2012-12-10 Now on DVD: "The WikiLeaks Tapes"

Directed by teacher and citizen journalist Cathy Vogan, The WikiLeaks Tapes is a new, two-disc DVD of interviews with dozens of prominent personalities on the topic of WikiLeaks. Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, John Pilger, Christine Assange, Julian Morrow, Senator Scott Lundlam, and Mary Kostakidis are just a few of the famous names speaking out on record regarding Western governments' persecution of WikiLeaks and its editor-in-chief, Julian Assange.

Conducted both in person and via Skype, The WikiLeaks Tapes captures Vogan's laid-back discussions with a range of figures -- from renowned linguistics professor Noam Chomsky and Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg; to Australian TV personalities Julian Morrow (The Chaser) and SBS news anchor Mary Kostakidis; to the producers of the popular Juice Rap News and Clark Stoeckley, the artist behind the WikiLeaks truck. Julian Assange's parents, Christine Assange and John Shipton, also make appearances. Vogan has said of her project:

"'The WikiLeaks Tapes' is a labour of love and it was a very unexpected adventure which began the day I met Christine Assange. She had been consulting my blog at thing2thing.com and I guess she trusted that I was willing and able to do something strong for Julian. So she asked people to give me the time of day ... and I gave it my 110%."