2010-11: Tweets in Nov 10

WikiLeaks: The truth will set you free (music video)

Bradley Manning song ("Good Corporal") by Chris Floyd

Robert Fisk on the Iraq War Logs (video) | ABC

Russian FSB vows to take out WikiLeaks |

Inciting murder: US 'journalists' ask for the killing of Julian Assange | Salon

Great program on US media attacks on WikiLeaks | Listening Post

WikiLeaks coverage NYTimes vs. the world | Salon

If any publication says anything about us, unsourced, you can be pretty much bet that it is a falsification.

The military infiltration of Hollywood | Listening Post

German documentary: WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs | ZDF

Combined WikiLeaks Afghanistan and Iraq war search now available!

ZDF: Collateral Murder (video, commentary, frontal21)

Danish military requests unredacted copy of Iraq War Logs from WikiLeaks after being rebuffed by US

New York Times defends its coverage of WikiLeaks | WSWS

Ethics101 for mainstream media: Ask not what llegal & illegal but what is moral & immoral. Recall that slavery was once legal.

WikiLeaks to assist Danish Defence force after US refusal

CIA response to FOIA request on WikiLeaks (pdf)

Media Lens analysis of the WikiLeaks smear (part 1)

Danish forces involved in giving over detainees to abusive police

New interview with KH about the Iraq War Logs | WSWS

a documentery about @ and the war in Iraq on Austrian Broadcasting ORF 22:40 tonight

About WikiLeaks: What the NYTimes doesn't want to tell you:

US media end times: Boston journalism Prof. (former Pentagon hack) calls for WL prosecution (FOX, video)

Human rights campaigners voice disappointment with Obama

WikiLeaks to "keynote" UN review of US human rights compliance

Statement by UN on WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs

Journalists across globe sign petition in support of WikiLeaks

US must tackle human rights issues | DW

WikiLeaks urges US to fully examine human rights abuses

Julian Assange intends to seek asylum in Switzerland (video) |

Julian Assange intends to seek asylum in Switzerland (video, fix link) |

Good US debate panel on WikiLeaks | RT

Norwegian US spy ring that may have monitored WikiLeaks event in Oslo at Grand Hotel, busted

"US regrets all of the activities that WikiLeaks has done--past, present, and future"

Iraqi torture known to Danish ministry | Icenews

Blood on Our Hands | Foreign Policy

Radio report on WikiLeaks in Switzerland | WRS

WikiLeaks : la guerre contre le secret | ARTE

WikiLeaks Geneva press conference video

UN body accuses US of rights abuses | Al Jazeera

US 'exploited' Iraq communal strife | Al Jazeera

"The United States is in grave danger of losing its way" (WikiLeaks, video) | Telegraph

Hundreds of WikiLeaks related videos for your enjoyment

Supporters make WikiLeaks flag; the issues are not entirely a joke.

The destruction of the Iraqi middle class | Truthout

CIA refuses to confirm or deny plot to assassinate WikiLeaks editor; open government-Obama style

Unlawful detainment of US contractor whistleblowers possibly detailed in Iraq War Logs

Iraqi prisoners were abused at 'UK's Abu Ghraib' (video)

Julian Assange interview about the media | Listening Post

ARTE WikiLeaks special in 10 minutes

John Stewart interviews Obama, but the war does not exist | Truth Out

If you support WikiLeaks, we need your help now. 100,000 x $10 USD=$1,000,000. Keep us strong:

If you have contributed $ to keeping WL strong, please tell the world. Lead by example.

WikiLeaks at the UN#2 (our new security realities)

Truly excellent article on Guantanamo boy's sentencing

Journalists from over 40 countries declare support for WikiLeaks. What about you?

Wikileaks - Geheim Akte Irak (video)

USA - Töten erlaubt - Wikileaks (Video) | ZDF

CIA chief launches WikiLeaks investigation

Politika, rat i lazi - Prava istina o ratu u Iraku (video)

Wikileaks - Krieg dem Staatsgeheimnis (video) | ATRE

Reactions to the Iraq War Logs in the middle east | Economist econ.st/d5mJ6W

Sweden: Journalism for sale | Aftonbladet

Amnesty: US must investigate abuses revealed by WikiLeaks (video)

ARTE: WikiLeaks: Krieg dem Staatsgeheimnis (full)

Fascinating conversation between WikiLeaks editor and Pentagon papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg

MIT researcher wrongfully detained by US government over WikiLeaks allegations | Salon

Julian Assange & Jon Stewart top Time Man of the Year poll (still open)

The brave, independent academy: Harvard students forbidden to use WikiLeaks war data

EU Parliament calls for trans-atlantic summit on WikiLeaks Iraq findings

EU Parliamentarian @ demands answers on US behavior to WikiLeaks

RT @: WikiLeaks editor leading TIME's Person of the Year popular vote: is.gd/gW60W

"Manning was a decent person in an abhorrent system. By following the rules he would be an accomplice of torture." bit.ly/cZuDHk

Megan McCain condemns Aussie Julian Assange for being "un-American" and "a rogue Swedish guy" (...)

