2012-03-18 Worldwide Rallies after Assange UKSC verdict

This is a list of all rallies scheduled after Julian Assange receives the verdict on his Supreme Court appeal against extradition to Sweden. These rallies are taking place regardless of the outcome.

This page will be updated as more rallies are planned. Please email any unlisted rallies, corrections, or further information to mcetera@mail.be.

UPDATE 2012-05-23: Julian Assange's verdict will be handed down at 9:15AM on May 30.

See @SomersetBean's website for tons of posters that can be hung up, passed out, or used as placards!

Official Twitter hashtag for the worldwide rallies is #Rally4JA.


See Australian Friends of WikiLeaks Twitter (@AusFOWL) for information on all Australian rallies.


United Kingdom:

United States: