The World Will Become Better.

The World Will Become Better. The World Will.

Soft as filigree,
damming as ice;
we shudder now,
when we hear "nice"

Your day at the office,
forty minutes of it we viewed.
twenty-four hours later,
your corporate masters decried,
"the footage was skewed"

As if you hadn't killed,
Children, Journalists, Dads,
leaving their ruined bodies,
suffering in the Iraqi sands.

You said, "well it's their fault"
"for bringing their kids into a battle"
Secure in the sky,
safe from the child's death rattle.

The callousness of your action,
your eagerness to kill
the slight gratification in your voice,
haunts me still.

What was done, by you and then,
reminds me of another war,
another "them"

Untermensch "they" were called,
by those solders,
who seemed
to enjoy it all.

But that was a "good" war,
as if killing isn't anything but.
they too laughed it off
making jokes not meant to cut.

And if we hold up a mirror,
to compare the past and today,
what do you see?
are there any differences in play?

I think not, and I am not alone,
2010 is nearly over,
and 2011 will come of its own.

The world will become better,
it has been decreed.
in 2011 we will see,
what peace can bring.

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