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WikiLeaks' Twitter account was opened in early 2009. The first tweet dates from Feb 11 2009. Since then, WikiLeaks has used its Twitter account as one of the primary tools of its public relations: announcing leaks, informing its supporters, and issuing statements to various authorities. The WikiLeaks timeline, as written in its tweets, charts the development of the organization since early 2009.

As such, we believe that the WikiLeaks tweet timeline is a valuable historical document in its own right. The development of many of the events that continue to define WikiLeaks can be seen in incremental detail here. It also serves as a repository of links to coverage of WikiLeaks' publications which was compiled as the situation developed. Twitter's own website does not lend itself very well to reading back along the timeline. To read the first tweet, for example, you would have to scroll down for upwards of ten minutes.

As well as this there is a tweet-cap, after which Twitter no longer keeps your earliest tweets. As WikiLeaks reached this tweet-cap sometime in January 2011, the earliest WikiLeaks tweets have now started to disappear incrementally.

To ensure against the gradual or sudden removal of parts of this historical document from the internet, we believe it is important to keep an archive of this important twitter account.

Although the issue has eased off since, there was some concern in late 2010 that, following the lead of companies instituting a banking blockade against WikiLeaks, Twitter might delete WikiLeaks' account. Against this eventuality, this archive will be available here.

To make the archive easily navigable, tweets will be divided on the basis of months, accessible below. Please note, some links contained in the tweets may no longer be accessible.

2009-02: Tweets in Feb 09

FBI intel report shows 'Dirty bomb' parts found in slain man's home in Maine. GOV wont comment.

Deutsche Bahn AG Ueberwachungsskandal - Betriebsvereinbarung IT online!

Otto Schily on El-Masri kidnapping: Secrecy promise to US more important than German law

releases 308-paged international directory of businesses close to cult

Wikileaks releases UN-confidential report on Rule of Law in Timor

UK/German firm threaten to sue Wikileaks over copyright of legal threats

Releases Bank fortune for mass-murder-police chief Arturo Acosta Chapbparo

: Slipping out of control. London Indpendent report on NATO statistics leak

was guest at 200th show, happy birthday! (german)

secret report reveals how Parliament members make millions

Releases Bank fortune for mass-murderer-police chief Arturo Acosta Chapbpafro

releases for Asterisk Non-Disclosure Agreement

releases Credit Suisse compendium on African investment for the ultra-rich

Wikileaks video of talk in Berlin (English); somewhat chaotic due to both developing flu, but a useful reference

NetzPolitik interview (audio) with investigations editor (MP3) (text)

Wikileaks releases NATO Master Propaganda Narrative for Afghanistan

GAP: United Nations is a haven for sexual abuse

Wikileaks releases ISAF-NATO Afghanistan in-theatre media/propaganda strategy

VICTORY! UN indicts Kenyan police for mass-assassinations. Today: The leak:

Nice supporting article from Wired. Please spread.

My Life in Child Porn; Stunning tell all on the operations of the commercial child porn industry (English) htt ...

Wikileaks releases European Commission Open Source Software Strategy

Clearstream et le mystérieux compte « Bank Madoff »

Jordon is a secret member of the ISAF, according to NATO doc

On monday Wikileaks will release part of "Pentagon Papers II", a 318 page RAND report into the Iraq/Afghan war. Contact us

Wikileaks cracks NATO's "Master Narrative" for Afghanistan

Wikileaks cracks encryption to key Pentagon spin doc for Afghanistan

Update: Pentagon taken the whole of offline in repsone to

Pentagon takes town entire site in respone to

Wikileaks cracks NATO's "Master Narrative" for Afghanistan (fix url)

Pentagon/NATO reacting quickly to suppress news of Master Narrative leak; please spread

Our supporters say it better than we can. Thanks!

Pentagon site still down after our editorial

2009-03: Tweets in Mar 09

Wikileaks releases classified Australian military propaganda/info ops manual

Wikileaks releases Bank Julius Baer Moonstone Trust Cayman's prosecutor's decision

First rate analysis by Roy Schestowitz of EU Commision Open Source Strategy leak

Obama Adminstration Expands DOD Budget Secrecy. Wait, what?

Update on the Pentagon "oneteam" affair, Jordon secret ISAF member--still no press reportage yet!

Homeland Security tars respected conservation groups as terrorists

WikiLeaks releases first document on Cameroon corruption

From utopia to eftopia through the social web, study on WL, Greek: English:

German police raid house over Wikileaks leaked Danish censorship list (German) ...

Correction: German police raid house over Wikileaks leaked Danish censorship list (German) ...

Wikileaks releases Major new RAND study into Iraq, Afghanistan intelligence operations

Wikileaks releases Major new RAND study into Iraq, Afghanistan intelligence operations

The Atlantic picks up Jordan-Afghanistan story

your idle computer can help us expose rights abuses. send an email to for a link


Great new Kenyan corruption book with exiled John Githongo: It's Our Turn to Eat ...

Rassismus und Missbrauch durch Bezirksinspektor Donaustadt

Swiss bank records for Brazilian Senator Tasso Ribeiro Jereissati

Current United Student Aid contracts with US government

Twitter doesn't like Rwanda report url. Try

Senator Lieberman urges access to Wikileaks CRS reports

Peru: El aprista que esconde los audios

NPR: Good appeals decision for classified AIPAC

Wikileaks depends on YOUR contribution to stay independent. Keep us strong

Help build a list of WL-related quotations for funders, all languages!

Wired: Free Congress's Secret Research Reports Lieberman Aska

Spiegalblog: BND und der SPIEGEL

Die Affäre Tauss - wie demontiert man einen Datenschützer?

UK media suppresses Phorm/BT/Webwise survey and articles

Brazilian Senator Roseana Sarney $150M hidden in Caymans Swiss Bank

Escaping the News Hall of Mirrors and murder in Iraq

Guardian does leaked RAND report

We need you! Spend 10 minutes to write down why YOU think we are indispensable and ask 5 others. Mail to

google for 'wikileaks' no-longer lists '' front page. Clues? Contact

ISAF-landen werken langs elkaar heen

Wikileaks related activists assassinated in broad daylight!!!

more on these murders soon. if you are able to assist the investigation, write to

Iraq and Afghanistan wars 'being undermined by intelligence failures' ...

