2011-01: Tweets in Jan 11

It is not acceptable the Guardian to blame us for a cable the Guardian selected and published on Dec 8

More on the Guardian Tsvangirai spin

8 mainstream media myths about WikiLeaks

Only "witness" against Bradley Manning appears to be a pathological liar

Bradley Manning's right to speedy trial violated:

Sweden subverted Parliament with secret US deal | Telegraph

Julian's Swedish case has been moved to the "terrorism" court at Belmarsh Jan 11

'My parents were executed under the espionage act: we must fight to save Julian Assange' | Rosenberg

US demands Twitter handover private user data on WikiLeaks | Guardian

Rally in Spain tomorrow:

If the Iranian govt asked for DMs of Iranian activists, State Dept would be all over this violation of "Internet freedom"

There are many WikiLeaks supporters listed in the US Twitter subpoena.

New official Julian Assange defense fund ; let us see Paypal try to close this one down too!

US govt secret subpoena for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks & supporters, full text

Note that we can assume Google & Facebook also have secret US government subpeonas. They make no comment. Did they fold?

WARNING all 637,000 @ followers are a target of US gov subpoena against Twitter, under section 2. B

Too late to unfollow; trick used is to demand the lists, dates and IPs of all who received our twitter messages.

Help us fund Twitter Subpoena legal fight!

Iceland blasts US government over Twitter subpoena

RT @: Jake, Birgitta and Rop have been given the option to object. What about the followers? Class action suit?

Why John F. Burns hated the WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs | Greenwald

WikiLeaks events & protests world wide

10 Jan 2010, 10:15 PM EST
“WikiLeaks: treat incitement seriously or expect more (cont)

Correction: date on PR should be 10 Jan 2011, 10:15 PM EST ; our apologies

"The Catholic Church shut down Galileo for a hundred years. I think we can shut down Julian Assange."

Debate! WikiLeaks: Holding a mirror to journalism (video)

approx 12,000 more following @ now than before US Gov started demanding user info.

It is time to cut the spin on Cablegate redactions

The First WikiLeaks revolution?

WikiLeaks condems US embargo move | Press Release

Bradley Manning confinement conditions case update

US Congressman Mack (R) & FOX defend WikiLeaks

Dumb smears against WikiLeaks by the Guardian and others

WikiLeaks weekend rallies in your city

NOS, RTL en NRC hebben Nederlandse WikiLeaks-cables

You could be blacklisted for buying Julian Assange's memoir:

The War on WikiLeaks -- Interview With Julian Assange bit.ly/ebRi4t

Do We Have Ahmadinejad All Wrong? | Atlantic

How The US Press Attacks WikiLeaks, Julian Assange

Swiss bank whistleblower connected to WikiLeaks faces trial Jan 19

Tunsia revolution & WikiLeaks | Daily Mail

Did WikiLeaks do what the State Department could not? Time to rethink

Tonight We Are All Tunisians | Foreign Policy Journal

The most powerful image of the protests to support WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks news update

Swiss whistleblower plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks - Israel Kept Gaza On Brink Of Economic Collapse | YT

Libya's Gaddaffi pained by Tunisian revolt, blames WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks news update; rallies around the world

WikiLeaks news update

WikiLeaks the internet and democracy (panel discussion)

Authoritarian governments have immensely benefited from the web. We agree:

Washington's latest smear against WikiLeaks presence in Sweden:

Palin & other US politicians to be prosecuted for incitement

WikiLeaks news update

Shamans stomp on Assange face, while holding US flags high. All perfectly innocent of course...

The NYTimes has got to go. It can not be repaired. It is a hopeless government shrill | FDL

Assange slams Swiss Banker arrest | Reuters

WikiLeaks' Brasilian journalist, Natalia Viana, shortlisted for Brazil Press Award 2011 |

Upload your videos on why you support WikiLeaks |

First and best (until Julian’s) WikiLeaks book published: “Enemy of state: WikiLeaks” (German) |

US officials admit no connection between Assange and Manning. | MSNBC

Swedish PM refuses to apply easy to use political veto to Assange US extradition

Assange extradition hearing scheduled for Feb 7-8, Belmash Magistrates Court, London.

US symposium on WikiLeaks (live video) |

RT @: US must end inhumane treatment of soldier Bradley Manning

Three more smears against WikiLeaks fall | Crikey

Staatsfeind WikiLeaks interview | ARD

WikiLeaks opens up South Africa | France24

US Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act: ask your senator “did you kill this bill?” |

EXCLUSIVO: Brasileiros entrevistam Julian Assange |

NYTimes does another self-serving smear.Facts wrong, top to bottom.Dark day for US journalism.

Judge Napolitano on Fox News: "KGB-like tactics being used on Bradley Manning are obscenely Un-American" |

WikiLeaks Cables Help Uncover What Made Tunisians Revolt |

Great interface for searching and analysing published cables |

No proof WikiLeaks breaking law, inquiry finds (AP) |

Submit questions for first WikiLeaks Roundtable | wikileaks.ch/Medias.html?nocache

Submit questions for first WikiLeaks Roundtable |

WikiLeaks did "more 4 Arab democracy than decades of backstage U.S. diplomacy."