WikiLeaks editor still leading TIME Person of the Year poll (more info)

'Die gefährlichste Webseite der Welt' | Sueddeutsche

While we are re-engineering, you can still access much of our older material on:

Daniel Ellsberg to speak in Honolulu tomorrow on WikiLeaks, Pentagon Papers | AP

Afghanistan: military quagmire and government money pit | Guardian

Wikileaks har brutit militärens informationsmonopol | DN

Wikileaks Has Committed No Crime | New York Law School

Russian newspaper mogul claims bank raid due to WikiLeaks article

Military apologists rig TIME vote against WikiLeaks. An example:

WikiLeaks & Iran: Scott Horton Interviews Ali Gharib

WikiLeaks supporters announce "WikiLeaks Central"

International Criminal Court probe into Afghan War Diaries

WikiLeaks & The Australian Media

Protect WikiLeaks from assassination or extradition: VOTE for Julian as Time Person of the Year

France: PSYOPS especial: Toy Story En Irak | OWNI

Boston alum detained at airport, questioned about Wikileaks | DFP

UN urges full U.S. torture investigation into WikiLeaks data | Reuters

3sat: Wikileaks special (German)

Does Julian Assange deserve to die? | IC

Pro-war Heritage Foundation video panel on WikiLeaks

Civic media, WikiLeaks & the Law video panel | MIT

Useful sites that collect news about WikiLeaks: and

Statement by Julian Assange's counsel Mark Stephens

Finers Stephens Innocent

LONDON, 1pm (cont)

Why our editor-in-chief is busy and needs to be defended

Thursday November 18, 2010


In (cont)

Press release by counsel for Julian Assange

LONDON, 2pm Thursday November 18, 2010

Mark Stephens of law firm (cont)

Letter from Swedish Counsel Bjorn Hurtig to English co-Counsel for Julian Assange.

Note Neither Mr. Assange nor (cont)

Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs. intense pressure over it for months. Keep us strong:

The coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined. Keep us strong:

Afghan War Diaries now on Google Fusion Tables

The Pentagon is hyperventilating again over fears of being held to account:

Should WikiLeaks expose the world's secret diplomatic backroom dealings? Put it to the vote!

WikiLeaks in today's media

NYT briefed the Whitehouse on Monday over Embassy Files: Now we see every tinpot dictator in the world briefed prior to release.

Sky reports US Ambassador visits Downing Street in advance of Wikileaks document release

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd briefed by Hillary Clinton on Wikileaks, according to SMH

Canada briefed by US Ambassador according to CBC

Denmark briefed by US Ambassador on WikiLeaks according to Danish press

Norway briefed by US on WikiLeaks according to NRK (state TV)

Now is a good time to download some "history insurance"

Israel contacted by US Embassy in Tel Aviv over presumed pending release according to Haaretz

Poster: "Intelligence needs Counter-Intelligence"

Poster: "One Word of Truth Outweighs the Whole World"

US briefs Iraq, Turkey over embassy cables according to AFP, Turkish media

US briefs Russia over embassy cables according to Moscow press.

UK Government has issued a "D-notice" warning to all UK news editors, asking to be briefed on upcoming WikiLeaks stories.

The D-notice is type 1 and type 5.

Government of Iceland has been contacted by US officials over Embassy leaks according to MBL.

We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack.

El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian & NYT will publish many US embassy cables tonight, even if WikiLeaks goes down

Please use to discuss the pending US Embassy cables release.

Los secretos de la diplomacia de Estados Unidos, al descubierto

Guardian's Cablegate coverage is out

Tomorrow we will provide information on how other media groups can apply to for embargo access to info.

Cablegate: What's coming up as the weeks go by

Beyond the spin: WikiLeaks v. State Dep correspondence

Australia starts "whole of government" investigation into Julian Assange

Hillary says US taking "aggressive steps" against us; take some yourself:

Australia deploys Taskforce against WikiLeaks help us deploy counter force:

WikiLeaks reveals US Nuclear Weapons in the Netherlands

WikiLeaks to bust bad banks: keep us strong:

Hilarious cable on Prince Andrew mega corruption

Ecuador offers WikiLeaks save haven

Chinese government issues censorship order for WikiLeaks help us fight:

We are currently under another DDOS attack.

DDOS attack now exceeding 10 Gigabits a second.

Daniel Ellsberg speaks to the BBC about Cablegate

Good essay on one of the key ideas behind WikiLeaks