Murder in Nairobi: Wikileaks related human rights lawyers assassinated

US nuke plot: The "dirty bomb" that disappeared

Raw Story follows up WL dirty bomb story

Wikileaks releases key AIG doc: Is the Risk Systemic?

Wikileaks releases stunning expose of the international child porn industry

US Air Forced exposed soliders to cancer in Iraq: Balard Burn Pit Report

Kenya: Fabricated ODM NG'OA project strategy

Wikileaks releases detainee murder in iraq case details

Dirty bomb witness in this random internet forum? Possible lead.

Wikileaks opens up UAE national press salaries

Pentagon Knowingly Exposed U.S. Soldiers To Toxic Waste: Leaked Memo

Huffington Post picks up WL dirty bomb story

Journalists agog over leak of 270 editorial salaries

Wikileaks to release list of 5k Senator Colman donors, 56k supporters/contacts and more. Stay tuned.

Wikileaks frontpages Peru Le Monde Diplomatique

Wikileaks front pages Handelsblad

Senator Coleman lies, trying to blame leak on hackers, after private Wikileaks notification to supporters.

Coleman spinning. Wikileaks will release PR shortly.

Wikileaks releases the Big Bad Database of Senator Norm Coleman

Good Coleman followup by Politics in Minnesota

Coleman willburn for trying to blame hackers for his leaking of database on Jan 28. Compare and http://tinyurl ...

last link cutoff, repeat:

Guardian follows up leak of editorial staff salaries

Coleman clarification: WL released the last 4 digits, but the coleman database has the full credit card/data/security numbers of donors.

Askadria will talk about the Norm Coleman database live at 3.30pm

Minnesota Independent has a collection of hilarious feedback on Coleman leak

Senator Coleman Campaign also violated 325E.64 Subd(b) "security code rention prohibited"

Video on Norm Coleman data leak from one of the origial sources

Great followup on pentagon toxic waste leak by Duluth Tribune

Great analysis of Coleman leak by University of Minnesota

Media begin to counter cleam that Coleman site was 'hacked'

Coleman Campaign release hilarious "lie through gritted teeth" FAQ

Coleman Campaign release hilarious "lie through gritted teeth" FAQ

Wikileaks releases response to denials

Coleman's Compromised Donors: Where they come from. Statistical analysis.

Great two minute video explaining Coleman leak by the "Evil Coleman hacker girl" who did it!

Dutch Parliament: Publiekprivate bestrijding van kinderporno op internet

Coleman website dropped promise not to store credit cards from privacy policy:

German Interior Ministry leak on internet spying and censorship Feb 2009

Wikileaks censored by UAE government. Anyone who can test this more. Contact

Wikileaks censored in Finland? Finish, please test this url

Complaint over Senator Norm Coleman to MN Attorney General

Detainee murders in iraq: Investigation Findings and Recommendations:

Wikileaks US "dirty bomb" story hits msnbc show

msnbc TV picks up leaked anti-union/Norm Coleman tape the call:

Wikileaks to release Panamian database of 600,000 shell companies. #1 smuggling jurisdiction. contact us for more info

Missouri police intel: The Modern Militia Movement, 20 Feb 2009

Obama declares proposed IP treaty a "national security" secret to avoid sunlight

Wikileaks reveals Senator Norm Coleman's political machine

Uni of MN breaks down Coleman leak into employment types:

EU Trade internal brief on hiding info from Access to Documents requests

CNET has more on "national security" copyright treaty refusal

US forces in Korea transformation timetable: (Eng) (Kor)

Wikileaks releases report on rapes and assults on Peace Corps volunteers

Donation reminder! Keep us strong and politically independent. Your support is vital!

Why Wikileaks must be supported, argument from democratic left :

Why Wikileaks must be supported, argument from democratic left:

IDG newswire follows up "national security" withheld Obama admin treaty text

New York Times picks up Coleman leak

Durchsuchungsbeschluss Blog wegen Verlinkung auf Schutzalter und anwaltliche Reaktion

Volksbank Stammkundenvertrag: Entbindung vom Bankgeheimnis

Conservative OPCCA workshop on how-to takeover student governments, full details,

Patents Being Abused To Put Your Life In Danger

MSNBC interview with "Coleman hacker girl"

NPR on On The Media throws Wikileaks some curve balls:

Missouri report on militias, terrorists draws criticism

Tory student groups hijack democracy on Ontario campuses

US anti-abortion site censored by Australian government

Australia secretly censors Wikileaks press release about Danish censorship

Great australian government radio briefing on proposed mandatory censorship plan

Freepress, McCleans pick up WL Canadian Progressive Conservative party expose and http://ryersonf ...

UK/Malta Wikileaks releases Frazer Eagle group scam investment plans

Electronic Frontiers Australia press release on Wikileaks censorship:

Scientology cult spokesman Tommy Davis comfirms secret UFO theology

Australian Labor goverment to Blacklist Anti-Corruption Site

New Scientist self-censors whole article "How to spot a hidden religious agenda" over legal threat

This week is International Sunshine (transparency) Week! Start the week by donating to WL (Sunshine Press!)

Obama's "enemy combatant" policy: followig a familiar pattern

EFF lawyer: Wikileaks, IT pro in no danger over Coleman leak

Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan

The Mother of All Media Leaks

Courage is Contageous: Barclays bank whistleblower steps forward following WL Guardian article on Baer:

Banned hyperliks could cost you $11,000 a day

(fix link) Banned hyperlinks fcould cost you $11,000 a day

Coleman database: Lots and lots of Jewish names

Guardian censored: Barclays Bank tax avoidance leaked memos

Australian journalists please contact for an important scoop

Wikileaks will present a robust response to Australian government censorship attempts. Stay tuned.

