2011-10-06 Occupy Wall Street Police violence escalates #OWS #OccupyWallStreet

Yesterday, October 5th, another large demonstration of the occupy wall st movement developed into even more police aggression. As some trade unions (such as the local faction of the Transport Union of America) urged their members to participate the march swelled to around 20,000 people, according to organizers. Many other organizations took part in the protest, proving initial predictions that they would swell rapidly.

Most reports agree that even though initially peaceful, some tension started around 9:00 PM, after police barricaded Liberty Square, closing off Broadway and Liberty. Witnesses have confirmed that about 200 people tried to push, or were pushed, through these barricades and police responded with pepper spray, as well as penning them in with orange netting. These events can be seen in the video below. Also, OccupyWallSt twitter confirmed that 18 people were arrested.

Police conduct against peaceful protesters excercising their right to assemble is once again called into question. The same 'white shirt' policemen have been repeatedly seen abusing the use of pepper spray. In the video below a policeman, not knowing that he is on camera admits that his "little nightstick is going to get a workout", in reference to the protest that was about to reach his post, showing exactly the kind of attitude that causes the images of violence against civilians.

As of today, the camp at Liberty square is almost 20 days old, and the people there are undeterred in their objectives. Many suggest the obvious correlation between repression and the growth in participation: