2009-03: Tweets in Mar 09

Wikileaks releases classified Australian military propaganda/info ops manual

Wikileaks releases Bank Julius Baer Moonstone Trust Cayman's prosecutor's decision

First rate analysis by Roy Schestowitz of EU Commision Open Source Strategy leak

Obama Adminstration Expands DOD Budget Secrecy. Wait, what?

Update on the Pentagon "oneteam" affair, Jordon secret ISAF member--still no press reportage yet!

Homeland Security tars respected conservation groups as terrorists

WikiLeaks releases first document on Cameroon corruption

From utopia to eftopia through the social web, study on WL, Greek: English:

German police raid house over Wikileaks leaked Danish censorship list (German) ...

Correction: German police raid house over Wikileaks leaked Danish censorship list (German) ...

Wikileaks releases Major new RAND study into Iraq, Afghanistan intelligence operations

Wikileaks releases Major new RAND study into Iraq, Afghanistan intelligence operations

The Atlantic picks up Jordan-Afghanistan story

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Great new Kenyan corruption book with exiled John Githongo: It's Our Turn to Eat ...

Rassismus und Missbrauch durch Bezirksinspektor Donaustadt

Swiss bank records for Brazilian Senator Tasso Ribeiro Jereissati

Current United Student Aid contracts with US government

Twitter doesn't like Rwanda report url. Try

Senator Lieberman urges access to Wikileaks CRS reports

Peru: El aprista que esconde los audios

NPR: Good appeals decision for classified AIPAC

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Wired: Free Congress's Secret Research Reports Lieberman Aska

Spiegalblog: BND und der SPIEGEL

Die Affäre Tauss - wie demontiert man einen Datenschützer?

UK media suppresses Phorm/BT/Webwise survey and articles

Brazilian Senator Roseana Sarney $150M hidden in Caymans Swiss Bank

Escaping the News Hall of Mirrors and murder in Iraq

Guardian does leaked RAND report

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ISAF-landen werken langs elkaar heen

Wikileaks related activists assassinated in broad daylight!!!

more on these murders soon. if you are able to assist the investigation, write to wl-africa@sunshinepress.org

Iraq and Afghanistan wars 'being undermined by intelligence failures' ...

Murder in Nairobi: Wikileaks related human rights lawyers assassinated

US nuke plot: The "dirty bomb" that disappeared

Raw Story follows up WL dirty bomb story

Wikileaks releases key AIG doc: Is the Risk Systemic?

Wikileaks releases stunning expose of the international child porn industry

US Air Forced exposed soliders to cancer in Iraq: Balard Burn Pit Report

Kenya: Fabricated ODM NG'OA project strategy

Wikileaks releases detainee murder in iraq case details

Dirty bomb witness in this random internet forum? Possible lead.

Wikileaks opens up UAE national press salaries

Pentagon Knowingly Exposed U.S. Soldiers To Toxic Waste: Leaked Memo

Huffington Post picks up WL dirty bomb story

Journalists agog over leak of 270 editorial salaries

Wikileaks to release list of 5k Senator Colman donors, 56k supporters/contacts and more. Stay tuned.

Wikileaks frontpages Peru Le Monde Diplomatique

Wikileaks front pages Handelsblad

Senator Coleman lies, trying to blame leak on hackers, after private Wikileaks notification to supporters.

Coleman spinning. Wikileaks will release PR shortly.

Wikileaks releases the Big Bad Database of Senator Norm Coleman

Good Coleman followup by Politics in Minnesota

Coleman willburn for trying to blame hackers for his leaking of database on Jan 28. Compare and http://tinyurl ...

last link cutoff, repeat:

Guardian follows up leak of editorial staff salaries

Coleman clarification: WL released the last 4 digits, but the coleman database has the full credit card/data/security numbers of donors.