Accessible youtube overview of Wikileaks censorship

Is google censoring Wikileaks? " used to be #1 position

There is no bigger issue than net censorship

|organization=Oscar Foundation

Letter from the grave: assassinated Oscar Foundation letter to Minister for Internal Security, Kenya

Assassinated Oscar Foundation final report on police killings in Kenya: The Veil of Impunity

Students call on Harper and Tory to disclose how much party funding was used to undermine students' unions ...

Wikileaks releases secret Norwegian internet censorship list - 3518 domains

Leaked lists of Norm Colemann's donors part of Wikileaks' mission of reforming world governments

Wikileaks discovers a mysterious Bank Madoff account (english) (french)

Wikileaks releases Australian government secret ACMA censorship list

Excellet background article on the ACMA censorship system

Wikileaks network back. Downtime was due to a deluge of traffic and attacks over the Aus + Norway censorship lists. We need more resourc ...

Senator Conroy is spinning over ACMA leak. We will shortly provide proof that the list list as used in practice.

correction: ...that the list is the ACMA list as used in practice last year.

Wikileaks to Conroy: Go after our source and we will go after you

Wikileaks to release full March 18 Australian "ACMA" secret censorship list in 4-8 hours.

Wikileaks: Australian government secret ACMA internet censorship blacklist, 18 Mar 2009

Dentist confirmed as being on Australian censorship list

Wikileaks is down due to high traffic, hardware failures and weekend unavailabilities. Nothing is lost, nothing got censored.

We will be back latest on Monday. Stay tuned, will keep you posted and please donate via to help us in the future!

Please also see an on-going threat on reddit:

Correction: Please also see an on-going threaD on reddit:

Global interest in censorship issues floods wikileaks: and

Wikileaks Swedish IP appears on Australia 11 March censorship list, see link from

Logging road expansion plans for Algonquin Proviancial Park, Ontario, Mar 2009

City of Sydney Council proposal for state wide retrospective 3am alcohol lockout, 20 Mar 2009

Partial list of films banned in Lebanon

Republican Coleman's donors are 4 Jewish

It certainly looks like the ACMA blacklist, eh Senator Conroy?

Blood and Honour Neo-Nazi network messages and passwords

US trade agency pleges to review its transparency over ACTA

"Gefahr im Verzug"-Hausdurchsuchung bei Domaininhaber wegen Internet-Zensurlisten - stay tuned

Police raid home of domain owner over censorship lists - stay tuned

Guardian crowdsources witnesses for Wikileaks/Barclays censorship case AND ...

Cut off guardian editor message from last tweet:

WikiLeaks Pressemitteilung zur Hausdurchsuchung:

WikiLeaks Press Release on raid of German domain owner:

Updates on the domain owner raid (dt), (en)

Australian gov admits Wikileaks censorship lists probably accurate afterall

News and blog reports related to WL can be seen at in real time

Alternative for Associated Press story in last tweet, re Conroy lie

CBC Radio Oe cesored report on Canadian Conservative front groups

Anti-Syrian states fund nearly all of the $62M PA Rafik Hariri Lebanon assassination tribunal,

Readers may be interested in our previous legal dispute with the German government:

German cops raid Wikileaks after Internet blacklist posted

UK House of Lords told Barclays docs available on Wikileaks

That means al UK journos can report under parliamentry privillege!

ABC TV program on Australia censorship lists

Time: A Blacklist for Websites in Australia Backfires

Der Spiegal: Germany's Keystone Kinder Kops raid Wikileaks

US Army Intel brief on Afghani insurgent groups/ISI/Iran arms smuggling

Corruption investigation report for Joao Cancio, Minister for Education, Timor Leste, 23 Feb 2009

Wikileaks releases final draft of new US Army Inteligence manual

NYTimes: Wikileaks and the Guardian v. Barclays censorship attempts

Wikileaks, Hausdurchsuchungen und Internetzensur:

Western internet censorship: beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

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Our primary servers are back online:

Gulli: Stellungnahme zu Netzperren

BMWI Entwurf BKA Internet Sperrgesetz unter:

Australian SBS TV currently playing Insight program on Internet censorship/blacklists leaks

Zeit: Six degrees of censorship: German judges criminalize links to links to links to...

Can you help us find a link path from Kevin Bacon to Wikileaks?

Six degrees of censorship: From Kevin Bacon to Wikileaks in four steps

(fix url) Six degrees of censorship: From Kevin Bacon to Wikileaks in four steps

2009-04: Tweets in Apr 09

Kenyan assassinations: slain human rights lawyer Oscar Kingara to International Criminal Court indicting President ...

Kenyan assassinations: slain human rights lawyer to UN indicting President ...

problems with assassinations url in last two tweets. will repost later

Stroud District Council, UK burns 3M in failed investment against advice ...

Militares de Colombia: FARC Operacion HELIO, SECRETO, 13 Oct 2006 ...

WL-related assassination: Slain laywer to International Criminal Court letter 1 Jan 2009

lots of new leaks whos urls have been eaten by twiter, see "latest leaks"

The secret G7 copyright trade agreement: ACTA consultation report ...

Defense contractor suspended over neo-Nazi link

Defense contractor suspended over neo-Nazi link

more on Blood and Honour Neo-Nazis, including photos

Leaked report into torture and abuse against 14 prisoners held by the CIA

WikiLeaks releases new sensitive TSA airport ID scheme

German police guide for NATO summit 2009 released

Wikileaks releases US passport application processing manual

Wikileaks releases NSW WorkCover insurer contracts

UK Army member of Neo Nazi group Blood and Honour?, appears to be Sgt. John Bewell see also ...

domain seized. Wikileaks has not been contacted. We are investigating. The new due process in Germany?

Wikileaks Germany unannounced domain name seizure, more

Wikileaks releases comprehensive domestic/int terrorism threat assessment for 2009

Deutsche Wikileaks Domain ohne Vorwarnung gesperrt

Breaking: Germany muzzles WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has obtained the latest "ACTA" international trade agreement draft. Stay tuned.