Julian to Appear on CBS "60 Minutes" Sunday bit.ly/hNfGQP /via @

Manning's prison governor changed after complaint

Bradley Manning Is Not Being Treated Like Every Other Detainee - lawyer

FBI raids 40 in search of WikiLeaks anti-censorship supporters

We will soon release numerous cables on Egypt.

Biden says Assange is a "terrorist" and Mubarak is "no dictator"--and should not step down. Biden is a dangerous fool.

Egypt turns off internet after protests

Senator Kerry's secret Egypt briefing

WikiLeaks releases first batch of new Egyption cables

New cable on Egyption police brutality

Mubarak private briefing for senator Lieberman

"Welcome to Egypt, General Schwartz--here's what's really going on"

"Welcome to Washington, President Mubarack..."

Egyption cable: "Military will ensure transfer of power..."

Cable: "Mubarak's terror against writers, bloggers and journalists"

Cable: "Egypt's abuse of Emergency Laws"

Cable: "police brutality continues to be a pervasive, daily occurrence in Egypt"

Cable: "police brutality continues to be a pervasive, daily occurrence in Egypt"

Cable: "police brutality continues to be a pervasive, daily occurrence in Egypt"

Cable: "Welcome to Egypt, FBI director...here's what's going on"

Cable: "Welcome to Egypt, Admiral... here's what's going on."

Cable: "A new round of political arrests..."

Cable: "10 Yemeni children were trafficked to Egypt for organ harvesting"

Help us spread the last two days of cables into Egypt through neighboring media and sat tv.

Cable: "Shin Bet talks Gaza economics..."

Cable: "Rogue Egyptian priests feed US adoption racket"

Cable: "Hamas will accept the 1967 border with Israel"

"The Egyptian 'people blame America' now for their plight under Mubarak."

Cable: "thousands of Egyptian military officers
trained by US"

Cable: Egypt detained Christian blogger for criticizing Islam

Cable: Egypt 'displeased' with US human rights views

Egypt: "Police will round up 40 to 50 suspects and hang them by their arms from the ceiling for weeks"

Cable: "Torture and police brutality in Egypt are endemic and widespread"

Egypt - Evidence of torture and repression by Mubarak´s Police |

Egypt - Egyptian Military Succession Plans Told to US Embassy |

"The Age of WikiLeaks" first WL book in english. Order now!

An Inside Look at why the Guardian and Times campaigned against WikiLeaks | Speigel

Reports that activists are faxing WikiLeaks cables into Egypt to bypass internet blockade

Important cable: "El Baradei Returns to Cairo"

WikiLeaks news update

The New York Times vs. WikiLeaks

Yes, we may have helped Tunisia, Egypt. But let us not forget the elephant in the room: Al Jazeera + sat dishes

Assange full extradition case will start Tues Feb 7 Belmarsh Magistrates Court

US State Department shifting its stated views on Mubarack

"Omar Soliman keeps the domestic beasts at bay, and Mubarak is not one to lose sleep over his tactics."

@ is a censorship tool, just like Visa, Mastercard, Paypal. is not the only victim, it is GLOBAL

Join a New Video Project in Defense of WikiLeaks

Cable: "Presidential succession in Egypt"

Cable: "Presidential succession in Egypt"

Is Qaddafi the next to go?

US, UK double standards on WikiLeaks defenders/attackers

Bradley Manning is probably a UK citizen

Guardian names Manning as source. Sarah Tisdall mark 2. The slimiest media organization in the UK.

It should be noted, that as far as we know, neither we, nor the Guardian have any inside knowledge as to who the sources are.

NYTimes follows the administration line on Mubarak

Wikileaks' Julian Assange on CBS 60 Minutes, now (two segment, 40-minutes)

You can now txt/sms $ to WikiLeaks anywhere in the US! keep us strong!

WikiLeaks needs your help. VISA et still blocked, but can you bypass the blockade?

CBS 60 Minutes live stream on WikiLeaks

CBS 60 minutes Assange overtime video

CBS 60 minutes Assange interview part 1,2 and extras

Egypt blocks Al-Jazeera transmissions, orders bureaus shut

The Guardian Falsely Incriminate Bradley Manning

Nobel Peace prize for WikiLeaks?


Cable: "Jordan force deploymants to Afghanisan"

Cable: Jordan offered to send F16 fighter jets to Afghanistan for cash

Cable: Jordanian foreign military financing

WikiLeaks: Britain secretly advised Libya how to secure release of Lockerbie bomber

WikiLeaks: How Libya trade fears forced British ministers to back release of Lockerbie bomber

WikiLeaks: weird world of doing business with Gaddafi

BP's Russian arm looked at deals with rogue states | Telegraph

Lots of malice in the Guardian today. Not surprising. Look at who is behind them:

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