saeed Ahmed of CNN reports, "About 50 riot police in bikes were headed toward Azadi Square. Another 100 are at Ferdowsi square. No protests yet." (Source: EA WorldView)

  • 4:00 am ET Reports that streets are calm, but riot police are making appearance.

    @Green_alfa and @25Bahman reports that riot police (not Basij or Revolutionary Guard Forces) are beginning to make a presence: "On Karimkhan bridge, special forces moving toward Enghelab Sq." Also reported by @Green_alf "Mottahari St filled with special forces!" @sheydajahanbin reports that "Security forces have said to shop keepers at Enqhelab sq they should close their shops at 15.00."

  • 3:15 ET Wives of Mousavi and Karroubi barred from leaving respective homes

    Mardomak.org reports that Karroubi's wife, Fatemeh Karroubi, was not allowed to leave their house today. Additionally, one of the two security cameras on his house was destroyed last night and the other was stolen by unknown assailants. Security forces are also preventing anyone from replacing the cameras.

    On Twitter there have been reports that Mrs. Mousavi was similarly barred from leaving the Mousavis' house by security forces (Source: CNN via @RAGreeneCNN)

SUNDAY, February 13

  • Visiting Turkish president invited to join demonstration by Ardeshir Amir Arjomand

    Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, spokesman for the former presidential candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, has invited the Turkish delegation, including Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, to join participate in the Monday's demonstration, according to Mousavi's official Web site kaleme.com

  • Rally with go on as planned, despite Iranian regime's refusal to grant permit
  • Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, spokesman for the former presidential candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi has stated that a co-ordination council has been formed to create a united voice for the Green movement, since both Mousavi and Karroubi have been essential cut off from communicating with the outside world, a move by the Iranian regime in response to the planned rally today.

    The council issued a statement on Mousavi's official Web site, kaleme.org, calling on protesters to march, despite the lack of regime's sanction. Amir Arjomand said:

    "We do not consider Ahmadinejad's government as legitimate, and therefore we would not wait for their permission to hold our protest. If Mousavi or Karroubi wrote to the interior minister last week at the first stage, it was meant to serve as informatory, because the interior ministry is responsible to guarantee the security and safety of people; otherwise, it was not meant to seek permission from an illegitimate government." (Source: Guardian)

    Iran's constitution permits peaceful protest.

  • The Iranian regime established a special judiciary to prosecute crimes related to media and culture on Sunday.

    The head of Iran's Government Employees Court, Abbas Zagholi, said the new judicial branch "was necessitated by the special media crimes," as reported in Khabar, a conservative publication run by backers of parliamentary Speaker and Tehran Mayor Ali Larijani. (Source: CNN)

    "'It is now much easier for people to connect with each other and, therefore, certain new crimes are being committed that cannot be overlooked," he added, according to a translation of his remarks from Khabar.'" (Source: CNN

  • Strong>U.S. State Department launched a new Farsi-language Twitter feed@USAdarFarsi.

    The first tweet reads, "US State Dept recognizes historic role of social media among Iranians. We want to join in your conversations." (Translation Source: CNN)

  • BBC Persia TV reports of "Allah Akbar" could be heard the night in Tehran.

    A video purported to be from February 13 in Tehran is reported by INN. INN says:

    "Video purportedly from last night of chants of “Allah-o-Akbar” (God is Great) and “Mar bar dictator” (Down with dictator). These chants were used during the 1979 revolution that ousted the Shah of Iran. They are a challenge to the regime’s legitimacy, which the regime wants to base on religious credentials."

  • "Iran government fear tomorrow's protests. Cell phone service, Internet and satellite is down" reported by @StopAhmadi

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