2011-11-18 #WikiLeaks News: Christine Assange speaks in support of her son, Julian #Assange (video); Other Updates

The consensus of the Australian people I’ve spoken to… is the credibility loss at the moment globally for the U.S. is coming more from their reaction to WikiLeaks than the leaks themselves. - Christine Assange

This is a "WikiLeaks News Update", a news update of stories relating directly to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information, transparency, cybersecurity, and freedom of expression.

Christine Assange on the Australian government's failure to protect citizen Julian Assange:
A video of the speech delivered by Christine Assange at the November 17 rally for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning in Canberra is now available on youtube.


  • The driver of @WikiLeaksTruck, Clark Stoeckley, arrested yesterday at Occupy Wall Street along with a reporter, has been released from jail. He tweeted about his arrest with his hands cuffed behind his back. A video of his arrest can be seen here.
  • A group that calls itself 'WikiLeaks Lybia' has published a letter from American 'terrorism consultants', offering to help Moammar Gaddafi defeat the rebels an escape safely from Lybia for 10 million dollars.
    [via Washington Post]
  • "After the revelations of WikiLeaks, it became clear that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi saved their government during the nuclear deal by purchasing 19 MPs", stated the national president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (India) in a press conference today.
  • Starting at 9:23 minutes, Julian Assange’s legal advisor Jennifer Robinson discusses her work with WikiLeaks and as a human rights activist in an ABC One Plus One interview.
  • In an article titled ‘Thanksgiving meets WikiLeaks’, David Alan Coia writes: "Since its release, with thousands of classified documents, our government and others have put up numerous roadblocks to WikiLeaks. Military personnel tell me they are not permitted to access Wikileaks, even with their own computers when off duty".


Action Campaigns


  • If you live in Australia: click here to complain to the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) about the Banking Blockade against WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange

  • If you live in the UK, contact your MP ahead of a Parliamentary debate on extradition, on November 24, where Julian Assange’s case will be discussed.
    Please bring his case to the attention of your MP: the EAW for Julian Assange was issued in abuse of process as it is being used for questioning, not for the purpose of having him prosecuted for an offense.
    Julian Assange has been under house arrest for 346 days without charge.
  • More about EAW irregularities in this case.
    Your MP should be easy to find on this list.
  • Send at least one of the several call to action and petitioning draft letters addressed to European organizations and Members of the European Parliament requesting action over the unjust treatment of Julian Assange.
  • Sign this petition demanding Julian Assange be protected by the Australian Parliament from extradition to the United States.

Bradley Manning

  • Today is the last day to participate in the Call-in for Bradley Manning to the State Department and U.S. Military.


November 14 to November 18: a Call-in to The White House and Military to Demand UN Access to Bradley Manning is happening this week.
The first two contacts, whose phone lines are to be flooded with calls demanding the authorization of a UN visit to Bradley Manning are:
* Secretary of the Army Public Affairs Officer Lt. Anne Edgecomb: 703-697-3491
[email: Anne.edgecomb@us.army.mil]
* Army Chief of Staff Public Affairs Officer Lt. Col Alayne Conway: 703-693-4961
[email: Alayne.conway@us.army.mil]
More information at bradleymanning.org

November 17: Led by Christine Assange, Julian Assange's mother, an antiwar protest, also against Julian's extradition and U.S. government’s measures against WikiLeaks occurred in front of the Parliament House in Canberra, on the occasion of US President Obama's visit to Australia.

November 17: whistleblower Rudolf Elmer's appeal hearing took place. Elmer dropped charges against Swiss bank Julius Bär. A verdict was not issued on the appeal against his sentence. Updated documents on this case can be found at Liberté Info.

Before November 24: the UK Parliament will, on November 24 debate the extradition of Julian Assange, among other cases. If you live in the UK, write your MP on the subject ahead of this debate. Here’s how. (All details about this case at Sweden vs. Assange)

November 28: a new WikiLeaks online submission system is to be launched.

November 28: Julian Assange and Kristinn Hrafnsson debate the topic The WikiLeaks effect: the rebirth of investigative journalism at the GEN News World Summit (Hong Kong).

November 29: Channel 4 airs new special ‘WikiLeaks: Secrets and Lies’.

December 5: Public hearing for Julian Assange’s appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice (London).

December 17: Vigil for Bradley Manning on his 24th Birthday:
Saturday, December 17 · 12:00am - 11:30pm
[For more details, see Vigil for Bradley Manning on his 24th Birthday's facebook page.]
Send small gifts and birthday cards to the following address

    Bradley Manning 89289
    830 Sabalu Road
    Fort Leavenworth, KS 6602