Got a german domain? Point domain or subdomain to and become part of a union too big to censor!

Wikileaks official donation page updated:

German activists start mass Wikileaks solidarity campaign, pointing domains to Wikileaks. See next tweet for more

Handelsblatt: "Experten greifen von der Leyen an"


What's the world saying about WikLeaks? See

Please post all German-registered Wikileaks alternative names to - we're losing track!

Defence contractor suspended over Nazi link reader video:

correction to previous video url:

Wikileaks releases classified ACTA international trade agreement drafts

@ the ACTA document is large, you will need to "save to disk" or be patient.

Secret US, EU, Japan, Aus, Can intellectual property trade agreement leaked

DENIC states was cancelled by domain registrar, stay tuned for detail

Have you contributed to WikiLeaks? Keep us strong this Easter:

ACTA secret copyright/patent/trademark treaty leak now typed up. The treaty criminalizes a wide range of activities ...

ACTA secret copyright/patent/trademark treaty leak now typed up. Criminalizes a wide range of activities

Short update on issues: more open questions remaining, situation is still unclear. We will update once we have all information.

Kurzes Update zu es gibt noch offene Fragen und die Situation ist weiter unklar. Ein ausfuehrliches Updates folgt sobald a ... domain cancellation is related to BND articles in Dec; specific timing possibly recent events

possibly a case of anticipatory obedience by registrar

will give details in 204 hours. stay tuned

that's 2-4 hours.

Sorry; that's 2-4 hours, not 204.

Details zur Stilllegung

Details behind the domain takedown

US Rightwing Extremism: Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization

Fix: US Rightwing Extremism: Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization Sponsor Theodor Reppe schlaegt zurueck: sponsor Theodor Reppe strikes back (google translation): Gulli-news English interview with Theodor Reppe

Video of police savagely batoning woman at G20 funeral

More videos of G20 police violence at Guardian collection

4 new CIA torture memos confirm SERE leaks

Help compile a list of uncensored DNS servers for a Germany post April 17th:

Helft uns eine Liste von unzensierten DNS Servern fuer Deutschland nach dem 17. April zusammenzustellen:

Befreie Dich von Zensur in Deutschland! Unzensierte DNS Server und Konfigurationsguides unter

Afghanistan Order of Battle, 2007

University of St. Thomas faculty email war

US Army: Tactics in Counterinsurgency, March 2009

WikiLeaks: Youtube video on how to upload confidential documents (by reader. Can you do better?)

WikiLeaks: Youtube video on how to upload leaks or censored documents (fix)

DPA correction to story on WL/Steve Jobs

Unexpected maintenance, sorry for not announcing earlier. We will be back shortly. Consider contributing so we can enhance infrastructure.

Maintenance over, WikiLeaks is available again. Anyone still experiencing issues please let us know.

Aktuelle Fassung des geplanten Zensurgesetzes veroeffentlicht unter:

US in Iraq: Detainee Aspects of Transition, 19 Feb 2009

US forces used almost 20,000 rounds of "non-lethal" ammo/CS gas on Iraqis in 2008

correct to last tweet: 2007-2008

We warned you: First Belgium use of "anti-child-porn" system is to censor list of convicted pedophiles

Battle over global "anti-counterfeit" treaty

Transcendental Meditation sect Governor Policies

Full Inquiry into the Treatment of Detainees in US Custody, 20 Nov 2008

Ermittlungsverfahren wegen Metallica Upload zu Rapidshare

US Space and Naval Warfare Pacific Missile Range Facility base security analysis

Homeland Security: Hamas' US Network

US $547M Ghana grant contract, Sep 2007

US $295M Georgia foreign aid grant tax waiver, 24 Mar 2006

Great article about WL: Got all but Steve Jobs correct, without even asking us. Rare occurrence of accuracy.

WikiLeaks Paypal/VISA/etc. donation system complete! Have you you contributed? See

@: Koenntest Du den einscannen und uns per Mail schicken? Wir haetten gerne eine Kopie der Druckausgabe. Danke!

Please edit to make it accurate/broader e.g with and other sources

Australian Internet censorship:

German anti-censorship activists should adopt this!

No panic, Wikileaks has some caching issues. Will be fixed shortly.

East Timorese go begging as World Bank advisers rake it in

Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) Student Leader handbook

US Marine Corps Intelligence Exploitation of Enemy Material, 2006

Network issues at PRQ. We will be back shortly.

2009-05: Tweets in May 09

Obama's Chilling Crew: The legal harassment of those investigating Tony Rezko

Obama's Chilling Crew: The legal harassment of those investigating Tony Rezko

RAND: US pandemic influenza surveillance gaps: DoD Serum Respository & Defense Medical Surveillance

Tear down the wall: China's search censorship keywords, policies and blacklists

Chinese censorship keywords, policies leaked

2009 CIA OSC translation of secret Israeli database shows full extent of illegal settlements

Infrastructure maintenance, we will be back shortly. Please consider contributing so we can deploy more redunancy.

Hacker ransoms eight million patient records

US Army Police Concept includes tricks to spy on Anti-War protesters:

NASA exploration systems architecture details - To the moon and beyond

BKA verweigert Einsicht in Zensurverträge: gefährde öffentliche Sicherheit und geistiges Eigentum

Routing issues with PRQ - we will be back shortly.

Bilderberg Group history and meeting reports for various years released:

Roll Call follows up on WikiLeaks CRS mass leak:

British Waterways executive bonus pay-offs for 2008/2009 released:

Release of hidden 2006 report on culture and leadership in Nottingham City Council:

Nottingham City Council "culture and leadership" concealed report

British Waterways executive bonus payoffs

Brasil finance paper follows up on Bank Julius Baer documents with Swiss "bomb man" Rudolf Elmer

FBI called in to find WikiLeaks' Congressional deep-throat

The Australian is doing a WL special. If we've helped you, tell +61292883636 (Richard Guilliattr) about it.

is doing a WL special. Support us for some interesting reason? Tell (skype: dbkushner) all about it.

