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The Passive Aggressive Political Philosophy of Domscheit-Berg

Part 4 of  interview of Daniel Domscheit-Berg , concerns Anonymous and HB Gary.

The Anonymous is Personal

There is a freedom of movement in a free field of archetype and symbol that enables both user and audience to observe without disclosure, absorb without acquisition, and create without demand for completion.

The repetition of archetypical representation uncovers both the user's and audience's collective mythologies, thereby revealing:

The anonymous is personal.

Wikileaks, Antipolitics, and the Post Modern State

Talking-point politics, taken for political discourse is delusion. It's akin to the cunning nature of chatter in the mind of a neurotic. It masquerades itself as thinking. I will not offer the reader a well-intentioned flag to die under. It's contrary to my nature to send anyone to my gallows. I believe in wisdom. Living according to my conscience is the greatest pleasure. Its orgasm is sanity. In doing (and not doing the above), I hope that I have paid respect to any reader who happens to offer this essay his or her kind and undeserved attention.

If I were asked who the most relevant and important voices in post-modern political thought are, I would say former Eastern European dissidents. I only became acquainted with them three year after the Soviet Union collapsed. I was teased that I read them like ‘self-help’ for Eastern Europe. Not being too interested with the previous generations' culture war, I remarked, “Yes. But, also for the West.” Wikileaks, to me, is simply a larger dose of the medicine that these thinkers prescribed for the individual in the post-modern state.

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