2011-01-28 World leaders comment on events in Egypt

Amidst the on going protests / revolution, several leaders across the world have spoken out in regards to the turmoil which has over taken Egypt. The following are excerpts from the various governments' press release.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for an end to violence in Egypt. Further, calling on all parties, especially the Egyptian government to authorize peaceful demonstrations, and to allow freedom of expression.

"We expect the authorities and relevant public bodies to respect public liberties, notably freedom of expression." (Foreign Ministry)

United Kingdom
British Foreign Secretary William Hague Friday urged the Egyptian government to heed the "legitimate demands" of protesters to avoid further violence or "attempted revolution."

"We want to partner with the Egyptian people and their government. The Mubarak government should try to restrain the police and security forces as a first order of business, and to move quickly to “economic, political and social reforms." (Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton)

"Russia's position...is to stand for constitutional legal methods of settling all political disputes, through elections, but not revolution. Countries should foster democracy as it is insurance against any revolutionary plots." (Konstanin Kosachyov, head of International Affairs Committee of the Russian Parliament's lower house, the State Duma)

"Egypt is a friend of China. China is following the developments in Egypt and hopes Egypt can maintain social stability and order. China hopes
that stability will be restored soon."
(Hong Lei, Foreign Ministry spokesman)

"Canada regrets the loss of life of both protestors and police officers during political demonstrations in Egypt. We urge all parties to refrain from violence, and, in particular, we urge the Egyptian authorities to respond to these protests peacefully.

“Canada calls on all parties to remain calm and to continue to respect freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. We call on the Government of Egypt to ensure that freedom of expression is respected by, among other measures, unblocking Internet sites."

“Egypt remains an important partner for Canada, and we urge the Egyptian government to ensure full freedom of political expression for its citizens.”(Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs)

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