US Army media brief for rape and murder of 14 year old Iraqi girl and family by 101st soldiers

Another secret Chinese censorship list revealed: China Center TeleVision

Should we use for twitter-lead donations? Let us know.

US Army Detainee Death Reporting Procedure

Texas GOP contender bankruptcy record

African Union Sudan Ceasefire Violation report: SLA attack on GOP convoy, 31 Jan 2005

US Marines Aircraft Control Tactical SOP, 2002

Over 700 Crysler Dodge Jeep dealers to be abandoned, full details,

Wikileaks requests nominations for 2009's Most Wanted Leak

Swedish EU-Data Retention draft leaked

Anyone in Chicago or visiting Uni Illinois? Please contact us for a small scanning mission.

Another wl-related draft paper - interesting, although contains several inaccuracies.

Canadian Conservative Stephen Harper party stump instructions to backbench leaked

US denies incendiary weapons use in Afghanistan

Everything Secret Degenerates: FBI use of murderers, internal version, 2004

Guantanamo goons still terrorizing detainees

Shillings claims to have acted for Baer against WL (they lost)

Australian Senate questions government on ACMA censorship and WikiLeaks

Secret Italian vs. world internet access speeds government "caio report" leaked:

April 2009 ISAF report shows alarming statistics on war in Afghanistan

CIA logbook of Congressional member torture briefings from 2009:

US Centers for Disease Control: Swine flu Directors Briefing, 14 May 2009:

Credit card company Discover Network Dispute Rules Manual

Google Street View, Immersive Media and the Canadian Privacy Commission, internal docs, 2006-2007

US CDC Swine flu Director's Update Brief, Day of Long Range Workforce Planning, 19 May 2009

Help WikiLeaks find the world's most suppressed information. Nominate!

@ states CDC is investigating recent swine flu leaks. Do you have more details @?

Leak reveals Swine-flu/H1N1 vaccine "proving much tougher than expected"

Rocky Mountain Labortory Special Council biosafety report, 16 May 2006

New York Brooklyn Slippery Slope SARS full scale bioagent exercise, 2005

Minnesota Laboratory System: Swine flu testing safety, 25 Apr 2009

US DHS: National Bio and Agro-defense Facility Site Selection to include Plumb Island, New York, Nov 2008

Aussie gov admits less than 32% of secret censorship list relates to child porn

Gov sicks feds onto WikiLeaks over censorship lists, Senate told

WikiLeaks wins prestigious Prix Ars Electronica award (5k EUR) for Digital Communities

(fix url) Aus gov admits less than 32% of secret censorship list relates to child porn

(fix url) Aus gov sicks feds onto WikiLeaks over censorship list, Senate told

Credit for breaking Watergate must mostly go to the FBI, not the Washington post

Aus/UK: Secret censorship list pulls plug on Euthanasia debate

Australian mandatory internet filter could become voluntary

Australian mandatory internet filter looks to become voluntary following WikiLeaks exposures

Fuer alle deutschen User: Heute 19:20 Kulturzeit auf 3sat zum Thema Demokratie im Internet feat. WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks wins Ars Electronica Digital Communities prize!

Ab ca 18:00 volles WikiLeaks interview auf 3sat Kulturzeit @

WikiLeaks favorite for Amnesty International New Media Award. Ceremony June 2, London

WikiLeaks talking at Germany's premier investigative journo conf, June 5, Hamburg (flyer)

WikiLeaks Germany Die Zensur im Netz, interviews,

Hazbollah did it: Der Spiegel and the Rafic Hariri assassination doesn't appear to like deep links. Simply goto and search for "WikiLeaks" to see the videos

Bilderberg meeting reports1980 and 1958 text versions now complete,

Le Monde: Les censeurs du Net

CIA may be illegally harvesting billions of records from facebook etc. Investigate, BigData. See paragraph 6.

2009-06: Tweets in Jun 09

Exposé Heike Seise, Jena Fight Club, Schild Security und rechte Gruppen im Kommunalwahlkampf

Documents expose influence of US lobbies on EU workgroup on Open Source

WikiLeaks back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Consider supporting us so we can enhance the network.

WikiLeaks at London Amnesty International awards tonight. Wish us luck for the "new media" category!

WikiLeaks won the Amnesty International New Media Award. Thanks to AI, our supporters and most of all our sources!

WikiLeaks wins Amnesty International 2009 New Media Award (article)

Major Internet chokes and some technical issues on our end. We are working on it.

Google lawyer, Nicole Wong, says that repressive using Australia censorship plans

Censorship keywords used by the Chinese 'Green Dam' system against the Falun Gong

Analysis of the 'Green Dam' censorship regime due to be imposed on China, come July 1

Zensierter Spiegel-Artikel zur Telekom und deren Bestechung von Politikern:

An analysis of the Green Dam Chinese Censorware system

Leaked:13 high level Swine Flu Center for Disease control briefings:

Difficult to get Western media attention on Kenyan killings and disappearances, says WikiLeaks editor

Texans sue over Iraq burn pit pollution, law makers hold press conf

US Army "StratComm" targets members of Congress to keep tax dollars flowing.

US military targets Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Congress to keep tax dollars flowing

Kenyan government must act urgently to end impunity and bring about essential reforms

US suppressed groundbreaking WHO cocaine report for 13 years

Chinese State media Xinhua pumps Australian Internet censorship education/marketing plan

Von Zensur und der Gesellschaft:

New BBC doco: The Death of Kiss and Tell, video online now

Warning, "projectwhistleblower" is a scam word-for-word WL copy site with no src protection, pos UK mil-related

@ in priv they claim to be former UK special forces; our current speculation is that they're trying to set up a private intel biz

Has the Daily Telegraph (UK) failed by keeping its massive MP expenses leak data from the public?

China backs down over controversial Green Dam censorship software

The Dawning of Internet Censorship in Germany

Switzerland: A parasite feeding on the developing world?

News Challenge winners announced. WikiLeaks, which made it to the final shortlist, not represented. Compare.

