2010-03: Tweets in Mar 10

German supreme court finds data retention unconstitutional

WikiLeaks at CEBIT today 03.03., 16:00h at the Heise booth in Hall 4, E38. Drop by for more on WikiLeaks and IMMI.

Correction: WikiLeaks at CEBIT today 03.03., 16:00h at the Heise booth in Hall 5, E38. Drop by for more on WikiLeaks and IMMI.

US loses innovation crown to Iceland [Business Week]

Iceland could become a haven of media freedom

Is the EU TOTALLY INSANE? New 'anon' fraud reporting system baby of CIA dominated QinetiQ - pentest

Wir können nicht zahlen [Deutschland Funk]

Lord Ashcroft, libel & the Turks & Caicos [Guardian]

Outrageous lies from Brown today blaming US over Iraq; Compare with this!

Iceland holds national referendum today over this leak

WikiLeaks and Iceland unite to protect the net publishing [DigiRocket]

Live from Iceland referendum: over 97% vote against Icesave deal.

Great vid from Al Jazeera on Icelandic´s publishing safe haven

After banking bust, Iceland turns to freemarket innovation [CS Monitor]

WikiLeaks bei Deutschland Radio Wissen -

ABC: The Mulrunji Affair: secrecy and suppression

Citizenreporter: Iceland, the journalist refuge (podcast)

LQDN: EU Parliament slams ACTA

Scenes from Saturday's Icelandic referendum: WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange addresses the crowd

We would like to thank for their strong support (see the front page).

immi on jurist: by Kyu Ho Youm (Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chairof School of Journalism & Communication) -

Iceland Sets New Path Toward Press Freedom

WikiLeaks is 2/3rds of the way towards budget. Come on guys! Donate!

Today is World Day Against Internet Censorship. Tell the censors to fuck off! Support WikiLeaks!

ABC radio: Philip Adams on Iceland and the IMMI

RELEASED: BBC High Court Defence against Trafigura toxic waste case

RELEASE: 40Bil EUR and details of 28,000 secret accounts at the Kaupthing Bank

RELEASE: Turks & Caicos Islands government asks for US$85M credit line from FirstCaribbean

US Intelligence planned to destroy WikiLeaks

US Embassy in Iceland claims to be hunting WikiLeaks' source

Computer World: Did the US try to kill WikiLeaks?

Register: US Army considered attack on WikiLeaks

Gizmodo: The Government's Secret War on Wikileaks

FastCompany: Why do all these "How to stop leaks" docs keep appearing on WikiLeaks?

RELEASE: Kaupthing Claim Book Update (3 March)

NYT: Pentagon Sees a Threat From Online Muckrakers

Military confirms intel report on how to destroy trust in WikiLeaks is real nyti.ms/dotwCT

Guardian: BBC pulls story on Lord Ashcroft [get it to us~]

Harpers: Pentagon loses a skirmish with WikiLeaks

Al Jazeera video on WikiLeaks with @, @, others:

WikiLeaks décrété « menace pour l'armée » par le Pentagone

Insurgents obtained US systems used to stop IEDs |Nextgov

Prof. Salvör Gissurardóttir on the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (video)

Heather Brooke & Julian Assange at SKUP

WikiLeaks to reveal Pentagon murder-coverup at US National Press Club, Apr 5, 9am; contact press-club@sunshinepress.org

Guardian: UK Digital Economy Bill could block WikiLeaks

Iceland Free Press Haven |ITT

Island in der Wirtschaftskrise|Taz

Iceland's foreign currency loan crisis|Taz

Enforcing super-injunctions |Lawyer's Weekly

WikiLeaks is currently under an aggressive US and Icelandic surveillance operation. Following/photographing/filming/detaining.

If anything happens to us, you know why: it is our Apr 5 film. And you know who is responsible.

Two under State Dep diplomatic cover followed our editor from Iceland to on Thursday.

One related person was detained for 22 hours. Computer's seized.That's

We know our possession of the decrypted airstrike video is now being discussed at the highest levels of US command.

If you know more about the operations against us, contact

We have been shown secret photos of our production meetings and been asked specific questions during detention related to the airstrike.

We have airline records of the State Dep/CIA tails. Don't think you can get away with it. You cannot. This is WikiLeaks.

To those worrying about us--we're fine, and will issue a suitable riposte shortly.

Is US govt spying on WikiLeaks? |Gawker

Chinese government continues to block WikiLeaks, but eases up on BBC. What does this tell you?

Pentagon targets WikiLeaks | SBS

WikiLeaks editor speaking in Malaysia (video)

EDITORIAL: US must stop spying on WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks to US: "please explain" | SBSnews

Norway's ABCnews confirms WikiLeaks spying story

Great BBC secrecy segment with Martin Bright, Heather Brooke, Katherine Gun, Derek Pasquill, et al

LEAK: CIA recommendations on how to manipulate French/German public to stay in Afghanistan

Leaked CIA memo on Western Europe: "Public Apathy Enables Leaders To Ignore Voters."

WikiLeaks v. Pentagon (video) | RT

There is debate as to what happened during the interrogation in Iceland [not other matters]. We are seeking clarification.

The War on WikiLeaks |Salon

TAZ: Geheimes CIA-Papier zu Afghanistan-Krieg: Furcht vor Europas Kriegsmüdigkeit

WikILeaks mal wieder zu Gast beim Kuechenradio - Statusupdate

CIA 'suggests' Europe should understand the suffering of women | Telegraph

Leak: 37000 Mails der NPD | Kuechenradio

Iceland summons top US diplomat over WikiLeaks dust-up | AFP

New UK amendment act could block WikiLeaks | Gunn Shots

New UK amendment could block WikiLeaks | Gunn Shots

WikiLeaks in the crosshairs | Guardian