2010-10: Tweets in Oct 10

Iraq War vet speaks out on what he saw in Collateral Murder | DNow!

WikiLeaks Whithouse/Pentagon transcripts now available on C-span

US Army rewrites espionage rule book to make soldiers rat out media contacts AP

Searching for US accountability with WikiLeaks | al Jazeera

Fuites Wikileaks: et la France dans tout ça? | Bakchich

The weight of US mendacity | Independent

Sy Hersh: Hands off WikiLeaks | Spiegel

Collateral Murder soldier reveals new videos of soldiers teasing detainees |R awStory

Leakers beware the corporate media | Consortium News

Great NYT/Ellsberg panel on Pentagon Papers & WikiLeaks (video/transcript)

WikiLeaks funding blocked after blacklisting | Guardian

WikiLeaks editor named UNTE visionary | UNTE

WikiLeaks accuses the US of 'Financial Warfare' | RawStory

New Statesman/Pilger ranks WikiLeaks in top 25 most influential | NS

L'Espresso and WikiLeaks team up for 6 page Afghanistan special

Could WikiLeaks have stopped 9/11? LA Times considers |

Where is the Nobel Prize for Western Dissidents? | Congress Matters

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Pentagon caught telling US Senate Committee Afghan leak "mostly harmless" back on Aug 16

Carefully the comments here to understand where Aftergood and his like are coming from

FBI agent says WikiLeaks could have been used to stop 9/11 | FOX

Read closely: NATO tells CNN not a single case of Afghans needing protection or moving due to leak

How propaganda is spread: WikiLeaks edition | Salon

Pentagon appears to pre-empt alleged WikiLeaks Iraq leak with FOIA release

Wikileaks' 10 greatest stories (according to the Telegraph)

Sweden rejects Assange residency application on secret grounds | Aftonbladet

We promote "scientific journalism", where sources are cited accurately. The 700+ articles on us today are a prime counter example.

Where do all these claims about WikiLeaks doing something on Iraq today (Monday) come from? A single tabloid (cont)

Could WikiLeaks have stopped 9/11? Former FBI agent says yes | Nation

Hundreds of media giants fooled by not checking their facts | Rixstep

WikiLeaks keynote, Washington DC, Oct 30

WikiLeaks cut off from donations, denied extra shield | AP/CBS

@ has spoken to no 'staffers'. No publication dates have slipped. @ has agenda, doesn't check facts and is not to be trusted.

Rather than apologizing for misleading the press, the Pentagon tries bully it into not reporting | Reuters

WikiLeaks is not the problem. Overclassification is! FP

Pentagon readies 120 strong DIA/FBI team to tackle WikiLeaks | multiple

Pentagon readies 120 strong DIA/FBI team to tackle WikiLeaks [cached]

looks like that site is not able to sustain a twitter flood. Direct video link

AFP is incorrect. We did not say we were publishing something on Iraq.

The gloves come off: Pentagon threatens the world media not to report WikiLeaks content. | Reuters

Now is a good time to mirror this WikiLeaks 'insurance' backup

NEW: beta version of Afghan War Explorer ; please test

Leaked reports detail Italian black ops in Afghanistan | RT

WikiLeaks communications infrastructure is currently under attack. Project BO move to coms channel S. Activate Reston5.

Major WikiLeaks press conference in europe coming up; to book [press/NGO only], mail sunshine.booking@mail.be

Major WikiLeaks announcement in Europe at 10am tomorrow. LAST CHANCE to book [press only] email sunshine.booking@mail.be

The War on WikiLeaks | Harvard/Nieman

IMPORTANT: Pentagon threatens entire world press with Espionage Act | DN

We are informed that rumors of Al Jazeera releasing WikiLeaks files are incorrect.

Pentagon says it expects 'nothing new' in next Wikileaks dump. 'Nothing new' to THEM goes without saying.

See TBIJ, IBC, Guardian, Spiegel, NYT, Le Monde, Al Jazeera, Chan4, SVT, CNN, BBC and more in the next few hours. We maximise impact.

Al Jazeera have broken our embargo by 30 minutes. We release everyone from their Iraq War Logs embargoes.

Iraq War Logs reveal torture (video)

Guardian splashes out with Iraq War Logs coverage

New York Times splashes out with Iraq War Logs

Bureau of Investigative Journalism splashes out with the best research on the Iraq War Logs

Le Monde splashes out with Iraq War Logs

Swedish Television splashes out with Iraq War Logs

Steal the Iraq War Logs analysis (Creative Commons Licensed)

Spiegel splashes out with extensive coverage of Iraq War Logs

LEAK: WikiLeaks releases 400,000 Iraq War Logs

rusbridger: guardian, nyt, der spiegel, al jazeera, le monde all breaking Iraq wikileaks. Extraordinary moment in journalism

Channel 4 splashes out with Iraq War Logs

WikiLeaks founder speaks to CNN on Iraq War Logs (video)

Reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 'civilians'; 23,984 'enemy'; 15,196 'host nation' and 3,771 'friendly'

War Logs: Support and defend WikiLeaks!

BBC splashes out with direct links to WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs

Absolute lies here by News Corp/Pentagon ; there are no names in the Iraq War Logs

Amnesty: US Must Investigate Detainee Abuse Claims in Wikileaks Files (video)

WikiLeaks servers are straining under the world wide load. Keep trying every few minutes if you can't get through.