Why lawyers are not enough: EFF drops ACTA "states secret" lawsuit

The Coming Age of Internet Censorship

The coming age of internet censorship:

Air France flight AF447 ACARS summary report

US-Canadian classified cable on Abousfian Abdelrazik, currently exiled in the Sudan

WikiLeaks releases 200 page District of Colombia Grand Lodge Master Mason Cipher book

Indian Ministry of Finance report on how to dilute environmental impact assessment standards

CRS memo for senator on proposed legislation on SEC rule 151A

Phorm/Webwise advertising interception system being pushed by UK brokerage with crazed BUY coverage

Von der Einfuehrung eines Gesetzes wider Herz und Verstand

Zensor: Von der Einfuehrung eines Gesetzes wider Herz und Verstand

US military base changes for Europe: community interactions, Wiessbaden in Germany to be new HQ

Secret new MI5 "north" operations center street address revealed

Hiding Africa's Looted Funds: The Silence of Western Media

internal emails show UK MoD panicked over intel leaks and told BT to block WikiLeaks. contact for an exclusive

Canada-US-Sudan: Waiting for Abousfian

WikiLeaks names 287 sites on secret Italian internet censorship list

Incredible riot scenes from China. How many previously happened but were not recorded?

Riot police flee protesters in this amazing video of the Chinese Shishou riots

Exploit code for China's "Green Dam" censorship software.

Exploit code for China's "Green Dam" Censorship system; permits remote control of any Chinese PC

Great backgrounder on Iran (video)

EU officials warned to be careful about email content

EU officials taught how to hide liaisons with corporate lobbyists

Kenyan Parliamentary death threat implicates President in extra-judicial assassinations over

CDU Wahlprogramm inkl. 3-strike Regelung gegen Raubkopierer:

WikiLeaks releases classified EU-India Free Trade Agreement draft. IP/drugs/many industries affected

Bizarre California cult tries to stop WikiLeaks expose spreading

More on the Fellowship of Friends cult trying to suppress WikiLeaks exposure (video)

Reminder about covert us-israeli media operations in Iran.

Guardian: UK Ministry of Defence blocks WikiLeaks

Ministry of Defence emails request BT block WikiLeaks (internal emails)

UK charity executives get into MP "job with benefits" act: secret report

Australia now plans to use prospective censorship system to ban video games

Know any Symbian phone programmers? Please have them contact us.

WL has a prototype for a safe, completely unblockable encrypted "twitter", ideal for Iran, China, etc. We seek urgent completion funding.

@ our uncensorable "twitter" is built on an encrypted, stateless, firewall punching, udp grey floodnet with cover

Air France knew about air bus problems since September 2008. We will release reports soon. Contact us for an exclusive.

The most wanted leak for 2009? 1000 EUR prize. Nominations still open.

The most wanted leak of 2009? Nominations still open.1000 EUR prize See the list so far

What Air France knew:

Honduran coup: Secret Special Forces brief to Congressman reveals 21 Latin American missions

US Navy nuke sub brief showing covert Special Forces deployments from converted missile tubes

New Yorker has a good follow up of US murder of detainees in Iraq. WL: NY:

2009-07: Tweets in Jul 09

Legal description of the Hondurian coup

Special Agent email on warrantless searches: MySpace IPs handed over within 20 minutes.

UK bans yet another book.

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WikiLeaks Keynote at : History is the only guidebook civilization has, but who's the publisher?

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State Department Grant for News Website Targeting Iran

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WikiLeaks suffering from some dying hardware, in time for the weekend. We will be back soon as possible. Please contribute for WikiLeaks 1.0

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We are back online. Please contribute to Release 1.0 so we can avoid downtimes in the future!

In Goa we trust: The rape and murder of British school girl Scarlett Keeling

German emergency services system TETRA technical briefing

We have obtained hundreds of files from inside the secretive Transcendental Meditation sect. Contact us to help format these for release.

We are told that is blocked in Iran, can someone confirm this?

Confirmed. " is being blocked by Iran according to six different testing points inside Iran.

We want the Iranian censorship lists. If you have skills to assist come to

See also if your browser has problems with the secure web-chat

Add notes about Iranian censorship of WikiLeaks here:

Great WikiLeaks-related interview from Gulli

In Goa we trust: the murder-coverup of British school girl Scarlett Keeling, photos and case files

@ we are touched, but what event?

Article on WikiLeaks in today's Guardian. Good, but could do without the tabloid angle.

Huge WikiLeaks expose on Transcendental Meditation sect/David Lynch: more:

Good followup on AT&T, Yahoo, MySpace and warrantless searches

UK charity goes after WikiLeaks to suppress corruption report

After campains by activists and many WikiLeaks, British Telecom drops Phorm advertising-spy system

Academic freedom in the UK is a joke: paper pulled

Vice-Chancellors need 'intelligence network' to head off faculty revolution says VC

Deutsche Bahn: Richtlinie "Vorsorgliche Evakuierung mit Securitybezug"

Please introduce your followers to us via or try our fortnightly mailinglist

Revealed - the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to hide

CERAC Investigadores Colombia FARC, May 2009

US FEMA Operation Winter Storm Disaster Community Relations Field Reports

Multi-national Barnes and Noble anti-union administration manuals

25 interviews with between Saddam Hussein and FBI interrogators declassified

Iran to publish detailed report on election allegations

Propaganda display to be used for the 60th celeb of Chinese Communist Party rule on Oct 1, 2009

???? ?? "wikileaks????????????????????????????????

Probed UK charity failes to file reports (the leak: )

US Web site operator liable for encouraging third-party publication of illicit content.

Stephen Conroy receives Internet Villain award for promoting censorship system:

UK phone hacking scandal: The News of the World didn't go far enough. Release the tapes!

Why you can't trust anyone but WikiLeaks: Compare: with

@ the difference is we do 'scientific journalism'. Everything is "recreatable", because we always release the primary sources.

