2017-01-05 Report submitted from Ecuador

Marianne Ny's office today reported that they have received, from the Republic of Ecuador, the written report of their interview with Julian Assange from November last year. The report, in the Spanish language, shall now be translated into a language more suitable for Marianne Ny.

The prosecution authority website reports.

The results of the interview in London with Julian Assange in November have been reported to Swedish authorities. The documentation is in Spanish and consists of several hundred pages, which now will be translated. The translation is estimated to take at least several weeks. Thereafter, the prosecutors will take a view on the continuation of the investigation.

At the moment, no more information can be provided.

Marianne Ny is not known to currently be on holiday.


Rather than consult with their nation's own judicial site, venerable Expressen turned to Buzzfeed of all places to learn that the document from Ecuador was still in Spanish.

This announcement comes seven weeks and two days after the so-called interview concluded. No explanation for the delay is given, other than that the interview was conducted in English and then needed to be translated into Spanish before forwarding to Sweden for further translation, a process that's predicted to further take several weeks.

Assange has previously published his statement online. He agreed to carry out the interview despite being sabotaged by Marianne Ny at the last moment (by denying access to Assange attorney Per E Samuelson who'd flown to London to assist). How the report could still be several hundred pages is not known.

Full Statement

The full statement of Julian Assange can be found here.


Please note the final paragraphs.

Answer to subsequent questions:

You have subjected me to six years of unlawful, politicized detention without charge in prison, under house arrest and four and a half years at this embassy. You should have asked me this question six years ago. Your actions in refusing to take my statement for the last six years have been found to be unlawful by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and by the Swedish Court of Appeal. You have been found to have subjected me to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. You have denied me effective legal representation in this process. Despite this, I feel compelled to cooperate even though you are not safeguarding my rights. I refer you to my statement where all these questions were answered.