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People and web addresses:

JA - Julian Assange. Founder of WikiLeaks http://wikileaks.org

AA - One of the women accusing JA. Spokeswoman for "Broderskapsrörelsen" ("The Brotherhood Movement" which is the Christian wing of the Social Democratic Party) AA's cousin Mattias is Lt Colonel with the Swedish peace keeping forces in Afghanistan. http://ardin.se http://www.socialdemokraterna.se/broderskap

SW - The second woman accusing JA. Lives in the town of Enköping, 50 miles north west of Stockholm. Since all police reports about her are classified, the identity of this woman has not been 100% verified.

MHK - Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand, duty prosecutor in Stockholm City. Her husband works as a legal expert to Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask.

EF - Eva Finné, Chief Prosecutor.

CB - Claes Borgström. Legal representative of AA och SW.

LS - Leif Silbersky. Legal representative of JA until Sep 7.

BH - Björn Hurtig. Legal representative of JA from Sep 7.

MN - Marianne Ny. Head of the Public Prosecutor's Office; Development Unit in Gothenburg. Handles the appeal from CB.

Prosecutors office: http://www.aklagare.se (some statements regarding JA are in English).


JA is on a longer stay in Sweden for various reasons. Among other things, he will speak at a "Brotherhood" seminar. AA handles JAs invitation and is in contact with JA before the visit. It is generally believed that JA spends his first nights in AAs apartment in Stockholm. (Fri, Aug 13 - Mon, Aug 16?). Probably even Wed night, Aug 17 - Friday, Aug 19. AA is probably working outside of Stockholm some of these days.

Friday Aug 13:

During this night (or maybe during the night between Saturday and Sunday), the incident that makes AA report JA to the police, occurs.

Saturday, Aug 14:

- JA delivers his speech at the Brotherhood seminar. SW acts as a photographer during the seminar although it seems as she has not been invited as a photographer. SW manages to get invited to the lunch (with JA) held after the seminar.

- JA och SW hang out in the afternoon.

- Crayfish party in the home of AA in the evening. Participants:

Possibly: Pirate Party member 1 (The Pirate Party is a small, Swedish Political Party).
Possibly: Pirate Party member 2
Possibly journalist 1
Possibly journalist 2
Perhaps a few more people.

Monday, Aug 16:

JA travels by train with SW to Enköping and stays the night in her home. During the night or in the morning, the incident that makes SW report JA to the police, occurs.

Wednesday, Aug 18:

AA and SW - who have not met before according to their own statements - get in touch during the day (or maybe during Thu, Aug 19). Then the following happens:

Friday, Aug 20:

- During the afternoon (possibly around 2 p.m.) AA and SW enter the Klara Police Station in central Stockholm to discuss some things they say they have experienced while being with JA.
- The police officer handling the case creates one report concerning rape involving SW and one concerning molestation (which is not necessarily a sexually related crime in Sweden) involving AA..
- Rumours say that AA claims that JA intentionally broke a condom. (Later, JA denies this while being interrogated by the police).
- MHK decides to arrest JA in his absence for one count of rape and one count of sexual molestation.
- Within hours, someone leaks information about MHKs decision (including JAs name) to tabloid "Expressen".
- Against good practice, MHK confirms the story when a reporter from Expressen calls her. Her excuse seems to be that she got the impression that Expressen already knew all the details, and thus, she might just as well confirm(!).
- Within 24 hours, the story is in the media all over the world.
- The soruce/leak is still unidentified.
- Perhaps SW takes a test for some diseases.

Saturday, Aug 21:

- Chief prosecutor EF cancels the arrest warrant for JA. Says EF: "I do not believe that there is any reason so suspect him of rape". The report on molestation remains, but it is now unclear whether it is considered sexual or not.
- http://www.aklagare.se/Media/Nyheter...-sin-franvaro/

Tuesday, Aug 24:
- Attorney Claes Borgström (CB) is suggested as legal representative of AA and SW.
- Attorney Leif Silbersky (LS) is suggested as legal representative of JA.
- At http://rebellabloggen.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/Wikileakshjaltar-kan-ocksa-gora-puckade-saker/ (a blog for young feminists from the social democratic party) blogger Sara Gunnerud publishes what seems to be AAs version of what happened. It gives the impression that JA has had unsafe sex against AAs will. And that AA and SW went to the police to find out if it possible to force JA to take a test för sexually transferred diseases (STD). Sara Gunnerud also gives a negative description of JAs attitude towards women. But she gives praise to WikiLeaks.

Wendesday, Aug 25:

- EF issues a statement where she announces that a preliminary investigation concerning one count of molestation (the word "sexual" is not mentioned) will be opened.
- As to the rape charges, EF says that she does not question the information delivered by SW, but that this information is such that there is no suspicion of rape at hand. Link: http://www.aklagare.se/Media/Nyheter/Beslut-i-Assangearendet-onsdag/
- In conversation with LS, JA says that he is completely innocent both from a legal point of view and from a moral one. He also adds that he has already suffered "enormous damage" from what has occurred.

Friday, Aug 27:

- Just before Swedish authorities close their offices for the weekend, CB delivers an appeal of EFs decision. CB now requests that JA be charged with two counts of rape, one against AA and one against SW.

Sunday, Aug 29 - Tuesday, Aug 31:

- According to Swedish newspaper Resumé, the first hint to tabloid Expressen came by SMS from a source which is yet to be identified. The SMS was delivered to free lance photographer Stefan Söderström who was at the governmental residence of Harpsund for a gathering with the Swedish government. Also at Harpsund was political journalist Niklas Svensson who works for Expressen. Svensson informs Expressen reporter Diamant Salihu, who digs up more information by contacting at least one other source. Then he calls duty prosecutor MHK who, inexplicably, confirms the fact that JA is arrested in his absence.
- According to a stubborn rumour from several sources, the incident between SW and JA should be that they had unsafe sex. It is not known whether, or in which way, safe sex had been agreed upon between the parties.

Monday, Aug 30:

-JA is interrogated about the molestation charge against AA (but not about the rape charges). The charge seems to be that JA deliberately made a hole in a condom. JA denies doing so. Expressen publishes parts of the interrogation: http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/1.2118961/har-ar-forhoret-med-assange-ord-for-ord

Wednesday, Sep 1:

- The case has now been handed over to the Public Prosecutor's Office's "Development Unit" in Gothenburg, where the head of the department, Chief Prescutor Marianne Ny (MN) decides to reopen the preliminary investigation of one count of rape (against SW) and that the preliminary investigation of one count of molestation (against AA) is to be reopened and expanded to include "all events" in the police report.

Friday, Sep 3:

- SW is interrogated a second time about the alleged rape.
- MN and her assistant prosecutor go through all existing material

Monday, Sep 6:

- JA requests that his legal representative LS be replaced by attorney Björn Hurtig (BH).

Tusesday, Sep 7:

- JA is granted the switch from LS to BH.

Saturday, Sep 11:

In an interview in the legal newspaper "Dagens Juridik" (a low profile newspaper for the legal community), BH says that his client has received a very unfair treatment from the authorities and that he will surely demand compensation from the state. http://www.dagensjuridik.se/2010/09/hurtig-assange-kommer-vilja-krava-kompensation-av-staten

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