Net filtering a $33M waste; child groups (the australian)

RT @ Save the Children Australien und andere Kinderhilfswerke gegen Internetsperren

Extrajudicial killings in Colombia, CERAC summaries complete and

UK Telegraph picks up charity corruption leak: WL: Telegraph:

Hoover institute goes all the way with Obama on support for "targeted killings" (assassinations)

World's Most Wanted Leaks of 2009 nominations so far - closes August 1.

Scientology Class V Org contract released: details repressive agreements Org members sign up for

We are looking for translation help with Iranian docs. Please help us find reliable people! Contact

Week ago, source in Iran gave WL a report of a nuclear accident at Natanz. Now Iran's nuke head resigns-no reason. Anyone know more?

Fnordfunk 041 mit WikiLeaks zum Thema "Zensiert!": (via @)

Censorship in the Internet Age (now online)

Serious nuclear accident may lay behind Iranian nuke chief's mystery resignation

Iran blocks WikiLeaks

oops. date on Iran nuclear accident, should be today. Thanks. Fixed:

US debt consolidators scam financial crisis victims: hundreds of complaints to Federal Trade Commission

Great article by on It's Our Turn to Eat, suppressed Kenyan corruption expose

US-EU-WTO removed interim agreement for the importation of hormone beef

UK charity cronyism claims to be kept secret WL:

Freedom of Info' UK requests for WikiLeaks other countries should adopt!

Iranian security force recordings (9 hours, 2007)

Big Brother Switzerland: real-time centralized internet interception to start August 1, 2009

Secret meetings in Kenya has the Hague beckons

Goldman Sachs may have knocked critic site off the net. cache:

some readers are reporting is accessable from their location. may be a routing issue.

Fantastic article on church power plays from Kenya's Daily Nation is mandatory reading

UK grand corruption inquiry into tax haven Turks & Caicos Is. final unredacted report

@: nothing to decide there, the document is public at , the journal's publisher. Nothing to do for us there.

Big Trouble in Little Paradise: The UK takeover of the Turks & Caicos Islands

Euthanasia activist, Dr. Nitschke, calls on WikiLeaks to release New Zealand blacklist

Euthanasia activist calls on WikiLeaks to release censorship blacklist

UK media still has nothing on 266 page Turks & Caicos corruption report. >8 pages and they won't read it.

These guys are the point men for the Turks & Caicos affair 11 media houses hit with injunctions today

Media suppression orders and summons for Turks & Caicos; supreme court session in progress

Further media suppression order granted yesterday over Turks & Caicos corruption inquiry

WikiLeaks case in Supreme court today; case mirrors Barclays vs. Guardian injunction arguments!

After western development consortiums bribe for state land, UK not happy to bail out Turks & Caicos

WikiLeaks victorious over corruption report gag order

A total failure of Western media

Turikish and French press first to rereport Turks & Caicos affair UK/US still MiA

The Dasht-e-Leili Massacre in Afghanistan - US communications

WikiLeaks almost successful Knight funding proposal. (tab2/3). Moral: you tell us

Still NO UK press on Turks & Caicos scandal. Even the French are reporting. UK media injuction too?

Transparency after the Turks and Caicos Islands scandal

@ can we got more details on the UK press injuction?

most UK journos at "why journ'sm matters" conf, hearing talks on injuctions.Hence no rep on WL case.The irony is painful.

Freshly unsealed qui tam against student loans giant Sallie Mae for defauding the US government p://

Freshly unsealed qui tam against student loans giant Sallie Mae for defauding the US government p://

Freshly unsealed qui tam against US student loans giant Sallie Mae for defrauding the US government

Wrongful arrest report for black Harvard professor Henry Louse Gates

Supreme court judgement setting aside media suppression order over WL corruption report

It case it wasn't clear; yes, we and all the journs from the TCI who were in on this, totally rock.

Bundestag: Kleine Anfrage zu Gewalttaeter-Dateien UNREDIGIERT:

Zensierter Artikel zum neuen Rammstein Song "Liebe ist fuer alle da"

we have obtained some documents with the classified US classification "FOCAL POINT" on them. Anyone know what this is?

@ you, us, fas, nsarchive, sunlightfoundation-cdt-prwatch, cryptome, globalsecurity, also users: tcij, hrw, amnesty, interpol

London papers: Turks and Caicos former PM to fight British rule

Leak: An overview of VOIP for Law Enforcement

RT @ Alan Rusbridger on The Guardian, WkiLeaks and the Barclays injunction (video)

Confidential University of California radioactive Bevatron demolition plan

Usurping police with private spies; 1525 page leak from Seattle intel fusion center.

1525 page intelligence fusion center leak from Seattle

President Xanana Gusmao handwitten orders to rebel major Reinado during 2006 crisis Nachholbedarf der CDU beim Thema Internet

The Spy Who Billed Me Twice: from Guantamo to your doorstep

Sri Lanken national ID scheme eNIC tender fraud due tomorrow! Documents related to assassination:

Junge Union Thueringen: Aufruf zu Negativkampagne gegen Bodo L:Thueringen

Hilary Clinton told UK to suppress CIA torture evidence

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Aufruf der zu Negativkampagne gg. Ramelow durch Netzpolitik unabhaenig bestaetigt

Secret risk info on 205 companies each owing >45Mil EUR to Icelandic bank Kaupthing

Brits toss EU right to free elections, but no-one notices. End of the road for EU Human Rights?

Surrey police internal audit

Conde Nast's new business model: suing the Turks & Caicos Islands

bank lawyers going nuts over - 2 yrs prison under Iceland's bank secrecy law. will post threats soon

Legal threat to WikiLeaks over confidential large credit risk report by Icelandic bank Kaupthing

Is anyone having problems downloading from WikiLeaks presently? If so, please tell us from where and with which browser.

Jungewelt: Team Thüringen

Is anyone having difficulty downloading WL materials? If yes, please specify brows/file/mirror site used.

@ because the 1525 page intel fusion pdf is so large, right-click "save as" on the link

NYTimes on intel fusion/comitatus come on guys! try 2009:

2009-08: Tweets in Aug 09

Ireland: Sean Dunn's Icelandic Debts (from Kaupthing leak; hundreds more to find)

Iceland no longer "Land of Fear and Silence"; agog over Bank leak (see end

CEOs etc of Icelandic loaned each other millions; e.g to by property in New York with no colat. "pump out and dump".