WikiLeaks War Logs coverage: 1488 news articles;

Iraq War Logs: Every death mapped | Guardian

Iraq War Logs reveal 15,000 previously undiscovered civilians deaths

War Logs: Iraq Body Count, detailed analysis (left)

More detailed Iraq War Logs analysis + stories; copyright free

WikiLeaks 'harm minimization' far stronger than that of the Pentagon | CNN

WikiLeaks interview with Iraq Body Count: How we counted

The Secret War - Iraq War Logs | Frontline

Wikileaks vs. Pentagon (satire) | Rap News

Iraqi PM criticises timing of Wikileaks disclosure | BBC

UK demands investigation of abuse claims revealed by WikiLeaks | Guardian

Wikileaks EU encubrió torturas en Irak

Iraqi PM responds to allegations that he has a private death squad (video)

FULL WikiLeaks press conference now available (video)

WikiLeaks statement on Iraq War Logs (video)

Iraq Body Count statement on Iraq War Logs (video)

NYT ran a tabloid profile on WL trying to "balance" itself. Case study in bad journalism. Wrong from top to bottom.

US feels the heat over WikiLeaks allegations | Times (India)

Pentagon Papers leaker and others go to bat for WikiLeaks

US under press over WikiLeaks charges | AFP

CNN collected videos on Iraq War Logs | CNN

400,000 zoomable Iraq War Log reports at Ekstrabladet

Iraqi government to investigate Blackwater killings revealed by WikiLeaks | Independent

The Nixonian Henchman of today at the NYT | Salon

WikiLeaks reports could help halt Iran's nuke drive | Jpost

Daniel Ellsberg reaction at WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs press conference (video)

Julian Assange presented with Sam Adams award for Intelligence Integrity

NYT tabloid smear piece eviscerated by own readers

WikiLeaks: We want to fix 'Attack on the Truth' | CBS

Iraq War Logs: Military contractors killed many more than than previously revealed | Guardian

Tomorrow night, WikiLeaks Iraq Logs documentary appears on Dispatches

WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs documentary released (video)

Amazing: The Iraq blood bath zoom in from space (video)

How WikiLeaks maximised impact for its Iraq War Logs sources

Iraq War Logs - key findings | Telegraph

Watch this! All you need to know about US press bias in one handy interview (FOX, video)

Julian Assange Accepts Intelligence Experts’ Whistleblower Award “On Behalf of Our Sources”

Iraq has the right to sue Wikileaks says the country's "minister of human rights" | M&C

NYTimes decline shown in stark relief by comparing Iraq War Logs coverage | Salon

Ben Ari files UN demand for investigation, arrest of US Iraq war leaders | Jpost

Iraq war logs: Apache attack's child victims speak out | Guardian

Iraw war logs: contractors shot Iraqi President's body guard | SMH

Great special/interviews on Iraq War Logs | Democracy Now

Video of Julian Assange & Daniel Ellsberg in tonight's conference

FOX news editorial calls for WikiLeaks staff to be assassinated | Rawstory

A dozen scoops from the Iraq War Logs now available, copyright free:

Australian Dept of Defence investigation completed: WikiLeaks caused no harm

(full video now released) The Secret Iraq War Files

RSF: Call for transparency on the part of US and Iraqi authorities after Wikileaks revelations

Julian Assange targeted by US | RT

Julian Assange extended interview on Iraq War Logs | DN

(video) Iraq War Logs highlights | Dispatches

WikiLeaks ready to drop a bombshell on Russia. But will Russians get to read about it?

(video) Extraordinary Iraq War Logs highlights | Dispatches

Video of Extraordinary Iraq War Logs highlights | Dispatches

Video of extraordinary Iraq War Logs highlights | Dispatches

Bureau of Investigative Journalism talks about Iraq War Logs collaboration

Demark to probe detainee handling exposed by Iraq War Logs | M&C

In Defense of WikiLeaks | Foreign Policy

WikiLeaks should be declared 'enemy combatants', says former State Department honcho | Guardian

*Now* is a very good time to defend WikiLeaks

Julian Assange: Financial threats to WikiLeaks are serious [ support ]

WikiLeaks war logs: British forces exposed over Afghan attacks | Guardian

NYTimes reporter under fire for 'sleazy hit piece' on WikiLeaks editor | Yahoo News

Great FULL documentary: Iraq's Secret War Files (video) | Dispatches

Pack Assange off to Guantanamo, US conservatives tell Obama | Independent

Pratap Chatterjee debate on Iraq War Logs (video) | RT

Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Iraq War Logs

Wikileaks: MoD releases details of attacks on Afghan civilians | Telegraph

Haha! Who let the logs out? Hilarious Bill O'Reilly v. WikiLeaks satire (video)

Haha! Who let the logs out? Hilarious Bill O'Reilly v. WikiLeaks satire

More on the NYTimes Pentagon-subservient WikiLeaks coverage | Salon

Faster link to Hilarious Bill O'Reilly v. WikiLeaks video

Crazed US Senate bill seeks to label WikiLeaks a "transnational threat"

MSNBC discovers Pentagon lies in Iraq War Logs (video)

Has WikiLeaks landed in US cyberattack crosshairs? | CNET

Amnesty: WikiLeaks shows the true cost of war