2011-01-20 WikiLeaks in today's media: Cablegate coverage

The Guardian: Iran has cleared major hurdle to nuclear weapons

"Tehran has 'technical ability' to make highly enriched uranium, say experts, as efforts turn to disrupting supply of other materials.

US officials believe Iran now has the "technical ability" to make highly enriched uranium, an essential step towards building a nuclear bomb, according to a leaked US diplomatic cable."

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The Guardian: US embassy cables: Botswana's forced relocation of indigenous tribespeople condemned

"Ambassador Huggins visited Botswana's western town of Ghanzi and the San/Basarwa relocation settlement of New Xade on March 10-11. Rural poverty, severe dependence on government assistance, lack of income-generating opportunities, despair among youth, and the underperformance of the parastatal Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) were identified by interlocutors as dominant issues in the district. Officials proclaimed the advantages of the relocation of the San/Basarwa out of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve into villages. NGOs emphasized the forcible aspect of the exercise and the psychological trauma and cultural disorientation it had produced. The GOB, as revealed in a subsequent meeting with the MFA PermSec, views the San as a group which, like other ethnic minorities in Botswana, should use education to move forward."

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Hispanically Speaking News: Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom Said Rigoberta Menchu is “A Fabrication”

"A diplomatic document leaked to Wikileaks and published by the whistle-blowing site says the Guatemalan President described the revered Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu as a “fabrication” of French anthropologist Elizabeth Burgos. Burgos helped author the biography “I Rigoberta Menchú,” which introduced the Nobel Prize winner known as a human rights activist to the world."

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El País: EE UU afirma que las mafias italianas ayudan al terrorismo (The US affirms the Italian Mafia helps terrorism)

"Según los cables de Wikileaks, el FBI considera que el dinero de la droga de la Ndrangheta y la Camorra financia a grupos armados en Afganistán y Colombia. El servicio exterior elaboró en 2008 un plan para ayudar a Italia a luchar contra el crimen organizado. (According with the Wikileaks cables, the FBI considers that the drug money from the organizations "la Ndrangheta" and "la Camorra" finances armed groups in Afghanistan and Colombia. The Secret Service made in 2008 a plan to help Italy against its organized crime.)"

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