Chinese military launch english language propaganda site; denounces Australia for permitting Uygur leader visit

@ we told you there is serious spying by private intel firms

Iceland TV RUV injuncted from reporting Kaupthing leak content, so tonight broadcast WL URL for 10 sec

English summary on the Iceland injunctions and revelations

SOS Iceland - media injunctions (reddit)

UK children's hospice battles to reclaim 6M pounds it lost to Icelandic bank Kaupthing

President Mwanawsa and the looting of K838 billion from the Zambian National Oil Company

Slashdot: Censorship struggle underway in Iceland

Judge behind Iceland media injunctions has son who is spokesperson for Kaupthing and worse

The Icelandic meltdown: Telegraph & Le Monde on Icelandic bank investigation

Kaupthing in Suicide Mode

Anglo press sitll missing in action; Scandanavian press pick up Kaupthing. Innsidelån i Kaupthing

Update on WikiLeaks banking censorship/Icelandic corruption

German government wanting to expand censorship system to speech just after saying it never would

WikiLeaks supporters are great.

Financial Times starts on Iceland leak: Candy brothers, Saxo Bank, Simon Halabi, and even Carlsberg.

Guardian misses the elephant on UK censorship. IWF also censors "hate" speech, but no mention

Released: Canadian Counter-insurgency Operations manual (dec 2008) and analysis

Released restricted paper on poor WHO pandemic influenza preparations

Leaked Candian Counter-insurgency manual reflects US-Canadian "synergy"

Eigner plünderten Kaupthing

Iceland's independent people: It's time to clean the house of corruption

Guardian comes through on Kaupthing leak:

Icelandic media/WikiLeaks victory over Kaupthing injunction. Injuction dropped! Two in two weeks:

More on iceland court victory from national broadcaster, RUV, (icelandic)

UK MoD tries to redefine "working day" in an attempt to deny WikiLeaks FOI review

London lawyers threaten "copyright infringement" over journal releasing legal threat letters

Kaupthing leak story spreads all over the world (telegraph and nytimes fail to credit)

Self-censorship is now daily bread for media in Honduras (Index on Censorship)

AP: Iceland court lifts gag order after public outrage

We are seeking investors to "embed" WL legal+tech secured uploads on all blogs/NGOs/corps

We are seeking investors to "embed" WL legal+tech secured uploads on all blogs/NGOs/corps

LeMonde: L'Islande face à un scandale bancaire de plusieurs milliards d'euros

John Cleese on Kaupthing, hilarious.

Hilarious; John Cleese on Kaupthing (video).

Serious Fraud Office intensifies Icelandic banking inquiry after Kaupthing leak

Fraud expert damns EU, IMF over Icelandic collapse

Important: European public consultation on Information Society in Europe. Use your voice!

UK Serious Fraud Office urges more Kaupthing whistleblowers to step forward

Nominations for Most Wanted Leaks of 2009 complete. Help us clarify which are significant and why:

Released: Homocidal maniac, George Sodini, diary and last words

Leak: Investment bank Millennium Finance Coproration unethical and out of cash

Pristine copy of homocidal maniac George Sodini's last blog post

(fix) Pristine copy of mass-shooter George Sodini's last blog post

WikiLeaks discovers secret message in the source code of mass-shooter's last post

Is this credible? Looks like it. Fascinating and bizarre update to TCI affair.

What's happening in the evil mountain and where is Bush's emails? (Danish press Most Wanted leaks)

Dai rifiuti spunta lo 007: Ganapini servizi segreti presidenza della repubblica

New Zealand censors force business paper to remove Vodafone story

Dai rifiuti spunta lo 007 recording excerpt l'expresso

Legal threat to WikiLeaks from investment bank Millennium Finance Corporation

Financial Times: report on Icelandic bank fuels fury

Junge Liberalen erklären in internem (geleaktem) Dokument der Piraten-Partei den Krieg

Daniel Ellsberg: America has been asleep at the atomic wheel for 64 years

FAS: Inspector General chases WikiLeaks Congressional source

WikiLeaks hosts debate on censorship at 'Birthday Tent' tonite 23:00 CEST. Live stream at: please RT and join!

Britain suspends Turks & Caicos government! more:

BMWI Expertenworkshop zur Bekaempfung der Internetpiraterie. Agenda und Protokoll:

UK Government Mail Services Operations Manager phone recording on allegedly illegal mail screening:

Norwegian Secret Service article pulled from major daily VG

English translation of leaked Norwegian criticism of UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki Moon

World Wide Battle Rages for Control of the Internet (New Scientist/WL)

Iceland: What ugly secrets are waiting to be exposed in the meltdown?

Canadian infantry tactics and capabilities

Swedish Intelligence Organization overview

Recovering from neoliberal disaster: Iceland & Lativa redefine reparations

Swedish communications intelligence, Försvarets Radioanstalt, overview

627 private emails from the US Nazi party, the National Socialist Movement

Norwegian Secret Service (PST) media purge continues, this time, TV2

New Digital Master Map for Great Britain: Confidential Advice to Ministers

Victorian College of the Arts and Music Business Plan for 2010 shows planned cuts and reductions

RT @: Nächsten Mittwoch 22 Uhr auf Fritz und im Netz: CR149 Wikileaks

Liberian official demanding bribe from Liberian Petroleum Refining Company LPRC:

Zensierter Artikel der TAZ zu Schaeubles Abhoerzentrale mit widerspruechlicher Begruendung:

@ "Unstimmigkeiten in der Recherche" beugt man durch Offenlegen von Material vor. Transparenz beugt Missverstaendnissen vor.

UK DCMS tries to suppress information about UK Video Recording Act 1984 being unenforceable

Geloeschte Stellungnahme der Partei Die zu Abtreibungen, Geburtsfolter, Kindern und Kontrolle