2010-12-27 WikiLeaks in today's media: Cablegate coverage

The Guardian: Morgan Tsvangirai faces possible Zimbabwe treason charge

"Lawyers to examine PM's comments on sanctions after WikiLeaks reveals talks with US diplomats. Zimbabwe is to investigate bringing treason charges against Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and other individuals over confidential talks with US diplomats revealed by WikiLeaks."

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The Guardian: WikiLeaks: rule of law in Mikhail Khodorkovsky trial merely 'gloss'

"US dismisses Russian efforts to show due process in tycoon's trial, whose verdict is due today, as 'lipstick on a political pig'.

The trial of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky shows the Kremlin preserves a "cynical system where political enemies are eliminated with impunity", US diplomats say in classified cables released by WikiLeaks today." [Though this information has been already released by El País: 26-12-2010]

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El País: EE UU usa el arresto de un marine de la VI Flota para tildar de racista a la policía (The United States used the case of an arrested marine to argue that the police in Spain are racist)

"Washington alertó el pasado verano a sus ciudadanos del riesgo que corrían los turistas afroamericanos que viajaran a España. (Last summer, Washington warned its citizens about the alleged risk for African-American tourists traveling to Spain.)"

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El País: Siria alentó el ataque a las embajadas por las caricaturas de Mahoma (Syria cheered the attack against the embassies do to the Muhammad cartoons)

"El primer ministro dio instrucciones al gran muftí para que los imanes caldearan las protestas. El régimen usó los disturbios para legitimarse. (The Prime Minister gave instructions to the Great Mufti to encourage the protests through the Imams. The regime utilized the disturbances to publicize itself.)"

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El País: "Piñera maneja la política y sus negocios al límite de la ética y la ley" ("Piñera leads politics and business on the ethical and legal edge")

"La Embajada de EE UU en Santiago siguió con recelo la carrera del actual presidente de Chile antes de la campaña que le llevaría al poder en 2010. (The American Embassy in Santiago followed with mistrust the current Chilean President's road to the campaign that gave him the power in 2010.)"

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The Sydney Morning Herald: Australian police help build secret hit lists

"Australian police in Afghanistan have helped compile secret intelligence files on insurgent leaders later targeted in capture-or-kill missions by special forces soldiers.

The Pentagon has confirmed that Australian Federal Police officers are ''assigned to work with'' a joint police task force in Kabul that produces files used by military commanders to "shape the battlefield" - a term often used to describe the capture-or-kill raids mounted by elite troops in Afghanistan."

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