2012-05-11 Polish agents briefed president, PM regarding CIA prison, kept notes

The Polish Secret Service briefed both president Aleksander Kwaśniewski and PM Leszek Miller about the existence of a CIA black site on the grounds of a Secret Service training camp, Gazeta Wyborcza reports. The agents kept notes on these meetings, and eventually handed them over to the prosecutor late last year.

According to these notes, the agents reported that there were prisoners held in the CIA prison. It is not clear whether they also spoke about torture. Kwaśniewski recently admitted that he knew about the existence of such a prison, and that he was aware of the risk that the US might deploy inadmissible methods.

The creation of an extraterritorial area without international agreements and false imprisonment already constitute a breach of the Polish constitution.

A source within the prosecution told Gazeta Wyborcza that the Polish agents realized that the matter "stank", and that it could come out, and that they wanted to have proof of being backed by the highest levels in the government to protect themselves.

Cablegate evidence recently unearthed by WLC confirms a collaboration between the Polish and US intelligence agencies.

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