Askadria will talk about the Norm Coleman database live at 3.30pm

Minnesota Independent has a collection of hilarious feedback on Coleman leak

Senator Coleman Campaign also violated 325E.64 Subd(b) "security code rention prohibited"

Video on Norm Coleman data leak from one of the origial sources

Great followup on pentagon toxic waste leak by Duluth Tribune

Great analysis of Coleman leak by University of Minnesota

Media begin to counter cleam that Coleman site was 'hacked'

Coleman Campaign release hilarious "lie through gritted teeth" FAQ

Coleman Campaign release hilarious "lie through gritted teeth" FAQ

Wikileaks releases response to denials

Coleman's Compromised Donors: Where they come from. Statistical analysis.

Great two minute video explaining Coleman leak by the "Evil Coleman hacker girl" who did it!

Dutch Parliament: Publiekprivate bestrijding van kinderporno op internet

Coleman website dropped promise not to store credit cards from privacy policy:

German Interior Ministry leak on internet spying and censorship Feb 2009

Wikileaks censored by UAE government. Anyone who can test this more. Contact wl-office@sunshinepress.org

Wikileaks censored in Finland? Finish, please test this url

Complaint over Senator Norm Coleman to MN Attorney General

Detainee murders in iraq: Investigation Findings and Recommendations:

Wikileaks US "dirty bomb" story hits msnbc show

msnbc TV picks up leaked anti-union/Norm Coleman tape the call:

Wikileaks to release Panamian database of 600,000 shell companies. #1 smuggling jurisdiction. contact us for more info

Missouri police intel: The Modern Militia Movement, 20 Feb 2009

Obama declares proposed IP treaty a "national security" secret to avoid sunlight

Wikileaks reveals Senator Norm Coleman's political machine

Uni of MN breaks down Coleman leak into employment types:

EU Trade internal brief on hiding info from Access to Documents requests

CNET has more on "national security" copyright treaty refusal

US forces in Korea transformation timetable: (Eng) (Kor)

Wikileaks releases report on rapes and assults on Peace Corps volunteers

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Why Wikileaks must be supported, argument from democratic left :

Why Wikileaks must be supported, argument from democratic left:

IDG newswire follows up "national security" withheld Obama admin treaty text

New York Times picks up Coleman leak

Durchsuchungsbeschluss Blog wegen Verlinkung auf Schutzalter und anwaltliche Reaktion

Volksbank Stammkundenvertrag: Entbindung vom Bankgeheimnis

Conservative OPCCA workshop on how-to takeover student governments, full details,

Patents Being Abused To Put Your Life In Danger

MSNBC interview with "Coleman hacker girl"

NPR on On The Media throws Wikileaks some curve balls:

Missouri report on militias, terrorists draws criticism

Tory student groups hijack democracy on Ontario campuses

US anti-abortion site censored by Australian government

Australia secretly censors Wikileaks press release about Danish censorship

Great australian government radio briefing on proposed mandatory censorship plan

Freepress, McCleans pick up WL Canadian Progressive Conservative party expose and http://ryersonf ...

UK/Malta Wikileaks releases Frazer Eagle group scam investment plans

Electronic Frontiers Australia press release on Wikileaks censorship:

Scientology cult spokesman Tommy Davis comfirms secret UFO theology

Australian Labor goverment to Blacklist Anti-Corruption Site

New Scientist self-censors whole article "How to spot a hidden religious agenda" over legal threat

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Obama's "enemy combatant" policy: followig a familiar pattern

EFF lawyer: Wikileaks, IT pro in no danger over Coleman leak

Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan

The Mother of All Media Leaks

Courage is Contageous: Barclays bank whistleblower steps forward following WL Guardian article on Baer:

Banned hyperliks could cost you $11,000 a day

(fix link) Banned hyperlinks fcould cost you $11,000 a day

Coleman database: Lots and lots of Jewish names

Guardian censored: Barclays Bank tax avoidance leaked memos

Australian journalists please contact wl-australia@wikileaks.org for an important scoop

Wikileaks will present a robust response to Australian government censorship attempts. Stay tuned.

Accessible youtube overview of Wikileaks censorship

Is google censoring Wikileaks? " used to be #1 position

There is no bigger issue than net censorship

|organization=Oscar Foundation

Letter from the grave: assassinated Oscar Foundation letter to Minister for Internal Security, Kenya

Assassinated Oscar Foundation final report on police killings in Kenya: The Veil of Impunity

Students call on Harper and Tory to disclose how much party funding was used to undermine students' unions ...

