2011-01-29 Mubarak swears in new PM and VP as unrest persists

As anti-government protests persist and curfews continue to be violated by protesters, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced on Egyptian state television Saturday that he has sworn in a new vice president, former Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman; former Civil Aviation Minister Ahmed Shafik was sworn in as the new prime minister. Suleiman is the first vice president to be appointed since Mubarak assumed office. Shafik is a well-respected former Air Force officer.

Al Jazeera English Live reports that military commanders have been circulating Cairo today announcing over loudspeakers that Egyptian residents must take precautions to preserve their dignity and discourage violence and looting. Egyptian residents on the scene in Cairo report that they are feeling "unprotected" by the police, which appears to be a either too busy or unwilling to answer phone calls or make itself visible in various areas were looting and theft are taking place. A rumor is being widely circulated that the "police minister has left the country".

The relationship between troops and civilians appears to be friendly and soldiers are not interfering with demonstrations or preventing anti-Mubarak graffiti from being painted on armored vehicles and elsewhere. Protesters are relentless in their call for the resignation of Mubarak as the death toll tops 100.

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