2010-12-30 Selections from Twitter archive concerning Swedish investigation

The following is a compendium of tweets dated up until the end of December, all of which are relevant to the Swedish investigation into Julian Assange. They have been drawn from the WL Central Twitter Archive, which is an archive of the tweets from the official Wikileaks Twitter Account. The full archive is available here.

This selection of tweets was compiled to accompany this article.

We were warned to expect "dirty tricks". Now we have the first one:

Expressen is a tabloid; No one here has been contacted by Swedish police. Needless to say this will prove hugely distracting.

Julian Assange: the charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing.

Official statement about the latest hot topic @

Sweden clears WikiLeaks editor of rape | Politico

Swedish arrest warrant revoked in Assange case | CNN

"It seems an unusual time to embark on a career of multiple rape". Wry wit from Guardian.

Why did Swedish prosecutors break their own policy in Assange case?

"The charges are made and then withdrawn and the damage is done."

Former Swedish chief prosecutor, Sven-Erik Alhem, demands explanations in Assange case

RT @: Al Jazeera grills Swedish prosecutor over "defamation" of Julian Assange

Sweden to investigate rape allegations

Assange prosecutor cited for secrecy breach | TheLocal

False Charges Ricochet in the War on WikiLeaks | Harpers

WikiLeaks founder cleared of sex allegations | AP

Julian Assange Gets The Bog Standard Smear Technique | Craig Murray

It wrong and disturbing for the press to be talking about 'molestation'. Correct translation:

Swedish chief prosecutor to restart rape investigation into WikiLeaks founder

Attorney for WikiLeaks suspect says he's seen no evidence on documents | CNN

Chancellor to Hunt Down Leak of Assange Dossier

Leading human rights lawyer condemns handling of Assange case

WikiLeaks founder free to leave Sweden | AFP

An industry newsletter has the strongest coverage of the Swedish smear against Assange

The Age investigates the rumors Julian's Swedish scandal | The Age

A humorous look at Assange's Swedish troubles part 1: part 2:

Wikileaks works while 'Pentagon Continues Smear Campaign' | AlterNet

Sweden rejects Assange residency application on secret grounds | Aftonbladet

Statement by Julian Assange's counsel Mark Stephens

Finers Stephens Innocent

LONDON, 1pm (cont)

Why our editor-in-chief is busy and needs to be defended

Thursday November 18, 2010


In (cont)

Press release by counsel for Julian Assange

LONDON, 2pm Thursday November 18, 2010

Mark Stephens of law firm (cont)

Letter from Swedish Counsel Bjorn Hurtig to English co-Counsel for Julian Assange.

Note Neither Mr. Assange nor (cont)


US may use Sweden to extradite Assange: Lawyer http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6B24FY20101203
04 Dec


The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange | Atlantic http://is.gd/ihkxm
06 Dec


Same day Swiss defense fund is frozen, UK issues arrest warrant for Julian Assange http://tl.gd/7bg5kc
06 Dec


Correction, UK has only received warrant, but may issue it shortly.
06 Dec


RT @doctorow #imwikileaks #imassange Today Westminster Magistarte's Court meet 13:30 http://www.justiceforassange.com #wikileaks #cablegate
07 Dec


Today's actions against our editor-in-chief Julian Assange won't affect our operations: we will release more cables tonight as normal"
07 Dec


Sweden will find it 'very difficult' to extradite Julian Assange, says expert http://is.gd/ipkbL
08 Dec


Supporters call for Justice for Assange | www.justiceforassange.com
11 Dec


Assange trial makes British legal history | http://is.gd/iKQXA
14 Dec


Help Julian: "FSI - Julian Assange Defence Fund" Sort code 20-77-67, account number 93842452. Terms: http://ur1.ca/2lr9t
17 Dec


Sir David Frost interview with Julian Assange | http://is.gd/jgECL
23 Dec