Wikileaks releases secret Norwegian internet censorship list - 3518 domains

Leaked lists of Norm Colemann's donors part of Wikileaks' mission of reforming world governments

Wikileaks discovers a mysterious Bank Madoff account (english) (french)

Wikileaks releases Australian government secret ACMA censorship list

Excellet background article on the ACMA censorship system

Wikileaks network back. Downtime was due to a deluge of traffic and attacks over the Aus + Norway censorship lists. We need more resourc ...

Senator Conroy is spinning over ACMA leak. We will shortly provide proof that the list list as used in practice.

correction: ...that the list is the ACMA list as used in practice last year.

Wikileaks to Conroy: Go after our source and we will go after you

Wikileaks to release full March 18 Australian "ACMA" secret censorship list in 4-8 hours.

Wikileaks: Australian government secret ACMA internet censorship blacklist, 18 Mar 2009

Dentist confirmed as being on Australian censorship list

Wikileaks is down due to high traffic, hardware failures and weekend unavailabilities. Nothing is lost, nothing got censored.

We will be back latest on Monday. Stay tuned, will keep you posted and please donate via to help us in the future!

Please also see an on-going threat on reddit:

Correction: Please also see an on-going threaD on reddit:

Global interest in censorship issues floods wikileaks: and

Wikileaks Swedish IP appears on Australia 11 March censorship list, see link from

Logging road expansion plans for Algonquin Proviancial Park, Ontario, Mar 2009

City of Sydney Council proposal for state wide retrospective 3am alcohol lockout, 20 Mar 2009

Partial list of films banned in Lebanon

Republican Coleman's donors are 4 Jewish

It certainly looks like the ACMA blacklist, eh Senator Conroy?

Blood and Honour Neo-Nazi network messages and passwords

US trade agency pleges to review its transparency over ACTA

"Gefahr im Verzug"-Hausdurchsuchung bei Wikileaks.de Domaininhaber wegen Internet-Zensurlisten - stay tuned

Police raid home of Wikileaks.de domain owner over censorship lists - stay tuned

Guardian crowdsources witnesses for Wikileaks/Barclays censorship case AND ...

Cut off guardian editor message from last tweet:

WikiLeaks Pressemitteilung zur Hausdurchsuchung:

WikiLeaks Press Release on raid of German domain owner:

Updates on the Wikileaks.de domain owner raid (dt), (en)

Australian gov admits Wikileaks censorship lists probably accurate afterall

News and blog reports related to WL can be seen at in real time

Alternative for Associated Press story in last tweet, re Conroy lie

CBC Radio Oe cesored report on Canadian Conservative front groups

Anti-Syrian states fund nearly all of the $62M PA Rafik Hariri Lebanon assassination tribunal,

Readers may be interested in our previous legal dispute with the German government:

German cops raid Wikileaks after Internet blacklist posted

UK House of Lords told Barclays docs available on Wikileaks

That means al UK journos can report under parliamentry privillege!

ABC TV program on Australia censorship lists

Time: A Blacklist for Websites in Australia Backfires

Der Spiegal: Germany's Keystone Kinder Kops raid Wikileaks

US Army Intel brief on Afghani insurgent groups/ISI/Iran arms smuggling

Corruption investigation report for Joao Cancio, Minister for Education, Timor Leste, 23 Feb 2009

Wikileaks releases final draft of new US Army Inteligence manual

NYTimes: Wikileaks and the Guardian v. Barclays censorship attempts

Wikileaks, Hausdurchsuchungen und Internetzensur:

Western internet censorship: beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

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Gulli: Stellungnahme zu Netzperren

BMWI Entwurf BKA Internet Sperrgesetz unter:

Australian SBS TV currently playing Insight program on Internet censorship/blacklists leaks

Zeit: Six degrees of censorship: German judges criminalize links to links to links to...

Can you help us find a link path from Kevin Bacon to Wikileaks?

Six degrees of censorship: From Kevin Bacon to Wikileaks in four steps

(fix url) Six degrees of censorship: From Kevin Bacon to Wikileaks in four steps