2010-11-22 History in the making

"There is nothing new in this world other than the history that you don't know yet," Julian Assange once said. In the coming months, significant parts of this missing history are set to come to light.

Earlier today, WikiLeaks released the following two statements on Twitter:

  • @wikileaks
    The coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined. Keep us strong: is.gd/hzbIa
  • @wikileaks
    Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs. intense pressure over it for months. Keep us strong: is.gd/hzbIa

There is a time to stay on the sidelines, and a time to get involved. There is a time to watch history being made, and a time to be a part of it. Please support WikiLeaks financially, or consider some other ways to help.

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